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Published by • Jul 18th, 2015 • Category: Picture This

Horse Show
by Catherine, age 13

Me and my horse Lady at a show.

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  1. Awwww! You both look so pretty!


  3. nice job! lady looks like my pony charlie

  4. Thanks everyone:)
    @Sinead you should post a picture of your pony:)

  5. We have another show next week, and it’s a week LONG!!!! I am so excited for it!!! I will post pictures from it too:)

  6. Am I aloud to post a video in the Image Submission Form?

  7. Catherine, the image submission form doesn’t accept video files, only images. If you have the video hosted on YouTube, you can send a link using the contact form at Hope your show went well!

  8. My show went really well!!! I got 1st in Pole Bending Championships!!! It was amazing.

  9. That’s awesome Catherine!

  10. Glad your show went well . You two look great !

  11. Hi! I’m going to ride in my first show the 31. I’m so excited and maybe a bit nervous but I can’t wait! I’m glad your show went well! Lady is beautiful and so are you. You both look amazing.