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September 22nd

Published by • Sep 22nd, 2009 • Category: GHC News

Lend a Hand

Dear Horse Girls,

While pondering what’s next on the horizon for GHC, I came to an important conclusion: For our virtual barn to flourish and grow, we need more participation from the community (aka YOU) above and beyond sharing and commenting on stories.

Have you noticed there’s a lot of young talent clamoring for an opportunity to showcase their work? At least six of them were introduced through the fiction competition, and there are many, many more. But we can’t invite general submissions or increase the size of the Junior Blogger roster without a bigger editorial team. That’s where YOU come in.

Here’s the plan…

1) In the coming weeks I’ll open a volunteer position for a GHC Junior Editor. This position will help with editing horse stories, poetry, and blogs prior to publication (fixing spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors). Junior Editors will also be asked to pre-read submissions and flag those that meet or exceed GHC’s editorial standards. In other words, Junior Editors can influence what gets published.

Because real life is always our top priority, the scope of the position will be geared to the availability of the best candidate. Junior Editors will not be expected to take on more than they can reasonably handle, but will be asked to make a commitment. Experience as a Junior Blogger will not be required — anyone with a proven reputation at GHC will be considered. If this is successful, I’ll consider opening more Junior Editor positions down the line.

SEPTEMBER 25TH UPDATE: The Junior Editor application form is now open. Click here to apply!

SEPTEMBER 27TH UPDATE: The Junior Editor position has been filled — twice! Click here for details!

2) I’m also noodling on the idea of creating a new position for bloggers with a proven ability to contribute exceptional content aligned with GHC’s editorial sensibilities and beliefs. These Grand Prix Bloggers will have their own account at GHC. While still subject to final approval from yours truly, in general you will have free rein when it comes to posting blogs. Along with that freedom comes the expectation that you’re capable of editing your own work. Experience as a Junior Blogger will be required, and that includes JBs who retired in good standing.

Let me know if you have thoughts or questions, otherwise I’ll let you know when the Junior Editor position is posted. Thanks for reading!


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  1. The junior editor position sounds interesting. It’d really help the Grammar cource for highschool that im taking right now. Can’t wait for it to open up… i love reading other peoples work!

    have to get to work


  2. I think that junior editor thing is cool. I’d do it. But the other thing…I don’t know.

  3. I really hope I can help somehow! I know how busy you are, Lead Mare, and I always thought that you could use some help. If you want I am glad/free to help editing. I have SO much time on my hands being home schooled. If you need me don’t hesatate to ask because the answer would be yes. And I think this is WONDERFUL!

  4. Cool.

  5. Wow!! It would be fun to be a Junior Editor, I wonder who will get the positions?!

  6. Cool. I’ll help if you ever need it

  7. yaya! want to be a JE. and not t mention a GrandPrixBlogger

  8. Only thought I have is… I WANNA BE A JUNIOR EDITOR!!! *big grin to LeadMare*
    thinks.. guess I better start paying more attention in English…

  9. I really like the idea of junior editors. I would be interested in doing something like that and it’s great practice for becoming an editor for my school newspaper which I would like to do next year, considering I am currently a staff writer.

    As for #2, I think this is a good idea providing the bloggers participating make a serious commitment. I completely sympathize and understand that life can get way to busy to contribute regularly, but having a privilege like that should be treated almost as like being a paid journalist. That way the best and most dedicated writers get the benefit.

    That’s my humble opinion in a nutshell. :D

  10. I’d love too.

  11. That’s two great ideas LeadMare! I’ve always wanted to help and I bet I’m not the only one, this would definitely ease off some of the workload. It sounds like both ideas can work out with a little more thinking, co-operation and dedication, but so far I’m liking the idea.

  12. YAY, I’m thrilled to see such enthusiasm and appreciate the feedback.

    Voilet Inkpen, it’s always helpful when JBs try to edit their your own stories. You can always compare what you submitted with what was published if you’re unsure about things like punctuation for dialog, using line breaks to separate dialog between different characters, etc. And if you have a spell checker in whatever program you use to write, running that will help.

    Julia, you’re so right about #2. It’s easy for anyone to start their own blog and have total free rein, but it takes time and effort to build an audience like we have at GHC and that’s not something to take for granted.

    Guess I’ll have to get busy setting up the application form…

  13. I would really like to be a junior editor and a junior blogger! It sounds like a lotta fun! :)

  14. Hey y’all take a look in the photo gallery to.. i just looked at some amazing pics!! its awesome!


  15. I would like to try to be a junior editor and a junior blogger!!! Haha looks like you need and editor HorseFeathers :-) Course is spelled C-o-u-r-s-e not c-o-u-r-c-e :-) Lol. im just teasin’, girl :-)

  16. Haha looks like I need an editor too!!!! I just put and instead of an. I do that a lot and it stinks!!! :)

  17. So if I did become a Junior Editor would I still be able to publish my work? Ive already got two stories I want to put on the site and im working on the sequel to one of them and also another story.

  18. Haha another question :-) Any of you doing Nano Wrimo??????

  19. sounds like fun!
    good luck Lead Mare! :)

  20. i was soooo close to being a JB! :(

  21. I would love to be a junior editor :]

  22. this sounds great! LeadMare, do you know when we will be able to submit our strories that didnt win?? i really want to know what other people think of mine, and i think all of us deserve to have our stories read, since a lot of us spent weeks on this.

