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REVIEW: Phantom Rider by Janni Lee Simner

Published by • Jan 8th, 2008 • Category: Books & Writing, by Madelaina, Previews & Reviews

Author: Janni Lee Simner
Title: Phantom Rider (series)
Category: Books
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Madelaina, age 12

ghost-horse.gifThough I’ve only had the chance to read the second title of the series, I am eager to finish the other two books. It’s a completely different experience. If you like reading a bound of unpredictable adventure and advanced vocabulary, than the Phantom Rider Series is for you.

Written by Janni Lee Simner, the series of three books — Ghost Horse, The Haunted Trail, and Ghost Vision — is an enchanting path I recommend that everyone embark on for an interesting plot painted on a land described by Janni as more than just a barren desert.

Callie Fern and her family have just moved to Tucson, Arizona. In the first few days everyone considered it a dusty, humid desert with nothing but dirty cacti. However, in a period of only one month, everything changed. A special ghost horse called Star that died in a fire is out to seek Callie’s help in returning her back to her owner Michael, who died in the same circumstances. And soon, after every page, you realize that it isn’t just a walk in the park. Yes, midnight rides and galloping boundlessly is a thrill, but soon Callie’s own little flights have to be brought back down onto hard ground.

The Phantom Rider Series is a well-developed story, and throughout it my eagerness bar has yet to have dropped. It’s a series that’s motivating for readers of any age and level. In other words, read it — it’s worth your time!

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  1. I have not read the book yet…if anyone HAS read it, please tell me if it’s good. Thanxxx! B-)

  2. Madelaina, this is great! I’m always on a search of good books to read, and I think you just found some for me! Thanks so much!

  3. Sounds Like An Interesting Book ^^ Ill Read It If My Mom Ever Gets It For Me ^^

  4. Sounds like sweetness! Can’t wait to read them!!!! :D

  5. Wow Madelaina! I will have to check it out! It sounds great! SmileS! :D

  6. yes it is such a good book/series! i have read all 3 books! they are all amazing! i have read them about 5 times! i just wish there could be more!

  7. Thanks everyone for their feedback! I’m searching everywhere for the other two books. I hate it when you’re trying to find the books you want and you only find the ones you’ve already read. It’s so annoying, but it’s going to be worth it. Oh what sacrifices to get a good book to get you entertained! :D

  8. I’ve never heard of this book but I want to read this so bad now! Thanks Madelaina for this review!

  9. Great review Madelaina! :) I was wondering about how many pages it has?


  10. Hi Anonymous! On the second book there are 139, and I think the other two are going to be around that. The size of the letters are pretty decent and aren’t super small like what you’ll find in the Lord of the Rings series. So about 3 millimetres high for each letter. Hope this helps!

  11. i know! i know!:) there is 136 in the first one and i think the last one is longer then the other ones. and the writing font is times new roman and the size is about 12.

  12. I am now 20 years old and read this book many years ago. It has been so significant in my childhood that even to this day I find myself thinking about it. I highly reccommend it and I am delighted to see that it is still in circulation among the younger generations. I guarantee you an excellent and captivating read. In fact, I might go read it again for nostalgia’s sake :)

    P.S. Ghost Vision, the third novel, broke my heart when I was younger.