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SSR – Flight or Fight

Published by • Jan 27th, 2011 • Category: Critique Me!, Fiction

SSR – FLIGHT OR FIGHT is a submission for Critique Me!, an event where Girls Horse Club writers are inviting readers to critique their stories and poems with praise and/or constructive advice intended to help build confidence and improve writing/storytelling skills. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful insight!

by Westerngirl, age 14

Chapter 1

I finished painting my perfectly polished nails. The color was Catch Me in Your Net by OPI. I had just bought it and it matched my outfit- A blue ruffled skirt and a plain white button down top and white ballet flats. It was cute but sophisticated. I needed to look good for the interview. I had planning and practicing for 2 weeks. It had to go well if I wanted to get into the exclusive Clover Academy. I wanted to go there for its great horseback riding program. But it was also where my step sister, Jenelle, went. And I really wanted to get in and rub it in her face. I’m not mean but she deserves it. Let me take you back.

Two years ago my parents divorced. My mom got custody. Then a year ago my father got married again. His wife- now my mom- had a daughter, Jenelle. My dad wanted me to live with him because they had another daughter and he said it would be fun. And I missed him so I said yes. But still visiting my mom. We moved in together and bought a new house. She was my age and interested in mostly the same things. But the huge difference between me and her was that she was mean, spoiled- we’re rich- and a brat. So were her friends. And I wasn’t crazy about my new “mommy” either. Since Jenelle and I did the same sports, she was very competitive and tried to beat me at everything. Sometimes she did, sometimes she didn’t. But luckily she went to a boarding school and was gone a lot. Then my riding instructor recommended me to the same school. I defiantly didn’t want to go to the same school with her but I wasn’t gonna give up the opportunity so I decided to give it a shot. Jenelle wasn’t exactly happy that I was applying so she tried to mess me up. But she couldn’t stop me from going.

“Larissa, let’s go. You don’t want to be late for the interview.” My stepmom, Mercedes called. She sounded nice but I knew she didn’t really approve of me. She always corrected me and I always had to look perfect.

“Coming.” I shouted from my room. I took one last look in the mirror and headed down the main stair case. My hands slide down the marble railing. Yup marble. We had it everywhere. It was one of Mercedes favorite rocks. Next to diamond. Then there were rubies, sapphires and of course gold and silver.

“You look wonderful. The headmistress will defiantly think you’re a mature sophisticated young lady.” She said.

“Thanks.” I answered. Jenelle came down the other side of the stair case wearing one of her designer bathing suits.

“I’m going for a swim.” She announced. We had two pools, one indoor, one out. She was probably heading to the indoor one because she doesn’t like “swimming with dirt and bugs”. She was such a drama queen.

“Jenelle don’t you want to wish Larissa good luck.” Mercedes said.

“Break a leg.” She said. When we crossed paths she whispered, “Literally.”

Me and my step mom went out to our Lamborghini( It was my favorite car and Mercedes had actually gotten me one Like I said, we were rich.) Our driver opened up our doors and we got in. I tried not to be nervous. I wasn’t gone let Jenelle win.

Chapter 2

We drove through the big iron gate. The school crest, a clover with a black horse rearing, split in half as it opened. I smoothed out my skirt and tried to stay calm but i was defiantly nervous. Our drive opened our doors and we got out. I smoothed my skirt again and took some deep breaths.

“Relax Larissa. You’ll do fine. And even if you don’t get in we can apply to another not as prestige’s one.” Mercedes said, half smiling.

Well that helped, I thought. She always had to have everything perfect. Everyone had to look good. The only things she cared about were my dad, Jenelle and what other people thought.


“Larissa, welcome. Please have a seat. I’m Headmistress Noble.” She said taking a seat opposite of me.

“Your step mom told me a lot of good things about you. And from your application it looks like you’re a fine young lady.” She said.

“Thank you.” I said. I started playing with my long wavy light brown hair. It looked extra shiny today.

“I just want to ask a few questions.” She said, “Why do you want to come here?”

” Well I love to horseback ride and here there is a great program for it. And I thought this would be a great opportunity.” I replied.

” How do you plan to spend your free time?”

” I will study for my classes to get good grades. And I will practice riding to become a better ride. Practice makes perfect.” I said.

” Tell me about yourself.”

” I am nice, caring, hard worker, smart and well behaved.” I said.

