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Published by • Mar 16th, 2010 • Category: March for Wild Horses, Take a Stand

Take a Stand
by Violet Inkpen, age 13

As I watched snow storm after snow storm my heart sank in sorrow. Snow was piling up and I fell into the snow drifts up to my knees when I took my puppy outside. The whole town was shut down and there was no art class, no teen group, nothing that gave me joy each week.

But as I sat thinking, I began to think about mustangs. What were THEY doing in weather like this? I pictured a stallion, his mane heavy with snow, blinking calmly as he looked at his mares, sheltered under a few trees, digging through the snow to find food. The foals, energetic and curious at this new thing called ‘snow’, galloping and kicking up their heels in glee. The peaceful sight made me sigh in joy and I realized the simple pleasures in life were enough.

I continued to picture this herd of horses with each day that passed, bringing with it another snow storm. The stallion moved his herd as far away from the deepest snow as he dared, out of his territory and comfort zone, finding a few clumps of grass here and there. The foals, ever joyful, continued to play and the mares, ever optamistic, kept digging through snow. I was sure I would have given up if I were them. It seemed like so much work just to get food. But the proud stallion wouldn’t let them give up the fight.

Mustangs can fight a blizzard. They know how to survive that. But they can’t fight being rounded up. They are afraid, so their instinct is to run. They fight the bitter cold and harsh winds, but they do not know how to fight the spiteful helicopters and the cruel BLM.

The simplest thing, just picturing a band of mustangs in the snow, or just glimpsing them from afar, can bring so MUCH joy to someone’s heart. But in a few years, there might be no mustangs left to glimpse. They will exist only in our thoughts. How horrid would that be? Will we forget that the simple things in life are what keep us going? I pray that this will never happen, for the mustangs are the spirit of freedom and joy. As they gallop across the land our hearts soar with them, as if we ourselves were free to roam. They are more majestic than an eagle, and their freedom is greater than a river’s. A river must flow on a set path, but a mustang goes where it pleases.

STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING! Save our mustangs! Don’t let us loose sight of the simple joys in life! Protect these creatures that can’t protect themselves!

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  1. This is great. Truly great. I loved the way you discribed the thoughts of the stallion, mares, and the energetic foals. It is true, as you have stated, they can fight a blizzard, but not the cruel BLM. I like the way you put nice details such as ‘more majestic than an eagle, and their freedom is greater than a river’s.’ Beautiful. Awesome job, Violet!

  2. This is simply beautiful. Now, I will forever picture a herd of mustangs whenever I need something to think about. This is a great informational topic, and I love how you made it very interesting and thought-provoking. I think that the BLM needs to stop this madness before it gets out of hand – which it already has. The mustangs should never become that river, but they will if all of them are captured by BLM. This is because they will no longer have the freedom they wish to have, and will have to follow the path laid before them by the BLM. STOP THIS MADNESS.

  3. I loved this. It’s so true.
    Even if you don’t believe that mustangs are awe-inspiring and beautiful, as I do, look at it this way: the BLM is using my mom & dad’s tax money to pay for roundups that aren’t even necessary!

  4. VI- Your blog has painted a beautiful picture in my mind of horses in a snow storm. It reminds me of a time I went down to my neighbor’s house and his herd of horses ran to me through the snow. You make a beautiful and wonderful point each time you write. I LOVE your style of writing. Keep it up!!!

  5. Well I agree of course with saving the mustangs. However we need to appeal to the source of the problem, our government. Contacting our representatives is one of our best bets right now. The government peoples are in charge of these roundup laws and the BLM follows orders. To fight we gotta write so get those letters sent to your representatives.


  6. Oh, Violet, you know how to make someone cry. You speak from the heart of everyone and this is a piece more people should read. What you said is what has been on my mind for years. Soon, will there be no mustangs to glimpse? I fear the same and I won’t doubt so does everyone here. Let them hear our battle cry! We will fight for our Mustangs!

  7. Violet, what you write is so inspiring. Thoughts about wild horses can take you to amazing places where you learn more about them, about life. You’re absolutely right, we have to remember and appreciate the simple joys we have. I can feel when I was reading that a lot of heart has been put into this. I love the part you said about mustangs and their freedom compared to rivers – that was genius! You’ve empowered me to go tackle those round-ups!

  8. I love this blog! I can just picture a herd of wild horses, looking almost like prehistoric creatures, snorting out white clouds and pawing through the cold snow to find the barest morsels of food…lol. Great job Violet!

  9. if it wasn’t for all the kind words and great feed back I’d have stopped writing a year ago girls. So in truth, it is thanks to you all that this blog, that my stories, and my poems are still floating around GHC. THANKS TO MY FAVORITE BARN GALS!