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Run Free

Published by • Oct 9th, 2011 • Category: Books & Writing

by Peanut, age 11

Hay guys! I just wanted to get some input on a story I wrote for the Voice for the Horse writing contest. Tell me what ya’ll think about it. (By the way, the theme is wild horses…)

The metal gates clang almost as loudly as the helicopters overhead. Young and old horses all trying to run away from this nightmare. The weak ones will fall behind while the strong ones fight to reach the front of the herd. Every horse is hoping this is just a dream, or a nightmare. Some may fall from the summer heat and the grueling run. Finally, the strong ones are left to be free while the ones that couldn’t run as fast are being taken to their uncertain fate.

This year twenty-nine horses died in the roundup. Twenty-nine lives that were taken for no reason. If twenty-nine lives were taken from humans it would be called a murder, which it is to me. Have we somehow forgotten that we are all connected, animals and humans? We all want water, food, shelter, but most of all freedom. And we took that from them. Horses give me, and many others, freedom. They let us ride on their backs, pretending we are flying. They let us go to sleep with dreams in our head about what tomorrow will bring. So how do we repay them? By taking what they have given us.

One stallion who had been captured wanted freedom so bad he was willing to die to get it. It rammed into one of the corral walls and broke his neck. The vets decided to put him down. How could these people watch a horse die because of what they were doing, then continue to do it? I wish this horse and all the others would never have to go through this. They don’t deserve this.

After I read about this torture, I wanted to do something about it. I began spreading the word about what was happening to these gentle giants. We can all have the chance to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Though today they are being treated wrong, look into the future, and the future is in our hands. So for now I will fight for the day when every horse can have their freedom.

Thanks guys! Talk to you later!

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  1. Hi Peanut! I’m happy to see you’re planning to enter this contest. What you’ve written is very heartfelt, but I think they’re looking for entries to follow a more specific “curriculum” topic (not just a general theme about wild horses). Here’s the page that explains the subject for the 12 and under category:

  2. Dear Peanut I think that you are really good at writing stories and that it would be a great entry for voice for the horse. I’m going to try to enter, it sounds real cool.

  3. Sound like a good start Peanut!
    Leadmare- im a little confused.. i read all the research materal/vids provided for my age group but at the end it doesnt really describe what they’re judging on. Is it anything to write about? I mean if someone wrote the first earth vid about cow farts and how they’re killing the enviornment (im sorry but that is just funny), then how does that help the wild horses theme? I just read questions they asked to help you start out and then th 500 word max but that’s it. And i didnt see any info on prizes; what page is that on?

  4. Hi I love writing storys and I love it even more when they are about horses! I need to take a look at this website! Tell you what my story is about later! See ya!

  5. HorseFeathers, I agree the contest info is very confusing. Please send your questions to the people running the contest. Here’s their contact page:

  6. Leadmare, Actualy I am working with the creator right now to help make it less confusing and spread the word about the contest in different areas! =D Its gonna be awesome..