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Rockin’ the Barn

Published by • Jul 25th, 2009 • Category: Music

by HorseFeathers, age 16

Hey do y’all remember the theme song competition we started before Spring Break? Well, we had a plethora of talented song writers and I really enjoyed reading everyone’s entries. Anywho, I had some free time on my hands so I thought I’d record myself singing the little ditty I wrote for GHC…

(If you’re not able to view the YouTube video above, click here to view on Flickr. The quality is not as good but hopefully you can hear it OK.)

For those of you who have it on your computer there is a sound recorder under the entertainment section of the browser. It took a while but I tried my best to sing my version of the GHC theme song. Personally I would love it if several of the girls took one of the “winning” entries from a couple months ago and recorded themselves singing it.

You can use musical instruments, back-up sounds, or just use your own talented voices. Now don’t say you can’t sing because I’m not the best singer but at least I tried. Everyone can sing but not everyone will or at least try. If you feel up to it I’m sure LeadMare would love to post a blog where horse girls can listen to each other “Rock the Barn!” So get out there and neigh!

Have fun y’all.

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  1. I can’t see it.

  2. Violet Inkpen, if your computer has YouTube blocked you won’t be able to see it. I’ll add a link so you can download the file and play it. Beyond that, please ask for help from someone in your home.

  3. very awesome!!!

  4. I love that version, it’s beautiful along with the help of your wonderful voice. “Singing” and “songwriting” should be added to your list of talents. That’s a great example for what to do, now I’ve got some idea :)

  5. I can hear you and I don’t even know you! I can’t record my voice on my camera and I wouldn’t know how to get it here so you can hear me. Lazy excuses!!! No I really can’t. Great.

  6. Thanks Leadmare! I appreciate it. I would luv to see y’all perform also

  7. You sing well :)

  8. Are we supposed to see something? I just heard the song and saw the lyrics. It was great!! You have a beautiful voice, HorseFeathers.=)

  9. That is soooooooo good! Awesome! Great! HF, you have a wonderful voice :) I was wondering what happened to the competition, but today surprise! That song is awesome! The lyrics are very cool :)

  10. Thanks Everyone its very well apprecitaed…. im no blitty songbird but hey i can ring a note or two lol. If you can it would be neat to hear some more girls sing… if its possible

  11. I am jealous!!! My voice is way to high to sing; I have a one octave range! You sing really well HF!

  12. I’ll be on it once I get my new computer. This one will crash and delete everything, just like multiple things of my writing. (ANGRY). Gah I love singing! Great job!

  13. Fantastic! I love it! The only part that was very slightly if-y was the end: “girls Horse Club” To me it didn’t quite sound as if it belonged with the rest of the song…. maybe change a few notes or add a ritard. or something? Just my thought…
    You do have a great voice HorseFeathers!

  14. Yes thanks for your constructive comments I’maCowgirl… maybe you could sing your own version of my lyrics or of another persons? I appreciate all the comments and suggestions girls!

  15. Yes nice voice HorseFeathers.

    (Clearing throat) On my part I think my voice is to low. I do play the piano very well… so if I could round up my buddies maybe they could sing. If one of them has a camera that recordes voice. Then again…my voice sounds higher when I’m playing.

    If only I had that camera! ♣

  16. haha i just thought of something… the first first ending doesnt make any sence if you think about it… “how the horses roll your way”.. your way sounds kind of exessive dunt you think? =0p lol


  17. HorseFeathers, you did a GREAT job with this song. To me the line ‘how the horses roll your way’ is a fun play on words. We’re all in awe of your many talents — writing, art, music, and no doubt other talents beyond GHC. Go horse girls!

  18. wow i like it! ya’ll are all so talented!!! WOW!

  19. That was great! You have an awsome voice HorseFeathers.

  20. You truly do have an incredible voice. Great job.