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Spring Break

Published by • Mar 18th, 2016 • Category: Fiction

Spring Break Gallop

by WhinnyLove, age 12

My head pops up off my pillow and I sit up in bed. I feel suddenly really excited. I glance at my calendar and jump out of bed. Spring break has started! I pull on my jeans, almost knocking over my lamp, pull on my socks, and brush my hair.

I run downstairs to see my breakfast on the table. I gobble it down as fast as I can, and run back upstairs to brush my teeth.

I run outside, and a wave of warmth rushes over me, like opening an oven. I breath it in. I step out, and pause. Sunscreen. I step back inside and slather myself in it.

I go back outside and into the stable. I grab my horse, Marmalade. I brush her down, and saddle her up. I grab my helmet and mount her. We step out of the stable, and her golden coat shines in the sunlight.

I warm her up a little while, and then I cluck to her, and we start galloping across the fields. I whoop and holler with excitement! Marmalade can feel the excitement as well and goes faster.

“BEST DAY EVER!!” I scream to the world!

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  1. sounds fun!

  2. This is such good writing with the description! I loved it!

  3. Awesome!

  4. Great story! Love that description! Lucky you, I don’t have any spring break yet, ours is only in the beginning of May.:(

  5. Sounds like a blast!! Good story WhinnyLove:)

  6. Sorry SugarPony that’s depressing :'(

  7. Love this

  8. Good one, WhinnyLove! Loved it!

  9. loved it!