She asked me some more questions and I answered them, hopefully well. She finally asked the last question after about 10 minutes.

” What do you want to be when you grow up?”

” I want to be a vet for horses and also small animals.”

” Alright.” She said standing up, “Thank you for coming and I will let you know in a few days.”

Chapter 3

I opened the sliding doors to the indoor pool. It was raining outside but I still wanted to go for a swim. Sadly when I got inside, Jenelle was gossiping with her snobby friends, who also went to Clover Academy.

“Oh look who’s here.” Jenelle said. Her friend giggled. I rolled my eyes.

“Can’t you go in the outdoor pool? I don’t want you contaminating this pool.” She said.

“Um it’s raining genius. And don’t worry the waters already dirty from you.” I replied.

She went back to talking to her friends. I jumped of the diving board close enough to the edge to get Jenelle and her friends all wet. They all screamed.

“Larissa! You did that on purpose.” Jenelle yelled at me. I laughed.

“Oops, sorry.” I said.

“You got our stuff all wet.” she said.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you couldn’t live without Teen Vogue.” I said.

“I’m so gonna get you back.” She said and left with her friends.

I continued swimming for a while.


I cantered through the trees and over logs and bushes. I loved the cross country course. It was my favorite kind of riding. I quickened my pace as I heard hoof steps behind me. Probably Jenelles. She was always trying to beat me even if it meant someone getting hurt.

I finally crossed the finish line.

“That was great Larissa. You beat your own time.” My instructor, Olivia, said.

Jenelle finally finished too.

“Very good Jenelle but you still didn’t beat your sister’s time.” She said.

I could tell Jenelle was mad. She never beat me at cross country.

“Go to the dressage arena please.” Olivia said. That was a different story.

“Larissa, back straight. Canter to the center.” Olivia instructed. I looked over to Jenelle who was perfect at dressage. She always beat me at this. But I didn’t like dressage. It was boring to me.

“Ok. That’s it for today. Bring in your horses and the stable hand will take care of them.” She said to the whole class. We got off our horses and led them in. Then me and Jenelle went to Mercedes car and got in.

” Girls were going out to dinner tonight. So when get home change into something nice.” She said.

I wondered why we were going out.


I picked out a cute short V-neck dress. It was dark purple on the bottom and light purple on the top. I matched it with silver flats. Then I searched for some jewelry. I picked a silver necklace with a purple stone pendant. And simple purple stud earrings. I put my hair in a side bun. Taking my purse I left my bedroom. Jenelle was already waiting with my step mom and my dad. She had on a silver dress with blue ribbon around the waist. Her layered red hair was half up half down and she had an unreasonable amount of make up on.

“You look beautiful Rissy.” My dad said. He always called me that. Jenelle gave me a glare. I ignored it and we got into one of our 3 cars, a silver Camaro. The engine vroomed as we drove off.


” I’ll have a chicken ceaser salad.” Jenelle ordered. She never had anything that wasn’t healthy. The waiter turned to me.

“I’ll have the teriyaki salmon please.” I said and handed him my menu. Salmon was my favorite.

“So we have some good news.” Mercedes said. ” You got in to clover academy!”

“Really! Omg that’s so great.” I shouted.

“What. But- but.” Jenelle stuttered.

“We got the call while you were riding. I thought it was worth celebrating.” She said.

“I don’t.” Jenelle whispered.

“Wait there’s more.” My dad said. ” Since it’s a horseback riding school, you’ll need a horse.”

” I’m getting my own horse!” I said excitedly.

“Yup. You’re going tomorrow to pick one out.” Mercedes said.

“How come she’s getting a new horse?” Jenelle said.

“Jenelle you already have a horse.” Mercedes said.

I couldn’t believe I was finally getting my own horse.

Chapter 4

“Oh Larissa. How about this on? She’s gorgeous. Her coat is just gleaming.” Mercedes said.

I went over and looked. She was beautiful. Her coat was gleaming white. I pet her. She was very nice but she wasn’t he one.

“She’s nice but I don’t want her. Plus whites are a lot to take care of.” I said and continued looking. All of the horses were nice and wanted a home but i didn’t clique with any.

The owner of the yard came out. “Find anyone you like?” He asked.

“No not yet.” I said.

“What are you looking for?” He asked.

Mercedes jumped in. “Top of the line jumper but good with everything.” She said.

