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Riding Lessons Log

Published by • Dec 22nd, 2014 • Category: Non-Fiction

Riding Log

by WhinnyLove, age 11

I sat at a computer, watching a video of a filly being born. I smiled through the whole thing. Little did I or that filly know that we would meet in only a matter of months.

* * *

I opened the car door and stepped out. The smell of horse manure filled my lungs. I didn’t mind it because it meant horses. I walked near a fence, watching a young woman riding a horse. I recognized it as a mare named Nina. I met my riding instructor that day. He allowed me to choose between Love and Nina. I had seen Love before, so I chose her.

I got on her back, and my instructor led me around the barn. I was really excited to learn how to ride. The next week, I came to start my very first lesson. Love stood near a horse trailer, saddled and bridled, only thing missing was me. I got up on her back, and walked into the round pen on a lunge line. I started off walking.

* * *

It was only two weeks before I was trotting. The first time trotting, I bounced up and down until my butt was sore. The next week, I started the rising  trot. It was a lot easier for me, it plus didn’t make me sore.

When I started getting advanced, I went from the small round pen to a large square paddock. I started off trotting over poles lying on the ground. I imagined myself cantering over a large jump. A month later, I was doing small jumps, and cantering in small amounts. Sometimes, I nearly get into a gallop.

When I’m cantering I imagine myself and Suwannee Love racing on a sandy racetrack, dust flying behind us. I imagine being a jockey and Suwannee Love a beautiful racehorse.

* * *

One day, I did halter. I led Love around the paddock, running when I wanted her to trot, stopping at her shoulder, and so on. Then, I got lucky. I got to ride bareback. When the bridle was on, I climbed onto Love’s back and rode. The trot was hard, but I was so excited to be riding bareback.

* * *

I went on trail rides twice. My first one we were out for three hours! Surprisingly, my butt wasn’t sore the next day. The next time, we were out for about one and a half hours. I would have gone longer, but I was tired and Suwannee Love was tired too. I spent the rest of the afternoon braiding Love’s mane, sneaking Love carrots from my lunch, and eating doughnuts. When it was time to leave I said “see you later” to Love and we went home.

* * *

My very first show was awesome. I was really proud of myself and Love when we won a second place ribbon. I made friends with the competition and also got a Breyer limited addition horse as a gift! Although, by the end of the day, I had a sore throat.

* * *

I recently had a fun riding lesson.

I walked into a paddock, a lead and a halter in my hands. Suwannee Love, whom I haven’t seen in one month, came and fussed over me and my mom. She seemed to be saying, “You’re here, you’re here! Oh my gosh, you’re here!” I fussed over her too. I took her to what was called a ‘wash rack’ (I don’t know why it’s called that) and grabbed my grooming tools.

I curry combed her mane and body, and all the while I talked to her.

“Hey, girl! You’ve grown so much!”

“You are such a good girl!”

“I’ve really missed you, girly girl!”

I hugged her and kissed her. I grabbed a different brush, and began again with the body.

My riding instructor came over and we got her tacked up. I took her into a different pen, and got on her back. I started off walking. A few minutes later, I trotted. Then came the hard part: jumping and cantering.

Crickets chirped, birds sang, the air was cold, and the smell of pine trees hung in the wind. I was on the back of Suwannee Love, trotting towards a jump. As I neared the jump, I found myself talking to the horse. “Alright, girl, no backing out, okay? If you do well, we might win a blue ribbon in the future!” As we neared the jump, I readied myself to get it perfect.

I was doing a drill of trotting over the jump, landing, getting into a canter, and at corner K back down to a trot, repeat. Suwannee Love did the back to trot part on her own most of the time.

I neared the jump, and Love turned to the left, missing the jump. Before my instructor could tell me I did something wrong, I turned back toward the jump and went over it. When I was getting into my canter, I heard a cheer from my instructor. “Now that’s a rider!” I heard him exclaim as I cantered to corner K.

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  1. Oh I loved reading that! I wish I had lessons, but my trainer got a different job and we only did them in the summer :( anyway, your story was fun and I loved reading how you got better and better as you rode more! Amazing read,

  2. That was an amazing story! Loved it!

  3. Thanks! I do not know where that picture came from! This story is about me!

  4. And yes, it is true this story is about me! :)

  5. I’m doing this riding lesson log thing every time I do a lesson! So be on the lookout after tomarrow! ;)

  6. Yay! Can’t wait to read some more!

  7. Glad that you enjoy it! :D