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She’ll Be Driving Six White Horses

Published by • Apr 19th, 2009 • Category: Music

by HorseFeathers, age 16

Have y’all ever herd the song She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain When She Comes? Well it’s one of my favorite little ditties and obviously the best part is She’ll be drivin’ six white horses when she comes…

Well speaking of songs and all, I thought it would be a champion idea to start a theme song for Girls Horse Club. I know from reading a lot of y’all’s comments that several of you play instruments, which would be a great addition.

First of all would be to write the song itself. Something that describes GHC in a fun but short song. If you read Rachel Danielle’s Tides of Enthralling Joy you’ll get an idea of what I mean. So for starters we need ideas, support, and the musical know-how. I think the rhythm should probably be pretty fast, or for you musical people, “allegro” or allegretto”. A keyboard provides a variety of sounds and beats, so I’m thinking that might be the best way to go. Plus you can download the disk into the computer. Well I’m just throwing out ideas here — I can’t do it alone.

If we each contribute I’m sure something could be worked out. Nothing is impossible for Girls Horse Club. Am i right? Do I hear a YEE-HAW?

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  1. Yee-haw! You’re right, nothing is impossible for Girls Horse Club. A herd like us can definitely create something. I love the idea of an upbeat and fast song, it sort of reminds me of hoofbeats. I’m very interested in what everyone else thinks of this. Nice thinking HorseFeathers!

  2. Great idea, HF! I just love that!

  3. This sounds like it’s going to be great!

  4. lol right on cowgirls, or englishgirls which ever you prefer! =0) As soon as we get something going im sure well have champion results! What do you think of this Leadmare?

  5. Great Idea! I think the song should be upbeat and joyful. I like the keyboard idea. I can play the piano pretty well. Mabye, if we can convince Leadmare, ;-) she could open a special link just for our own invented music. Another thing to consider is should the song be played with or without words. That could be a pole here at GHC. What do ya’ll think?!?


  6. Great idea! How can we contribute?

  7. I’m a pianist. Who else plays instruments?

  8. I can play the violin really well. In fact, right now, I am listening to classical music right now! This is an awesome idea. But… how would we submit it? I am not really good at technical stuff. Either way, I’ll figure it out.

    I’ll start soon. Once I hear a bit more information, I will be practicing my violin at least an hour a day!!!


  9. Oh my gosh! I thought of a really good thing to add… we could make a CD out of it, and it could be sold at the GHC store. The first song would be the theme song, and all the others would be what each instrument sounds like by itself. Example: Song #3 : Violin Solo Part by mustangmane

    So what I’m trying to say is that the other songs would be playing the same song, just their part in the song alone.

    Just an idea. PLEASE let me know what you think!!

  10. HorseFeathers, as you would say — champion idea! I can create an area to post the song, and maybe I’ll even make a video of it (anyone remember the GHC video? httpv://

    Have you thought about how you would coordinate this since we can’t get together for a jam session. ;-) Do the lyrics come first? Then does someone write the melody? Then how do you bring in other instruments? Give some thought to the details and let us know what you come up with.

  11. The few instruments that are handy and that I can play are the flute and piano, but I’m pretty out of practice. I was thinking maybe we can all write down the ideas and music parts on a score ourselves, then send it in as a picture and have someone put it all together. There’s a program called Sibelius our school uses for students to create music, and we can download a demo from the website. We could transfer all the ideas on the program, listen to it, and construct a piece most fitting to our ideas.

  12. G’day everyone! First of all i play violin, paino/keyboard, and a little guitar. Leadmare there is this thing called that my school uses for a “virtual class room”. It alows multiple talkers, you can sing on it (have to have a mic)… have power points, has a white board to draw or write on ect.. Anyway Leadmare you can sighn up and get one for free but it only alows a max of 3 people per time in the room. The bigger ones cost money… anywho no info is given out when the people (GHCers) sign in.. only the name they type in. Let me know if you can access this website because i know it is really a champion addition.

    I have a feeling that the words should be created first and then the tune to go along with it.. THough some people work the other way well have to see. Like i said before if we had a keyboard other intstruments woudn’t be nessesary because it already has those and more, a vairety of beats, rythms ect… Well that all i can write for now…

  13. Great idea, Horsefeathers! It’s to bad I can’t play any instruments.:(
    I can’t wait to here it!

  14. I think it is a great idea. It would be fun for everyone and it will be something that we can all pitch into. I play the violin and the guitar but I am not that good yet. I can play tabs on the guitar though quite well. =)

    There is also adobe connect where you can go and have a “meeting”. You can talk do power points and that kind of thing. I don’t know much about it except that a few of my teachers use it. (I take some online classes) Like the one HF is talking about it only shows you as the name you sign in with.

  15. I can sing, play the clarinet, and with a little practice, play the piano.

  16. Spot on! I love singing also… i think maybe once we get the lyrics, and music worked out we could try and see which person would sing the main part…. maybe even backup singers like an echo.. lol idk just rounding up some ideas… where do you think we should start leadmare?

  17. HF, I’m looking to you to lead this effort, but starting with the lyrics makes sense to me. There’s no lack of girls here who are capable of writing lyrics, and general submissions open Saturday so guest bloggers may be interested too. It’s just a matter of how you want to make it happen. Do you want to write the lyrics yourself? Do you want to open it to anyone, then y’all can vote for your favorite?

    I’ll let you know what I can do to help, and even contacted a friend who’s a professional singer/songwriter (and a horse girl, of course) to see if she might want to help as an advisor or something. I haven’t heard back, but will let you know if I do.