“I just want a nice sweet horse. And yes good with jumping.” I said.

“Well if you follow me out here I got some more.” He said and led us to a field. There were a few horses huddled and a few just grazing. One of them caught my eye. I walked around the other side of the fence near some apple trees. A sweet looking appaloosa was trying to get an apple. I picked one and tried to get her to come over.

“Here you go girl. You want tis.” I said calmly. She came right over. I could tell she was trusting. I looked at her. She had a sorrel coat with a white patch and spotted around her tail. Her mame and tail were a little long and needed to be groomed but she was lovely. And I looked up at her face. She had blue eyes. I turned to Mercedes and nodded.

“We’ll take that one.” She said to the owner.


I unloaded my new horse. She traveled well which was a good thing. My dad got all the supplies we bought and we went to the barn. It was a small two stall stable but our yard was huge. We had 2 arenas and a field for them to graze. The stall was already prepared and she went right in.

“That’s the horse?” I heard a voice behind me. It was Jenelle.

“Yup.” I said smiling.

“She looks dirty.” She said.

“Yeah that’s because she has to be groomed.” I said, picking up a brush. Jenelle got closer to me.

“Look just because you got in the school and got a new horse doesn’t mean you’re gonna be better than me.” Jenelle said and started to walk away.

“FYI Jenelle, it’s not your school. And I’m already better than you.” I said.

“You have no idea what’s coming to you.” She said.

“Bring it.”

Chapter 5

I finished packing the last of my things. My room was nearly empty now. Just my bed- stripped of its blankets-, my dresser, side table and TV were left. Tomorrow Jenelle and I left for Clover academy. We would both be in 9th grade. I was nervous. What if I didn’t make any friends? What if I was a horrible rider compared to everyone else? What if Jenelle really did make my life miserable there? I certainly didn’t want those things to happen. I tried to stay relaxed. I couldn’t turn back now.


“Omg Larissa if you don’t come now we’re leaving without you.” Jenelle said from my doorway, “On second thought take your time.”

” I’m coming. Can you help me with my bags?” I said.

“Um no. I’m not gonna mess up my nails.” She replied.

Ugh. Thank god we were taking separate cars. There wasn’t enough room for all our things. And we only had two one stall trailers.

I grabbed my bags and, thanks to Jenelle, had to make two trips before we left.


Me and my dad walked into my dorm house. It had wood floor and walls. Side tables were betwee the doors with different kinds of flowers on them. There were two floors. My room was on the second floor. We dragged our bags in the elevator and went up. There was a beep and the door opened up. I found my room and took out my key. It was amazing. It had oak wood floors- it looked like they were just polished-, sandy colored walls, 3 beds, wardrobes, desks, and dressers. There was also a flat screen TV attached to the wall. And there was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I chose one of the white platform beds, closest to the window and started unpacking.

“Thanks dad I can take it from here.” I said.

“Ok. Bye sweetheart.” He said hugging me.

I continued unpacking. I heard the door open and shut. I turned around to see one of Jenelle’s friends, Phoebe. She wasn’t thrilled to see me either.

“Oh great. Out of all the students here I get stuck with Jenelles loser step sister.” She said.

“Yea well I’m stuck with an ugly snob. So we’re both at loss.” I said.

“I’m not ugly.” She protested and went to checking herself in the mirror. She was very self-conscious.

After I finished unpacking and setting up my things I decided to talk to Phoebe a bit. She didn’t really know me, maybe I could get her to sort of like me. I didn’t know what to talk about though.

“So do you know what house Jenelle is in?” I asked.

“She’s not in this one. Since your knew let me fill you in on some things. Me, Jenelle and our friends rule this school. So don’t get in our way. We are the best riders here. Don’t even try to compete with us. And with the boys, stay away from the hot ones. We get first pick. They won’t want you anyway.” She sad and turned back to setting up her makeup.

So much for that plan.

Chapter 6

“Hey Arabella.” I said to my horse. One of the stable hands had put her in a stall. It had a golden name plate on the stall door and she even had her own section in the tack room. This place was great.

