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Review: Templeton Thompson – girls & horses

Published by • Jan 9th, 2007 • Category: Music, Previews & Reviews

girls & horsesArtist: Templeton Thompson
girls & horses

Have you ever heard a song that touches your soul? It’s as though the songwriter got inside your head and put words and a tune to your thoughts. A song like that can ignite strong feelings. It can make you laugh or cry. It can inspire you. It can give you goose bumps, or make you sing at the top of your lungs for the world (or at least your neighbors) to hear.

If you’re a girl who loves horses, nearly every song on Templeton Thompson’s latest collection is likely to have an affect, from the title track girls & horses (which finally answers the question our friends and family have been asking — what is it with girls and horses?) through the hidden song at the end.

Templeton is gifted with singing talent, but her voice is much more than technical ability. As the writer or co-writer of all but one of the tunes in this collection, she sings the *feeling* behind each song. Every track tells her story, about the ups and downs of life (she remembers ridin’, ride before it rains), the pursuit of dreams (just stay crazy), finding happiness (shouldn’t we all, beautiful day, wake up grateful) and the courage, values, and strength we gain from our connection to horses (guardian angel, cowgirl creed, tall in the saddle).

From the perspective of this horse girl, Templeton Thompson is spectacularly talented. Her music is soulful, inspiring, touching, and just great to hear.

There are all sorts of jokes passed around among the loved-ones of horse girls. A favorite has to do with the delight we find in our horse’s little “buck ‘n toot” sessions vs. the disgust we express when the same comes from our human partner… Fortunately I’m blessed with a wonderful hubby who supports my horsiness. Although his musical taste is stuck in the ’70’s and his idea of “horse power” is a Harley Davidson, he gave girls & horses an unsolicited thumbs-up.

We had a noisy storm around the holidays and our dog was very anxious, always wanting to be on my lap (which makes it hard to get anything done) so I cranked-up girls & horses. He relaxed, curled up at my feet, and went to sleep. IMHO, kids and animals are the best judge of character, and apparently music too.

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Singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson draws from a deep well of influences that combine with her Texas roots to give her style of country music a distinctive, soulful edge. She names Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, and Don Williams as her most influential heroes.

You can find her songs on million-selling CD’s from country superstars like Reba McEntire, Jo Dee Messina and Little Texas. Her song, Settle Down Cinderella is featured in the 2006 20th Century Fox Motion Picture, Dr. Doolittle 3.

Templeton is one of Nashville’s sought after session vocalists, having sung countless demos as well as background vocals for major label artists like Reba McEntire. She has performed on stage for audiences across the US, in Europe, and in Japan.

Combining her love for horses with her passion for music, Templeton includes major horse expos and other National horse events in her touring schedule, often performing from horseback. In 2006 she performed to sold-out crowds at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and the National Reining Horse Association Futurity.

Additionally, Templeton serves on the board of directors for the Nashville chapter of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. She’s also been named worldwide ambassador for EAGALA (the Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association).


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  1. I love the cd and my pony will he loves me singing to him. andf he’ll love this cd.

  2. this cd looks pretty cool… i’ve never sang to a horse b4 (im not much of a singer and would probably scare the horses away lol)

  3. Howdy,
    I sing alot to my older Quarter Horse it makes him relax. LOL! Acually I have a story about that if your interested. I think I might buy your CD. I’m not a good singer.

  4. I try singing to my pony but i dont think she appreciates it as much as she loves her dinner. LOL.

  5. I bought 3 of her songs so far on itunes. My favorite is the song her CD is named for Girls and Horses! I LOVE HER VOICE!