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Review: Trail of Painted Ponies

Published by • Aug 16th, 2007 • Category: by Julia, Previews & Reviews

by Julia, age 13

trail-of-painted-ponies.gifThe Trail of Painted Ponies is a set of life size horse statues designed by artists all over the United States. It started in Phoenix, Arizona as a museum exhibit but has grown much larger and now you can collect the figurines, which are much smaller.

Each one is hand painted and uniquely beautiful. Every year more are retired, meaning they don’t make them anymore. For the complete list of all the figurines go to I have six right now, and they are all displayed proudly in my room. They’re not that expensive, ranging from $20-$50. But must are around $25-$30 dollars. They just released a new collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on Stardust. Out of all the figurines I’ve seen, these are truly remarkable, depicting different cultures, artists, and emotions.

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  1. I’ve seen these ponies, some look a bit strange and some are really beautiful!:D (like me, lol ;) ) Thanks Julia!! i have an idea…(secret)

  2. Oh yeah, I think i’ve seen some of the smaller ones!!! They’re cool!!!! :) :)

  3. Wonderful blog Julia, those figurines sound beautiful and interesting! I hope you can get Stardust.

  4. Cool! I love them! They are all so cute! But I’m not sure if they have that store in Florida… I’ll go check! $50 seems a lot for a figurine!

  5. Nice job! I’ve seen some of the trail of painted ponies, and I think they are beautiful. I agree with Animalsrkool that some are a bit strange, but that is what makes them unique.

  6. Marisa, It’s an online catalog. I found mine however, at Petmsart and Halmark. There’s also a small collectibles boutique I found some at. On the site there’s a thingy that tells you where the closest store that sells them is.

    Thanks Madelaina, Stardust is on my Christmas list (right after a real horse, some grooming brushes…). ;)

    Animalsrkool, you’re not weird. You’re a horse girl, HUGE differnence. And thanks for what? I havn’t done anything. Good luck with you’re -whispers- idea.

  7. Here’s the store locator:

  8. Awesome I love this blog.

  9. Thanks Julia! I have a petsmart nearby! I’ll check there when I have the chance!

  10. wow those are so cool! unfortunately i dont live in the US so i can’t really see them for real (unless i want to take an 18hr long flight…) but now i know they exist so if i ever come for a visit i’m sure to go looking!:D

  11. Go on eBay! today i went to a mine and my friend bought a pony statue, like the ponies that were used for coal it looked like one of these but it was just one colour, black, we got to se the stables aswell, it was cool :D