I got out my grooming kit and started going over her but the stable hand also groomed her. I hadn’t actually ridden her yet. We didn’t have time and she had to get checked by the vet and have new shoes put on her. And I wanted her to feel at home first. But I didn’t want to look stupid at my first lesson so I was going to ride her today. I got her new black saddle and white pad and put it on her. I led her into the indoor arena. I was just going to work on flatwork. I walked her around the arena twice then slowly pushed her into a trot. She went right into it. After a few times I halted her. She didn’t stop right away but we could work on that. Then I went into a walk, trot then I asked her to canter. She went a little fast so I slowed her down. But overall she was doing great. And she was very well behaved. I worked on some figure eights and circles. The door to the arena opened and Arabella was startled. She bolted a little but then stopped. I calmed her down.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone was in here.” A girl on a gray horse said.

“It’s ok.” I said. “If you want you can practice in here to. I’m almost done anyway.”

” Thanks. I wanted to ride him as soon as I could so he didn’t get rusty. I haven’t rode him for a month.” the girl said.

“Um I’m Larissa and this is Arabella.” I said.

“I’m Shayna and this is Ace of Spades. AKA Ace.” She said. She had tan skin and very long straight chocolate brown hair.

“Nice to meet you. I’m new here.” I said.

“You too. I’ve been here for 3 years. You’ll like it here.” Shayna said.

“Yeah I hope so. But so far I already have enemies.” I said.

“How do you already have enemies?” She said sort of laughing.

“Well my step sister, Jenelle and her friends don’t like me.” I said.

“Your step sister is Jenelle.” She said shocked.


“Wow. I didn’t know she had a sister.”

“Sadly yes. My father married her mother. I bet she didn’t mention me at all.”

“No. So does she just, not like you or are you a threat to her?” She asked.

“Probably a threat. She tries to beat me at everything.” I said.

“Wow. No one messes with Jenelle. But no one besides her friends really likes her.” She said.

“I don’t like them either. And I’m stuck rooming with Phoebe.” I said.

“Well at least you’re not stuck with Jenelle. Phoebe is harmless.” Shayna said.

” I know but she’s really annoying.”


I finished up flat work and got off Bell. Shayna was setting up a course.

“I’ll see ya around.” I called to her and she waved back.

Chapter 7

My eyes opened bright and early on Monday morning. It was my first day of classes and I wanted to be ready. Getting out of bed I grabbed my outfit I had picked out the night before. As I headed for the bathroom I saw someone sleeping in the third bed. I guess my other roomy finally got here. She must have come in late when I was sleeping.

When I got in the bathroom I showered, changed, did my hair and makeup and left.


Walking down the huge hall ways through tons of crowds of people, I felt like a fly on the wall. Clutching my books I tried to find the algebra 1 classroom. I heard snickers behind me.

“Oh look at Larissa. Hurrying to her classroom because she’s a nerd and has no friends.” Jenelle said.

I turned around to see Jenelle and her friends leaning against the lockers. A cute looking boy was talking to Jenelle.

“Shut up.” I snapped.

“Make me.”

I rolled my eyes and ignored her. “Do you know where room 112 is?” I asked the boy, giving him a cute look.

“Yeah. Just go down this hall and take a left. It’ll be the first door.” He said smiling. I smiled back. It would totally make Jenelle jealous.

“Ok. Bye!” Jenelle said quickly.

“Bye.” I said to the boy giving him a wave.

I followed his directions and found the classroom. The students were talking and shouting and some were throwing papers. Instead of desks there were tables. It was like mini cliques. I looked around for someone that seems nice. Shayne was talking to her friends. She saw me and waved me over.

“Hey Larissa. Take a seat right here.” She said.

“Hey.” I said taking a seat across from her.

“This is Baila, Corinne, Gillian, Kyra, Justine and Parker, Brendon, Tanner and Travis.” She said. ” Everyone this is Larissa.”

” Hey.” Echoed everyone.

I looked at them. They all seemed nice and the boys were cute too.

“So did you have a look at the campus yet?” Shayna asked.

“Not really. I didn’t have a lot of time.” I answered.

“We could show you around,” She said.
“You’ll love it. So many things to do.” Corinne said. She had wavy blonde hair- just above
the shoulder- with side bangs and green eyes.

” And it’s really pretty.” Kyra said. She had straight golden brown hair.

“Sure. I’d love to see the campus.”

” Cool. We’ll meet after school near the fountain in the gardens.” Shayna said.

“Um where’s that?” I asked.

