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Published by • Mar 29th, 2010 • Category: March for Wild Horses, Poetry

Wild Mare and Foal

by HorseFeathers, age 17

Run, keep running my young one
Or the great sky bird will catch you

Follow me
And I will keep you from harm’s way

I know you are tired, as am I
But we must keep going or face death

No… no you mustn’t stop!
Get up my child danger is behind the herd

You must try
Very well, you may rest

I will stand over you
No beast can separate us

Do not worry
I am here

* * *

Image: BLM Photo Library

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  1. That was a really good poem HF!!!!! I love how it is from the moms point of veiw :)


  2. Great poem HF! The pic is gorgeous!! :)

  3. Thanks mates! I wrote this thinking how a mustang mare might. She knows very well that staying behind might mean death. The foal in this short poem is dying of exustion like many young horses do after being chased down by a helicopter more than ten times bigger than they are. Safety is in vain for the horses in the poem.


  4. Wow!! Awesome poem!
    Hmm… I haven’t been online for a while……
    I have to fix that……

  5. Wow, that was such a sweet poem. SO SWEET! But kinda sad you know? But its so sweet so so so sweet! :) I really enjoyed reading it HorseFeathers. You have amazing writing talent! :)

    Haha, the photo is cute. Its just kinda like, “What is that kid doing?” Ya know? :0) lol. Naw, its cute.

  6. It is kind of a sad poem I loved it though!!

  7. Beautiful,sweet poem! Is the sky bird a helicopter?

  8. Powerful with a touch of emotion. I loved it. Great job!

  9. Thanks everyone! Rochila yes I was relating to the heleicopter as the skybird ;0) Its different to think how the horses picture our machines.


  10. ncice

  11. awesome poem

  12. Beautiful poem into the insight of a mare! I felt a sense of safety when reading it and sadness when I read about the mother protecting her foal so bravely. You’ve got a magical way of capturing emotions in your words!