  23. By the way LeadMare do you have any info on what the big announcement is going to be this week????

  24. Hey, Leadmare, when will the guest bloggers be able to send in stories? I have got a lot I would like to enter. Thanks!!!

  25. Jonannah- HAH HAH lol… looks like i do no spell check on our little nickers thing. Im good with Microsoft word though! ;0) Maybe i should go just for GrandPix JB thing amajig lol. Whoever gets it best of luck to the job.. cause your gonna need it! ;0)


  26. How exciting!!!

  27. Regarding questions about open submissions — until there’s a junior editor to help, general submissions will remain closed. Hopefully you can be patient in the meantime, but I understand if you decide to go elsewhere.

    Regarding competition submissions that did not win, we know a lot of girls worked hard on their entries, and all should feel *very* proud of the accomplishment. However, you knew going into it that only the winning stories would be published. You’re welcome to try again when general submissions open.

    Thanks for the interest in being published at GHC.

  28. I’d love to try to be junior editor or a grand prix blogger. I haven’t been able to come on in a long time because of my GCSEs and the piles of homework I have to do. x

  29. where will the entry forms for the Junior Editor be? I would really love to be a Junior Editor.

  30. And will any openings for Junior Bloggers be coming soon????

  31. I’m wanting to become a Junior Blogger if the Roster ever opens up again, but with general submissions closed, I can’t publish my work that i think is pretty good. Leadmare, when do you think that you’ll open the Roster again? because, aren’t we supposed to have, like, fourteen JBs? And don’t we only have about ten or so? Just wondering. I don’t mean to press or be rude. Sorry if it sounds bad and if anyone takes it the wrong way.



  32. I think it would be so cool to be a Junior Editor, but I’m wanting to be a Junior Blogger. I really wish the roster opens up again.

  33. kk so if I did get some stories published on here, could i put a picture with it? My sis is an awesome artist and would love to draw a picture for me. Or paint, shes gotten really into watercolors lately , the good kind ;-)

  34. Jonannah- yeah ive had several pics put on my published stories and blogs that i’ve either drawn or taken. You’ll have to email leadmare about that when the general submissions open up, mate. Your sister can always send in artwork to post in the gallery though! =0)


  35. Haha my sis is OLD though ;-) lol jk!! Shes a whole 23 years!!! :-) lol. But she recently did a watercolor that was awesome. It was a horse and a guy and it was so great. And I think I’ll have her read my stories and paint/draw a pic for me.

    I am probably getting my hopes up way too high for the JE and JB. I REALLY want the Junior Editor position and would LOVE to be a Junior blogger.

  36. The Junior Editor application is open. Click here to apply!

  37. Sorry I haven’t been contributing lately. I’ve been riding a lot more getting a bunch of horses in shape and ready to show, and then a bunch of school trips. Oh, and three words. ENDLESS WRITER’S BLOCK. Can I still be a junior blogger? And do I qualify as a Grand Prix Blogger?

  38. Thanks so much for this LeadMare. I really hope I get it! I just sent in my application and I’m praying it’s all good and I get the position! (haha I’m being super careful with my punctuation and capitalization ;-) )

  39. Stargazer, we understand life can get busy. In my experience, the best thing to do for writer’s block is to write anything that’s in your head. But if you don’t have time for that, chances are you’ll continue to be blocked.

    You’re still in good standing as a JB, and as a JB you qualify when the Grand Prix roster opens up. But right now I’m focused on the Junior Editor role, then most likely will open general submissions for a bit. Only a few of the current JBs are regularly active so we need to let those who are eagerly waiting in the wings have a chance to step up. After that I’ll look at establishing the Grand Prix roster.

  40. Oh no! I just sent in my application when I noticed a final mistake in the passage we were supposed to edit!
    Is there anyway to retrieve the application and fix the mistake or must I just wait for the outcome, LeadMare???

  41. I would love to be a Junior Editor! I am definitely going to fill this out!

  42. When will we know who is the Junior Editor?

    Does it hurt my chances of getting the position because I put something in the blog that I shouldn’t have? (It wasn’t published) I thought about that later and thought I shouldn’t have put that but I couldn’t erase it so . . .

    I seriously hope it doesn’t hurt my chances does it LeadMare?

  43. Leadmare, i have the same question as DinaLUV. I just submitted my application but noticed that i forgot something! is there a way to retrieve the application? or must we just wait??

  44. LeadMare: When will the application or submission for GrandPrix Bloggers begin? I am very interested. I know that my subbmissions have slowed down, but I want to commit and would love to at least try for the position.

  45. No definite timing yet for the Grand Prix blogger roles, but after things have settled down from general submissions I’ll give it more thought. Thanks for your interest JBs!

  46. LeadMare: What about openings for JBs ? I would really like to do that!

  47. Jonannah, it said that you had to have experience as a JB before you could be a Grand Prix Blogger I guess. But hopefully when JBs bet upgraded to Grand Prix bloggers that will open a space for a new JB and that would mean that you’d have a chance at becomming a Jb. who knows? We are all just waiting on Lead Mare.

  48. I hope you like my stories, guys, if they get published. *smile to leamare* Congrats to the junior bloggers. hoping that lots of great blogs and stories show up on GHC! great job with the site, leadmare. it’s really come a long way over the long while it’s been up. :-)