“When you exit out the main doors take a left and they’ll be a path with flowers around it. Keep going till you see a stone wall and an open gate. Then you’ll see the fountains. That’s one of the places we’ll show you.” Shayna replied.

“Cool.” I said.

I was so glad to actually have a friend here now. Maybe even more. I was starting to like this place.

Chapter 8

The beautiful wild flowers followed me as I walked up the path. A stone wall eventually appeared and I entered the open gate. It was amazing. There was a concrete circle with a fountain in the middle. And then paths went in all directions out of the circle. I couldn’t wait to have a look around.

Shayne and her friends were waiting for me. Travis was the only boy there. He and Shayna were talking. I went up to them.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey.” Shayna said. “Ready to have a look around?”

“Yea. I really wanna look around here.” I said. We started walking.

“Yea. This is my favorite spot.” Shayna said. “People come here to relax, jog or swim. There’s a hot tub up one of the paths. And it’s also where you can come for a date.” She said. ” Have you seen anyone you like?”

” No. I just want to get to know this place and everyone before I have a boyfriend.”I said. “So is Travis your boyfriend?”

She laughed, ” No. He’s my brother.”

” Really.” I said.

“Yeah. He stayed back a grade.”

” Oh.”

We turned onto another path. There were benches and more flowers and trees. Then it came to a huge field.

“People come here to hang out or have picnics.” Shayna said.

“And the good thing you can never get lost unless you go outside the paths.” Justine said. She had dark brown hair and huge side bags that completely covered one eye.

“The paths always connect and lead back to the fountain.” Baila said. Her shiny brown hair with blonde highlights was even shinier in the sun.

We continued to look around the garden. All the paths led to something. The 5 paths led to a field, a charity fountain- the money you threw in went to a charity-, a hot tub- my favorite-, a small maze, and a place to do yoga and relaxe. Once we were done with the garden they started showing me other places around campus.

First was the pool. And I’d defiantly be going there a lot. It was a big oval shaped one surrounded by fake rocks. There was a slide that went through them in a tunnel and a rock that was like a diving board. The pool even had a water fall. And when you went up rock stairs the water fall was another hot tub. Finally Shayna had to drag me away from it so I wouldn’t jump in right then and there.

Next we went to the courts. There was a tennis, basketball, and volleyball court. They were all fenced it and the volleyball one had sand in it. There were some guys playing basketball.

We moved on. There were four big buildings next to each other.

“Those are the movie theater, gym, ball room and media center. And there’s a library on the other side of the school. The gym has weights and machines and it’s where cheerleaders practice.” Shayna said.

“Oh. Do you know when the try outs are?” I asked.

“No. But guess who the captain is. Jenelle.” She said.

” I didn’t know she was a cheerleader.” I said.

” She doesn’t tell you much does she.”

” No. The only things I hear from her mouth to me are insults.”

We laughed and continued on. There was a huge board walk with a row of 6 shops.

“There’s Snack Attack, Clover’s Creamery, Clover supplies, What’s Grillin’, Pizzarama and Tranquility spa.” Shayna said.

“There’s a spa?” I said, surprised.

“It’s awesome. They give the best mani/pedi’s.” Gillian said. She had long very curly dark brown hair.

“Cool.” I said.

” And that’s pretty much it for the tour. You already saw the stables.” Shayna said.

” Well. I never actually looked at all the horses. I love meeting new ones.” I said.

” Alrighty. Right this way.” She said.

We walked to the other side of campus and little past the school. Finally the big brown stables came into view. There was a ton of fencing on the side of it where the horses grazed. And then there were two rings. We walked on one side of the stables. The first horse we saw was Ace.

” Hey boy. I already met you.” I said petting him. We moved on.

” That’s my horse.” Corinne said. ” She’s best friends with Ace.” Her horse was a rather small palomino horse. ” I’m just really afraid I’ll be outgoing her soon. I had her forever.”

We went through the horses and I said hi and pet them all. One horse caught my eye. It was a huge female white horse. Her coat was gleaming.

” That’s Snow White. Natalia’s horse.” Shayna said. She was one of Jenelle’s friends. I went to pet her and everyone shouted don’t. The horse reared and I heard someone shriek. The bleach blonde Natalia came running and pushed me away.

” Hey!” I shouted at her.

” Don’t touch my horse!” She yelled back.

” Relax I was just petting her. And you don’t push me.” I said.

