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REVIEW: Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West

Published by • May 16th, 2007 • Category: Books & Writing, Junior Blogger Archives, Previews & Reviews

Author: Marguerite Henry
Title: Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West
Category: Books
Genre: Fiction

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Reviewed by Pony Princess, age 12

mustang.gifI just finished reading a fascinating book. Marguerite Henry has written a story that kept me captivated until the end.

Her book Mustang: Wild Spirit Of The West brings you on the adventure of Annie Bronn and her fight to save the Mustangs. The daughter of a man who was saved by the milk of a Mustang grows up to be Wild Horse Annie, the woman for the horses!

Ms. Henry had me caught in the story and I was sad when it ended. It did leave me with the feeling that I could help, too! I suggest you get the book, read it, and see what I mean!

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  1. I love marguerite Henry’s books! Expecially Misty of chintogeague!

  2. I glad you do, they are written by a horse-loving person:-) (just like us)

  3. I’d really like to read this book,do you think i should ask for it in the library?

  4. Animalsrkool,
    Yes! That is were I got the book to read.
    I pretty sure you will like it!

  5. By the way, thanks for posting my blog!!

  6. i love horses and most likely the mustang mustangs are the most beauteyful animales well any horses

  7. horses are the world and they are lovely

  8. You are very right, shelby_orner :D

  9. Anyone who reads this,
    Go to the interactive view: Terri Farley.
    There is a link to Velma Johnston a.k.a.
    Wild Horse Annie!

  10. Anybody,
    Please help me! I want to read more books by this lady but I don’t know all of them!?
    Please tell me your fave books by Marguerite Henry :-/

  11. Misty of Chincoteage (not sure if the thats how it’s spelled) is one of my favorites, another one is Stormy Misty’s Foal, Misty’s Twilight is my favorite! Hope this helps pony princess

  12. Thanks Horsecrazzz
    Misty’s Twilight sounds good ;;)

  13. Glad I could help! ;) Make sure you tell me what you think of them!