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REVIEW: Wind Rider by Susan Williams

Published by • Dec 12th, 2007 • Category: Books & Writing, Previews & Reviews

Author: Susan Williams
Title: Wind Rider
Category: Books
Genre: Fiction

It’s been on my to-do list (for what seems like eternity) to tell you about Wind Rider, a couldn’t-put-it-down book I read over the summer. This week we received an email from the author, Susan Williams. Here’s some of what she had to say:

wind-rider.gifI just wanted to share a recent review of my book, Wind Rider in Horsetalk, a New Zealand equestrian directory. Wind Rider is soon to be published in Germany, and will be out in paperback next fall with a beautiful new cover. It is a teen novel about how the first horse might have been domesticated and takes place in Asia (where recent digs are showing that horses were first ridden) 6000 years ago.

I read almost every horse book available when I was a kid, but I never read about who might have tamed the first horse, so I felt it needed to be written! Because we all have roots in prehistory, I think it is a horse story that any kid will relate to.


Susan Williams

From the moment I opened the cover of Wind Rider to the time I turned the last page, it was all I could do to take breaks for daily life. The story is set in prehistoric Asia and tells the tale of Fern, a young girl transitioning into adulthood at a time when survival was tough, animals were food (not pets), and girls did not have much choice about their role in life. Fern’s destiny is transformed when she discovers and rescues a young horse trapped in a bog, then eventually befriends and tames the horse.

If you like fiction that incorporates authentic details, you’ll appreciate the research effort that goes into crafting a novel set in prehistoric times. I read one interview where the author compared it to writing science fiction. Although Fern’s daily life is nothing like ours, Susan Williams paints an authentic picture and creates a young heroine who, through her independent spirit and deep love for animals, feels like our kin. I hope you have the chance to read Wind Rider — it’s definitely a Girls Horse Club top pick for the year.

P.S. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Wind Rider. ;)