“I’ll do what I want.” She said checking her horse. Jenelle walked up to me.

“Larissa, you not gonna get better than us by sabotaging our horses.” Jenelle said.

“I wasn’t trying to sabotage anything. I was just petting her.” I said.

“Just stay away from our horses. And if I catch you anywhere near mine you’ll regret it.” She said and waved for her friends to follow her away.

“Wow.” Baila said.

“Ugh I can’t stand her. I know what I ever did to make her hate me.” I said, crossing my arms.

“You’re the only person here that I met that doesn’t take any crap from her. Everyone else would just say sorry and hurry off.” Shayna said.

“Yeah well I’m not gonna get bullied by her or friends.”

Chapter 9

“Ugh.” I groaned falling onto my bed. It was my first day and I was wiped out. From the classes to looking around and from Jenelle and her friends. But my room was no escape. Phoebe came out of the bathroom looking like she was going out on a date. She had on leggings and a shirt with a purple V-neck shirt. Her usually straight black hair was now curled and half up half down.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

” Um out.” She said putting on lip gloss.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

” Well I wouldn’t expect you to know.” She said.

I decided to leave it at that. There was a knock on the door. Phoebe ran and opened it. Jenelle walked in. She was wearing shorts and on off the shoulder hot pink shirt.

” Ready?” She asked.

” Totally.” Phoebe answered.

” You know we would ask you to come but you’ll just kill the party.” Jenelle said to me then walked out.

I got up and went on my laptop. About 10 minutes later there was another knock on my door. I answered it and Shayna and Justine were standing there.

” Heyyy. Are you ready to go to a party?!” Justene said.

” What are you talking about?” I asked.

” You are coming with us. You can’t not show up. And only the coolest students go so I decided to bring you.” Shayna said.

” Thanks but I don’t know.” I said.

” Oh come on. The seniors throw the best parties.” Justene said.

” Seniors?” I said.

” Yea. Like I said there is a very small list of people allowed.” Shayna said.

” Are parties even allowed?” I asked.

” Well not usually. But in the beginning and end of the year they are.” She said. ” So are you gonna come or not?”

” Ok I’ll go. Just let me get ready.” I said. I let them in and went to get ready. I picked out an orange and gold halter top that had a jeweled ring on the top center and jean shorts along with my gold sandals and jewelry. I put on some lip gloss and went out of the bathroom.

“Omigod you look great.” Justene said.

“Come on lets go.” Shayna said. We linked arms and headed for the party.

Chapter 10

The music was blaring as we entered the senior’s common room. Good thing the door and walls were sound proof or I’m sure parties wouldn’t be allowed. People were standing and sitting around talking and dancing. There was a table with food and drinks. I looked around. I didn’t know anybody.

” Go on. Start talking to some hot guy or something. You gotta get to know people.” Shayna said.

I smiled. I looked around again and saw Travis. Shayna saw me looking his way.

” Ok either your giving an evil glare at Jenelle or… you like Travis!” Shayna said.

” What? No I don’t.” I said. Even though I did. But I didn’t know Jenelle was already talking to him.

” Just go up to him. Travis isn’t in to mean snobs who think there all that.” Shayna said.

I worked up my courage and went over to him. And if he started to talk to me instead of Jenelle it would totally drive her crazy.

” Hey.” I said him.

He smiled back and said, ” Hey what’s up.”

” What are you doing here?” Jenelle snapped.

” Oh you didn’t know. I was invited too.” I said.

” That’s cool.” Travis said.

” Uh Travis do you want to dance?” Jenelle asked him.

” Um no thanks. I’m actually kind of thirsty. But I’m sure some other guy will dance with you.” He said not taking his eyes of me. Then he went get a drink. Jenelle was left with her mouth wide open.

” Don’t worry. You’ll get over that rejection just like you did with a lot of others.” I said and went to talk to Travis more.

” Hey again.” I said.

He smiled, “Are you following me?”

” No. I’m thirsty too.” I said picking up a cup of soda.

“Well how bout when you’re done with that drink we go and dance.” He said.

” Sure.” I said putting the drink down.

He took my hand and went to the small dance floor. A fast song was playing and we went along with it. He was a great dancer. I sort of wished they played a slow song but we weren’t even going out so it was probably to soon. After a few dances we went to get another drink. We started talking and laughing. Then someone bumped into me spilling coke all over me.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” It was Jenelle.

