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September 8th

Published by • Sep 8th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

Mini UpdateMINI UPDATE. Things are galloping along behind-the-scenes in preparation for the competition results this weekend. The judges have reviewed all stories and will meet this week to come to a consensus on the winners. That’s no easy task — there are so many AMAZING entries — but once it’s done, we’ll be prepping the winning stories for publication and gearing up for the big day.

You won’t see much activity until Saturday, but check the GHC News Nibbles (third box down on the sidebar) for periodic competition updates along with other horsey news bites.

Meanwhile, have a great week and thanks for reading!


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  1. ooooo….the wait has beein killing me all summer. I started school today so that took my mind off of it……for five houres. Then I finished and now you are tormenting me, Lead Mare, with all this talk about the competion! Grrr….lead mare is great, but cruel too! Soooooo cruel!

    (we all love you Lead Mare, despire the torment.)

  2. Cool. I will.

  3. Yay! Stories are almost here!!!!!

  4. I can’t believe that Clouds band has been captured! How can the BLM do that? Thanks so much for the updates on the wild horses, Leadmare, I’m sure all us horse girls are concerned.

  5. Ooh! I’m biting my nails with curiosity!!! (I really gotta stop…)

  6. OMG 3 days!!!!! yipeee! I hope I won! But I probably wont. :( anyway! thanks sooo much LM!!!!!!!

  7. Can’t wait

  8. Wow, I can’t wait! The winning entries are going to be utterly amazing. Thanks for adding the GHC News Nibbles, it really helps keep us in touch with everything going on :)

  9. Poor Cloud! He was amazing!

  10. ok heres a little riddle for y’all to solve while your waiting.. lol

    Ok a horse is tied to a rope that is 10 feet long. If the fence post is 14 feet away from the apple how did the horse reach his snack?


  11. I can’t believe a author has read my story!I can’t to see the wining stories.

  12. I drew a picture of one of Cloud’s foals!

  13. Will the 12th ever come???♥

  14. i am sooo excited!! i really luv te ghc news i am going to be on the computer ALL day on the 12, checking to see who wins!

  15. WHAT!? Cloud’s band? That’s terrible. :(

  16. I just read about Cloud’s band, that’s unbelievable that the BLM thinks that’s okay. I mean a lot of the time, the BLM is alright. But really! Do they not see what their doing wrong!?

    I can’t wait till the winners are announced, I’m just bursting with excitement!

  17. Cloud is free now!!! I’m soo happy!!!! I’m just dying to see the competition results! Good luck and God’s blessings to all you horse girls. Thanks again Leadmare!

  18. Gosh, I’m terrible at riddles

    That’s so cool that they will be reading our stories, it’s just to great to be true!

  19. Two more days until the results are announced! And how slowly the days are moving, it’s as if time is taking breaks every few seconds. I’m so excited to see who wins.

    HorseFeathers: Haha, I think I know that riddle ;) It’s a smart one.

  20. Oh come on have a go mates! Read the riddle on comment 10 again and try to solve it.. =0) What about you Leadmare, any guesses?

    ~HF =0)

  21. The rope tied to the horse isn’t tied to anything else, I believe. Right?

  22. yup! lol Champion job Appaloosa! Its a pretty old riddle.. but one of my favs.. especialy since its about a horse.


  23. thats what i was thinking too. are we right??

  24. 100000000000000000000 x 10 seconds 2000000000 seconds x 10 sec.. wait im not gonna sit here all night counting down the seconds till september the 12th. Lol ..
    Good night mates.. or for y’all in Australia or the other side of the world.. good Morning. lol


  25. It does feel a bit strange here in Australia, it’s already the 12th, but I have to wait till the end of the day to see the results *sigh*. I think each second is lagging, annoying me and enjoying it haha.

  26. Yeah, I live in America…. :) its about 11 here and I really do want to stay up, but I’m having a lesson tomorrow so I’m going to hit the hay soon (haha pun! sort of :) And I’ll check in the morning.

  27. Thanks for having the courage to let your work fly into the world without you!
    I loved reading them!

  28. The horse just walked over to it. Right?

  29. Madeliana, u now th rsult!!!!! lucky

  30. ahhhh..when are the winners going to be announced??!!

  31. It’s september 12th! Yahoo!

  32. Thanks Terri Farley. I’m glad you enjoyed them

  33. MY paper was called Midnight Fire. It was about a Quarter horse named Midnight Fire, who was sold promptly (He was a famous breeding stallion) when the vet revealed to his selfish owners that Midnight had a problem going around caused by his rare blood type. He would not be able to breed much longer, unless they wanted him sick and in pain for the rest of his life. Then it goes on to tell about how he was sold at an auction, meanwhile a young couple are looking for a Quarter horse to but because they just had lost their elderly Quarter gelding recently. They discover him just as the auctioneer is about to yell “SOLD” to someone else. Then the couple looking for a Quarter horse arrives just in time, and they are able to hastily yell their bid. Midnight goes home with them, and meets their two sweet other horses name Nevada Sunshine, and Breaking Storm. I was very proud of my story. :)

  34. Cloud is free? What happened? Darn, I missed the news about him!!!

  35. Wow, how was he able to go back to living free?

    Have yall ever heard of It’s a website that sells all horse things. It’s really cool.

    Oh I just thought of something, Horse Feathers, and Wild Horse Feathers. Wow, what a coincidence :) Okay sorry it just came to mind :) Well, anyways, it’s a really cool site, thought someone may want to look at it. :)

    [Nevada Sunshine]

  36. Nevada Sunshine… yeah lol i was surpised when i saw that to.. they were some of the donators for the fiction compeition if you didnt know that already.


  37. Nope, I didn’t know. But they do have a lot of cool stuff don’t they?

  38. you know what would have been cool?? if we could get Breyer to donate for one of the competitions. i would seriously luv to win that! lol!

  39. Oh my gosh Lana, I love Breyer horses, and schleich horses too. They make awesome horses don’t they?

  40. Lana- I actualy do know someone in the Bryor horse buisness… maybe in the future we could have a art or poem competition. We’ll see when the time comes.. until then have a champion week!


  41. Wow I love Breyer and Schleich horses too!

  42. I don’t know HorseFeathers, art isn’t one of my strongest points, neither are poems, but I do have one (Just one) that I wrote about a horse that I find really good. Well, if the art was photography that’d be easier for me, I do have some pictures of my cats that are good (All thanks to my photogenic feline friends).

  43. I saw an adorable liver chestnut pony with a (Sort of) flaxen mane and tail. Really cute :) Then I also saw an iron gray horse, it was odd, because his mane was split in the middle, and spread on both sides of his head. Like a person’s hair. It was funny, I’ve never seen a horse with a mane like that before! He was very handsome though :)

  44. yeah or a photogrpahy comptition would be fun.. using photoshop to spruce it up as well. ;0) We’ll see as time gallops on