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Seabiscuit: A Long Shot Becomes a Legend

Published by • Dec 1st, 2007 • Category: by Madelaina, Entertainment, Previews & Reviews

by Madelaina, age 12

seabiscuit.gifAfter watching this heart-warming story of such a magnificent horse I decided to dedicate this blog to the movie, and ease off all those goosebumps on my arms!

The film is based on the award-winning book by Laura Hillenbrand and tells the true story of Seabiscuit, a bay stallion sired by Hard Tack, and with his grandsire being Man o’ War he had a lot to live up to. But at first this young colt seemed hopeless in races. He lacked the feistiness of his ancestors and was mistreated, turning him into a dangerous mess. However, Charles S. Howard discovered him one day and was determined to turn him into the fine horse he was to become.

He recruited his crew one by one, discovering Tom Smith and asking him to be the trainer. He later found John “Red” Pollard while he was hot walking a horse. Soon, through hard work, racing at the top of the game, scolding, and crippled legs, John and Seabiscuit managed to pull it off in the end, riding to victory. As I followed every scene I could feel the wind blowing, the butterflies in my stomach and the shouting in my mind. I felt like I was racing as well.

“You know, everybody thinks we found this broken-down horse and fixed him, but we didn’t. He fixed us, every one of us. And I guess, in a way, we kind of fixed each other too.”

~~Dialog from Seabiscuit spoken by Toby Maguire who played the character of Red Pollard

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  1. Great job Madelaina!! I love Seabiscuit!! It’s a great movie, and a great rags to riches story!! Good blog!! :)

  2. Good Job Madelaina! I must say, this gave me facts I didn’t know before! I’ll have to watch the movie!


  4. Thank you everyone, I enjoyed righting it as well. :) It is a beautiful story of Seabiscuit, and after watching it, I now take a whole new road of opinion when it concerns horse racing, faith and friendship.

  5. I used to think horse racing was cruel but when i watch the races with special interviews the horses are actully more than money winners to the owner and the straper and the trainer including the jockey. Ive also seen how much we get upset when one horse has to be put down If you guys get my drift….

  6. I love SeaBiscuit My aunt has the great great great grandson of man of war witch is the other fast race horse in the movie the one that almost won! :D :D :D :) :) :)

  7. Man o War? I thought it was War Admiral. But still, it must be awesome to own such a horse! May I ask how your aunt came to own it?

  8. Awsome,i cried for like 2 hours when i herd he wasn’t going to make it…i also love the movie :)