” What is your problem?!” I shouted at her.

” You.” She said and got in my face.

” Hey back off Jenelle. She wasn’t bothering you.” Travis defended, ” Come on Larissa, I’ll walk you back to your dorm.” He said.

We left the seniors dorm house and started walking towards my dorm.

” I can’t believe she did that.” I said.

” Yea. Why doesn’t she like you?” Travis asked.

” We’re stepsisters and I don’t really know.”

” Really?”

I nodded.

” Well don’t let her get to you.”

” Easier said than done.”

We finally got to my dorm. The walk felt too short. I wanted to talk to him more.

” Well if you ever need any help with her. I’m here to help.”

” Thanks but I’m gonna get even.”

Chapter 11

My gym teacher, Mrs. Scarlet, called us to the center of gym. I had been thinking all week about ways to get Jenelle back. But the only way to really beat her and feel satisfied, was if I beat her on her own turf, fair and square. And I knew exactly how to do that.

” Ok everyone listen up. Cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow morning. If you’d like to try out just sign your name on this list. I’m gonna pass it around.” She said handing the list to another student. It eventually came to me and I signed my name. That was only part one of my plan.


As soon as I got in my dorm and got my riding clothes and changed. I didn’t want to be late for my first lesson. But I had been practicing some cheers and stunts in the gym and was already hot and sweaty. I wanted to take a shower really bad but then I’d be really late. I grabbed my helmet and ran out the door to the barn.


I was nervous as I tacked up Bell. This would only be my third time riding her and we’ve only done flat work. I didn’t know how she would react to a bunch of other horses around her and what if we started off with something that she didn’t know how to do like jumping. I didn’t know if her past owners had trained her in it. I really hoped we would stick with flat work for now. Then I’d jump her.

I finished tacking her up and led her to the outdoor arena. It was huge and good thing because at least 25 students were lined up around the arena on their horses. I entered and went against the fence like everyone else. A young woman walked to the center without a horse holding a clip board.

“Hello everyone. I’m Ms. Moore. And I’ll be your riding instructor for your group A. There is also Mrs. Grant who is the riding instructor for the other 25 students, group B. But she can also help you if you ever need it. Now all 25 of you will be split up into smaller groups of 5. I’m going to call your name and tell you what group you’re in. So pay attention.” She said and starting calling groups.

“Group 4 is Travis Carter-” When she said this I was hoping I’d be in that group-, ” Corinne Harris, Taylor Garcia, Jenelle Gardner-”

I saw Jenelle smile when her name was called. Oh great.

“And Larissa Gardner.” She finished. Yes! , I thought.

” Oh sisters. Good maybe you too could work together.” Ms. Moore said.

I heard Jenelle whisper, ” Not likely.” For once I actually agreed with her.

” Ok so since we obviously don’t have room to do a lot of things this lesson will be short and sweet. Then every Friday each group will meet at different times. I will email you all the details. Right now I just want to see how well you and your horses listen. So walk clock wise.” We did as we were told. So far Bell was listening.

” Trot.” She said. ” ………. Halt.”

Some people didn’t halt as soon as she said it. Luckily no one bumped into each other.

” You have to be ready for anything. Ok go into a trot……… now walk…….. and halt. We’re not going to canter since were too crowded for that. That’ll be it for today and don’t forget to check your email.” Ms. Moore said and we all left the arena to untack and groom our horses.

Chapter 12

My roommate was on her laptop when I got in the room. I was all dirty and ha mud on my face. I decided to help out the stable hands and muck out Bell’s stall. I just wanted to go straight to the shower.

” You can’t go in the bathroom. Phoebes been in there for a half hour.” She said turning around. Her hair was shiny black that was shorter in the front then got longer in the back.

” Ugh. Hey Taylor right.” I said. I hadn’t met my roomy yet. I hadn’t even seen her.

” Yeah. Your Larissa. I didn’t know you were my roommate.” She said.

” Yea. I haven’t even seen you in here all week.” I said.

” Well I’m scholarship here and to help pay I muck stalls. So I get in really late. And I try to stay away from here since Phoebe’s our roommate. But I guess it won’t be so bad now.” She said.

” Yea I wish we could trade roomie’s. I know Phoebe doesn’t like us either.” I said, “I know how to get her out.”

I went closer to the door so Phoebe could hear.

“Omigod there’s a huge sale on designer clothes today at the mall for only one hour. Omg we have to go.” I shouted sounded excited.

Phoebe immediately ran out. “There’s a sale today. I gotta call Jenelle.” She said picking up her cell.

“Just kidding.” I said going into the bathroom and locking it.

“Larissa you’re gonna pay for this. I gotta get ready.” She said banging on the door.

” Look I know it takes you a long time to look pretty but it doesn’t take that long.” I said getting in the shower.

” Ugh I hate you.” Phoebe yelled and heard a door slam.

” She’s gone.” Taylor said.

After my shower i got dressed I’m my pj’s, shorts and a tank top, and put my hair in a bun. It was still wet but i didn’t feel like blow drying it. I was really tired and it was 6:00. I was really hungry. I could rush own to the caf and grab something but all the good things were probably gone. Dinner was at 5:30 and I had missed it. And students weren’t allowed out of the dorm house after 6:30 and had to be in bed, lights out, by 10. I decided to run to Snack Attack and grab something quick.

” Hey I’m gonna go get a snack. You want anything?” I ask Taylor.

” No thanks.” She said.

I grabbed my purse and room key and left. I hadn’t been in the shop and I hoped they had good stuff.


The smell of the sweets hit me like a bag of bricks. My mouth started watering as I went up to the counter. The place was deserted but it was probably busy during the day.

” I’ll have 3 chocolate chip cookies please.” I said. The girl went to a glass plate and took out the cookies. I paid her and left for my dorm. I only had 5 minutes to get there. I quickly ran inside. While walking I passed the common room. Every house had it. I decided to eat in there. The room was a soft green color and had wood floors with a white fluffy carpet in the middle. There was a TV on the wall, a pool table, foosball table. There were 3 small couches and 2 chairs with a table in the middle. I took a seat in one of the chairs and bit into the moist cookie. I heard footsteps in front of me and looked up.

” Keep eating like that and you’ll get fat.” Another one of Jenelles friends, Morgan, said. She was with Jenelle and Phoebe.

” Thanks for the warning. Now I won’t end up like you.” I said.

“Shut up Larissa.” Jenelle snapped.

“Um. No.” I said and continued eating. “What are you even doing here? You can get in trouble for not being in your house.”

” Ugh please. No one listens to that rule. Besides my house mother goes to bed at like 5 and she’s a heavy sleeper so I have nothing to worry about.” She said. ” So there’s another party tomorrow. Are you going?”

” I don’t know.” I said. I didn’t know there was a party. Maybe Travis would ask me to go with him.

” Well if you do try not to spill soda on yourself.” She said. Her and her friends started laughing.

I stood up. ” First off, you spilt it on me. And second I’m glad you did cuz you practically handed Travis over to me.” I said leaving. They really got on my nerves.

Chapter 13

” Where are you going?” Taylor asked. I was wearing gray shorts and a pink tank top.

” Cheerleading try outs.” I said, grabbing a water.

” Well good luck. I’ll be practicing on Wind Runner.” She said. He was her pinto horse.

I left my dorm and walked across campus to the gym. On the way Kyra met up with me.

” Hey you trying out too?” She said.

” Yeah.” I replied.

I opened the double doors of the gym. There were mats set up and girls stretching and stunting. Jenelle was of coarse showing off and trying to do more than she could. She was already the captain. She didn’t have to prove anything.

I tried to make sure she didn’t see me or else she would try to mess me up. I sat down on the floor and started stretching. I was already really flexible from dancing when I was younger. I stopped a few years ago when I started riding.

I finished stretching and got a dink off water then went to the mats. I could do a front flip, back flip, cartwheel, cartwheel without hands and front handspring. This time I let Jenelle see me. I did my handspring and landed it perfectly. Jenelle glared at me and I gave her a smile and a wave. Her, Morgan and her other friend Rosalie stormed over.

” What are you doing here?” Jenelle demanded.

” Trying out.” I said.

” Why would you even try? You’ll never make it on the team.” She said.

” Please you know I’m just as good as you. Maybe even better.” I said.

” Yeah right. You’re not even half as good as me. But whatever you can stay. It’ll be a good show to watch.” Jenelle said walking away.

I did another handspring and a front flip before the coach and gym teacher, Mrs. