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REVIEW: Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley

Published by • Jan 23rd, 2008 • Category: Books & Writing, Junior Blogger Archives, Previews & Reviews

Author: Terri Farley
Title: Phantom Stallion (series)
Category: Books
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by SB, age 13

Phantom StallionAnother Farley has done it again. Rather than there being a black Arabian attached to a young boy in New York, however, there is a pearly white Mustang stallion bonded with his girl in the deserts of Nevada. Terri Farley may not be related to Walter Farley, author of the classic Black Stallion series, but her Phantom Stallion stories are just as memorable.

The story begins with meeting Sam Foster, a teenage girl recently being brought back to the life at River Bend Ranch after a terrible accident with her young horse that sent her to San Francisco to live with Aunt Sue. Two years later, Sam finds herself wearing a cowboy hat and teasing her old friend Jake Ely. Her father has presented her with a new horse, a runty brown Mustang named Ace who’s the underdog with the other horses.

One night, Sam hears a whinny over the farm that stirs something familiar inside of her. A silver stallion that Sam believes she has never met before seems to have the greatest trust in her, and Sam is bewildered as to why until she finds that her ragged black colt has grown into a ghost legend that haunts the river that runs by the ranch house.

A greedy neighbor, Linc Slocum, wants the wild stallion for himself and is prepared to do anything to get him. Find out what will happen to Sam and her long lost Blackie in the Phantom Stallion Series by Terri Farley.

I give it 5 hooves up!

Have you read the Phantom Stallion series? Please rate it: [ratings]

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  1. Lead Mare, how many more spaces for Jr. Bloggers do you have?

  2. I LOVE the Phantom Stallion books!!! They are my all time fave!!!! :D :D :D

  3. I love her books and I am reading her new series, it is great!! 8-}

  4. I love this series, I’ve read all of the books! Guess what? There is a real phantom stallion!

  5. SB, currently there is one opening on the JB team. Nice review of Phantom Stallion!

  6. I totally think this series is awesome! Terri is so sweet and she is a great writer. I look up to her. Her books are the most amazing thing! Her new series is just as good as this one. I have ever booky book she has written except for the one which is not about horses!

    You all made my day!
    Terri :D

  8. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Phantom Stallion Series!!! Words can not discribe how much i LOVE these books! i have read 22/24 so far and am always looking for the ones i need to conitunue my collection! i have re-read them soooo many times and loved them every single time!!!! i have wished to be Sam Forster more then i have wished to jump the highest jump in my horse’s paddock!!! I very much admire the bond Blackie/The Phantom and Sam. I haven’t decided if i should read the Wild Horse Island books yet. If anyone has read it and thinks it any where near as half as good as the Phantom Stallion ones then tell me and I’ll start looking for them! :D I just recently re-read Moonrise (Phantom Stallion #14) and have it’s my abosolute fav now! i really love #18 Firefly too. I was real sad when Moonrise ended… I was like am i sure that there isn’t any pages left? lol i think thats you best PS book yet! (i still have to read Gyspy Gold and Run Away Home but i think that Moonrise will still be better then them!)

    Stargaze- I know :D :D :D !!! It’s really kool how theres a stallion in real life that is like the one in a book!!! :D

  9. I love all your books!

  10. Tash,

    The Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island series is amazing. Currently, Book 4 is the most recent to come out, but Book 5 will hit the shelves very soon. The main mustang in that series, Hoku, has a real version of herself as well. I am working on Book 2, but own numbers 3 and 4. I also own 1-4 in the PS original series, but have read 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 17-21. Personally, I like numbers 1,2 and 18 the best. Great job on the books, Terri! {:D}

  11. You totally should read Wild Horse Island tash. Its just as good as the other PS books. I have every single one that has come out yet and Fire Maiden, the newest one comes out right after valentines day, or maybe it’s right before. but anyway, you totally should read them.

  12. Hey leadmare sorry this is off topic but if my blogs i submitted get published will i auomatically become a jr. blogger? :-?

  13. Rosie, please use the contact form for off-topic questions. There’s a link at the bottom of every page. Thanks.

  14. I haven’t read this yet but since there are so many good comments I really want to try reading them.

  15. okay i’ll keep my eye out for the Wild Horse Island books! sounds like they are good books!

  16. I’m absolutely drooling to go to the library now! Excellent review that kept me interested all the time. Now if you’ll excuse me…*dashes off 200km/hr to the local library* ;)

  17. I love the Phantom Stallion series!!!!!!!I plan to read all the books. :D

  18. Hi

    I love both the Phantom Stallion and Wild Horse Island series. I just wish that Terri had kept on with the phantom stallion series.In that last book you get the feeling that Sam and Jake are becoming more that just best friends and I wish that she had finished the books instead of leaving you to imagine what will happen.
    But other than that They were really good.
    The Wild horse island is so cooolll!!! ;;)


  19. don’t spoil it for me! lol! i haven’t read PS 23 or 24… i can’t wait though :D :D :D

  20. I really loved the series. My fav characters were Jake and Sam of course! I really wanted them to get together just like you said,Bethany Jones. I kinda like Jake in a way too, but I wish she had ended with something more romantic, don’t ya think? But other than that, the books were wickedly awesome!!!! :) :) ;) :D

  21. I love this series! My library has tons of them! :)

  22. Oh my goodness…I absolutely love the PS series. I didn’t know that that many people liked them. Because none of my friends have heard of them. I have read the entire series and I am rereading them now. I am a little hesitant about reading the new series because I love Sam and Jake and Jen so much, but I have the first one to the series so I think I will try it, supposedly it is really really good. I totally wish I was her. Thanks Terri soooo much for for creating this amazingly, dreamy series. You are the best writer ever!!!! :D :D :D ;) B-)

  23. OH, I have books 1-3 of Wild Horse Island. My favorite character is Cade…

  24. And my favorite horse is Navigator…

  25. I would just like to say that I LOVE the Phantom Stallion series!!!! But I want to know if Miss Terri will write special editions. I have re-read the book series a couple times, and I feel like I know the characters! So please, Miss Terri, write 1 or 2 special books about Sam and all her friends!! You are the only one who can!!

  26. Hey Rosie I haven’t read them but you make them sound so great I am dying too!

  27. i love reading thephantom stallion. :D

  28. hi, i am new here. i REALLY LOVE the phantom stallion books. first i started reading heartland-healing horses, healing hearts, i thought they were the best books ever, but then i started reading unicorns of balinor (don’t know how to spell it) loved them tooooooooooo, now reading PHANTOM STALLION I just finished #2. their just wooooow !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL THE COWBOY STAFF IN THEM. O:-)

  29. These books are great! I am still needing to find all the other books besides #1,2,3…..