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Rey’s Introduction

Published by • May 14th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

Photo by Rey, age 13

by Rey, age 13

Hey, I’m Rey! I have been writing for GHC for a while now and I was inspired by WhinnyLove to write an introduction about me.

I started writing here at twelve, possibly eleven — I can’t remember that far back! I do remember writing a poem called Riding Free, which may or may not have been my first work published on here. I do remember finding this website and thinking, “I love horses. I love to write. Why not try this out?!” The next day I set out to write a poem good enough to be published. It seemed to take all day, but when I finally had one ready, I sent it in.

It took a couple weeks to get published and I knew that, but I was super worried that it wasn’t going to be good enough. I checked the website anxiously every night, waiting to see if my writing would be there. But it never was.

I remember that one day, it was my final hope, I told myself. It seemed that my work just wasn’t good enough and I would have to send something else in. But right there, I remember seeing it. I was ecstatic! Since then, I have sent in many more poems and stories including some of my favorites, Ottis, and my poem, Forest Ride. I have even sent in many pictures because I have found my love of photography as well!

As you all may know, I have a sister who isn’t much into writing, but loves horses and she sometimes appears in my pictures. We own a horse named Meg. I haven’t sent anything in because I haven’t been much inspired without Meg. You see, I have an uncle who rides professionally and we sent her up there because my uncle has some stallions and we were hoping to breed her. She hasn’t stuck yet, so it has been taking a lot longer than I expected. I miss her so much! But hopefully by this time next year, I will have a bunch of fun foal stories and pictures!!!


Another exciting thing going on is that the same horse clinic I went to last year is going on this year again! So I will probably send in another story like that! My sister will probably ride good ol’ Meg again and I’ll probably ride my grandpa’s horse, Whiz, again. I have to admit to still wanting to own Whiz, but I’m not sure it will happen. However, I must look on the bright side to having Meg and hopefully her foal next year!

You all have been such an inspiration to me! I have enjoyed all your comments and support on my writing and pictures. A special thanks to GHC as well for thinking my work was good enough to publish and putting it on their website! I love this place so much for being the first website that published my work. Since starting here, I have started a novel and am starting a book of poems and have sprouted my writing career. And my love of horses has blossomed and I hope I can keep writing and keep riding! Maybe GHC will even host a writing contest for us young writers that I think a bunch of us will be willing to join!

Thanks to everyone on here!!!

Publisher’s Note: Rey, it’s so nice to hear that your talents have blossomed since finding our virtual barn. That’s what I set out to do in creating GHC so it’s always great to hear from longtime contributors who have been impacted by this community.

Thanks for your interest in having another writing competition. Life in the real world is too full to do something as big as what I did in 2009 (which was AWESOME!) but maybe we can come up with something simple. You’re welcome to submit ideas about what we can do and how you might help!

L❤️ve, LeadMare

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  1. this is so true I love your work both writing and pictures.

  2. Hi Rey I’m glad to hear and learn more about you. I’ve read some of your work, and I think they’re fantastic. Sometimes I worry that my stories won’t get published, but things turn out to be fine in the end.
    Is that Meg you’re riding on the second picture? I live the photos! And I recognize the first one to be in your work, Artful Meg. You’re so blessed to have sh a sweet and pretty horse AND to be a successful writer of many horse stories, poems, and even pictures. you’re an inspiration to many people, Rey, including me. I hope to hear more from you and Meg!

  3. Rey, have you heard of Its a great website, but I can’t enter right now since I’m not old enough. But you could1 Anyway, i just want to tell you that your such a great writer. And your one of my inspirations!
    I hope to hear more from you!

  4. Awww thanks so much! And thanks GHC, I will definitely think about mini contest ideas!!!

  5. Awwww thanks girl!!! You are so sweet!!!! And no I haven’t looked at it but I will!!

  6. And ya that’s my sister, Meg and I!

  7. Meg must be pretty special to you, Rey. Is Meg a mother already?

  8. Yes she is very special to me! She has odd quirks and I know her so well especially when she tries to pull fast ones on me! And no she is not a mother yet. In fact, she hasn’t even gotten back from my uncles house where she was being bred. I haven’t seen her for a couple weeks :(

  9. Wow you’re both like sisters and best friends forever (because you are). Let me know if the foal is born or any news about Meg! I’d definitely check on the Picture This section more often. Who knows? Maybe I could see a picture of Meg Jr. !

  10. you are a amazing writer and I always thrill when I see that you posted something new.