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Saying Goodbye

Published by • May 1st, 2009 • Category: Tributes

by Ginger, age 11

Some of you may know that I had a little Welsh pony I was training and her name is Lady. Well, Lady is not mine, she is actually my friend’s horse. They let me have her for a while and said I could train her. I had her for eight months and I took her training seriously, as you can see in my blog Happy Birthday to You.

Well very early in the morning on day last week, she got taken away. A few days ago my friends asked me if instead of Lady I would like a bigger Welsh, and they would try to sell Lady. I agreed because I am too big for Lady and sometimes feel guilty riding her. Today she got taken away and sometime today a bigger Welsh is going to be here for me. I did not get to say goodbye to Lady because I had a swim meet and my parents did not want to wake me. I did not realize how much I would miss that little devil of a horse. We have had many times together in these 8 months. She has comforted me when I was sad, I have told her all these secrets, and told her I love her dearly, and then there were the times I was so mad at her I cried.

So I am excited to start to build a relationship with the new pony. However, Lady, I love you and I will miss you alot.

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  1. I hope you build a trusting bond with the new welsh, is it a young greehorn? or does he/she have experience training? Champion job

  2. That was so sweet! I hope she gets a great new home with new kids to annoy. :) Good luck with your new horse!

  3. Good luck with the new horse. I know sometimes it really hurts when you have an animal you love, or anything for that matter, taken away from you. Anyway, remember the good things!

  4. Good luck with your new horse! I hope you’ll find comfort in the rides ahead.:)
    When my pony died I felt like I would never heal and for a while I didn’t, but then a new horse came into my life and slowly but surely the pain went away. It’ll get easier, though perhaps never quite leave you as is never has me. Good memories are always there to lift you up when your discouraged ❤.

    ~ ♞I’maCowgirl♘

  5. How sweet. I hope verything goes well with the new Welsh. And hopefully Lady got a very nice home!

  6. I hope you get a good relationship with your new Welsh. And I hope Lady has a good new home.

  7. I feel your pain!there was this pony or horse i rode for an hr or so as leading it around,trotting along with it and having fun with it!then the next day came and my dad was gonna buy it for 20bucks because thats how much it cost ,but they said someone but it already and then my world came crashing down i sure do miss him alot!