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Runners of the Sun

Published by • Jun 20th, 2009 • Category: Poetry

by mustang23, age 13

They run for the sun,
Slowing for no one.
They seem unreal,
It is truly incredible.

The leader is like molten lava,
The lead mare is as silver.
Gold, bay, sorrel, roan, and black.
These are the colors of their pack.

They run for the sun,
Belong to no one.
The are the runners of the sun,
And my heart they have stolen.

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  1. Great poem! Great job!

  2. This is beautiful and very inspiring, I wish I can write as well as you some day. Oh well, I can just dream while I re-read your poem :) Well done!

  3. Champion poem.. =0)

  4. Runners of the Sun. I LOVE that name!

  5. That was gorgeous! It made me daydream- and I had to come out of my daydream to post this and let you know how much I loved it. The leader is like Molten Lava… what an awesome way to describe it!

  6. great welcome back to GHC after the break. very artistic piece, kinda fantasy-ish

  7. Thanks guys! Sorry I haven’t been on, but this weekend was super busy! Hope y’all had a great Father’s Day! I actually wrote this poem last year, but it was just in my notebook, and I was like, when we come off the break, I am SO posting this! lol

  8. Beautiful:]

  9. Love it….I can see it in my mind as I read it.

  10. Wow… That was really good! Its like describing a wild horse herd back in the day when they would always run free without worries of being captured.

  11. i just notice leadmares name in (the leadmare is silver)lolo,this poem was wonderful i got stuck to it like a story!