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Saving Equine: The Real Story

Published by • Aug 17th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction, Take a Stand

Vintage Horse Photo
by GirlOfStrides, age 16

Over millions of years horses have lived under different rules, qualities, and flaws. We haven’t always given the equine animal such care and quality. Even today we still have abused and abandoned equine life. This is the real story.

Way back before electric was invented (a long, long time ago), horses were our way of transportation (besides walking, of course). At this time, horses were bred for certain things like racing or pulling product carts (we also do this today). But not always did the horse live up to its breeding. Horses have minds of their own, and even though they might have done something their whole life, they may refuse someday, for something new. Some people do not appreciate these things in a horse, and will hurt the horse to get what they want. This is horse abusing at its worst.

But luckily, not everyone was like this even back in the day. There were those who loved horses for who they were, for who the horse wanted to be, not for strides or form or looks. Just for who they were. They didn’t get frustrated when horses refused, just kept trying. These are the kind of owners we need to take care of horses.

We need to help stand up against the horse abusers, and show them that it isn’t the answer, that there are other ways to prove to your horse that you’re the owner. Stand up for the horses all over the world, wild and domesticated, no matter what breed. Stand up and save the horses, save the equine.

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  1. Aw! I love it! It’s so inspiring! Keep writing, I want to read more of your work!

  2. Great! You absolutely right about these things! Love it!

  3. Yes. This is true. Keep up the great work! :)

  4. I really would like to hear more from you . What you’ve written is true and very inspiring