  18. Oh champion champion champion! lol Ok im gonna try and get things started…. actualy yes i think y’all should start writing lyrics… then we could vote on the favorite one. Just a few pointers lets make it short and sweet… a few verses but not too long. Make sure you include the name Girls Horse Club somewhere in the song. Think of a quick even tempo like or like the rythm of a trot… that half way mark between fast and slow. The advisor would be a great help! i can’t wait to get started!

  19. Great, how exciting! I’ll see what I can come up with.

  20. Oh and im enthusastic about letting bunch of horse crazy girls participate but im wondering if we should just ask GHC JBs to participate… its just a fact of reliance who we can depend on to get the job done… i know many guest bloggers contribute greatly but we just need some we can count on for sure.. To reply when we need it. I guess well just see what happens! =0)

  21. This could be fun! I am learning to play the guitar but I STINK at trying to write music to lyrics. But we should gather all the poem writers on GHC and try to prod them into comming up with something great……hmmmm……*evil laugh* I’ll see who I can dig up…..

  22. Hey everyone,
    I have a little suggestion. :)

    I think the best way to go about this (AWESOME) idea would be to decide on lyrics. Even if it’s a poem or a chant more than a song. I wouldn’t make it longer than 2 minutes. Then, if there is one person who really understands music, they could write up sheet music and distribute it to everyone interested in playing an instrument. Then the mp3’s of the music could be edited in a program (Garage Band?) and put together. Then voila!

    Don’t jump the gun here, just take it one step at a time. I would help, but there is not a musical bone in my body. ;)

    Sure, there are a lot of details that need to be worked out, but I think you can get the job done. :D

  23. I play the Ocarina! If you don’t know what that is go look it up. :p Anyway, it’s a good idea to write a song! Yee haw!

  24. HorseFeathers: How many verses (4-lines) maximum are we allowed for lyrics? Thanks.

    Julia: Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you definitely have a poetic one. I think you’ll be fantastic at lyrics :D

  25. I can sing. I have some experience singing, and I can play the piano (somewhat! ;D). HorseFeathers, if you want the song to be about 2 mins, then I suggest two verses and a chorus. I most definitely think a contest would be the best idea, and all the poetic people can do their thing, then the musicians can do their thing.

  26. I play piano and I do song writing. Mabye I could post music sheets for the song in the gallery?

  27. Alrighty mates.. here’s the deal. Ever heard of the theme song to the SHow “HORSELAND?” I want to put together something like that.. here’s how long the theme song to this show is (I don’t know the
    There’s a place we’re we can go
    Where we make the grestest friends we ever had
    Where we ride and we shine and we stick together and the good times all are fine
    Yeah we’re all friends here on an adventure, riding to share were everyone can shout..
    LETS ALL GO TO HORSELAND…. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    It doesn’t have to ryhme but i do what it more of a song than a chant, yeah? I want a steady rythm so try to think of that when writing up your lyrics.

    Go to this site (it has full shows) to listen to the song..

    As for music… i think they keyboard is goin to be our best shot… it has many diff beats sounds and rythms.. Im going to look into buying one. I need all y’all help to do sort the music. LIke Julia said we are defiantly going to need sheet music which means its going to be written down. So if one of y’all invents a set of lyrics we all vote on deciding the rythm and notes is going to be the next step. I’m working on getting this started right now… sit back in the saddle and hold on! =0)


  28. I have a key board, and my sister (monkey) plays country guitar!

  29. Okay then let’s all get together adn try to help with the lyrics then (CALLING ANYONE WHO CAN WRITE SHEET MUSIC! I DON’T WANT TO ASK MY UNCLE TO WRITE IT FOR US (SINCE HE WRTIES MUSTIC) SO CAN ANY GHC GIRL HELP ON THAT?) we defentally need the music to it.

  30. Okay then let’s all get together adn try to help with the lyrics.

    We should start by deciding what we want the basic theme to be. Do we want to sing about how much we love GHC? Or why we love it? Or describe it? Or should it be about horses?

  31. mmm.. i think it should be a summery of what GHC stands for Violet. Defiantly include the word Girls Horse Club somewhere in the lyrics. Sheet music thats another problem.. because the person who writes the lyrics is basicaly the only one who knows what the tune is to sound like. So i think each person should write their own music and beat. Although some people don’t know how to read notes sooo.. maybe we can improvise on the music. lol sorry if im confusing ya.

    Peanut-Great! Then you can start hooking up some beats and experimenting with diff rythms on your keyboard to get your lyrics in action


  32. HorseFeathers, there are a lot of songwriting partnerships where one person writes the lyrics and another writes the tune. You may want to consider that some girls are better at lyrics than tunes, and some are better at tunes than lyrics. If this is a collaboration, trying to fit both talents into one person may not result in the best outcome.

    I tend to agree with Julia — one step at a time. IMHO it’s the lyrics that make a song especially meaningful. Maybe focus on developing lyrics that will inspire a great tune, then go from there?

    BTW we have not received any submissions for lyrics. You may need to solidify your plan and create a ‘call to action’ blog when you’re ready to get things rolling.

  33. Yes sounds like a plan… i don’t think many bloggers know about it. OK so do i have your permission to start a lyrics contest/voting blog? Asking people to start submitting?

  34. Well perhpas we can find someone who can write lyrics?

  35. sorry I ment music to our lyrics not lyrics. I think we can get that covered.

  36. Why dont all the people who can write songs do one line?