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Save the Wild Ones

Published by • Jan 29th, 2010 • Category: by Julia, Loft Book Club Favorites, Poetry

Wild Horses

by Julia, age 14

Thirty-three thousand roam the lands of the west.

They gallop and frolic with their own lands to roam.

Yet there are people who want to take them from their home;

Rounding them up and selling the best,

But the ones still too wild are put to their death.

“There are too many!” The officials will say.

“You’re killing them off!” The protesters will cry,

“Let the beautiful creatures have room to fly!”

The officials just argue, “That isn’t the way.”

The protesters nor the officials opinions will sway.

Nature is fighting against the harsh hands of man.

Where there were once large herds of horses,

Many new buildings now stand.

Commercial cattle now graze,

Where the mustangs once ran.

The wild horse population is shrinking each year,

The people who care must spread more awareness.

But sadly the herds are seeing their greatest fear,

Many sent to slaughter, others to new careers,

But either way truly wild herds now behold a true rareness.

So let’s save the horses that roam the Great Plains!

We need more petitions with more people to sign,

And hopefully out west where the wild horse reigns,

Not another great creature will be forced to be tamed,

And the stars above the home of the wild horses will shine.

Beginning March 1st 2010, Girls Horse Club will host March for Wild Horses here at our virtual barn. The intent is to use our collective, creative voice to speak out for the rights of wild and feral horses on public lands, and show our support for the individuals and organizations who are their loving protectors. Throughout the month we’ll publish stories, essays, poems, and artwork created by horse girls, inspired by wild horses. Please check the event calendar to the right for key dates, beginning with open submissions on February 19th.

Save the Wild Ones by Julia was first published at GHC in the former Loft Book Club, and was a finalist in our monthly Judge for Yourself competition in September 2008.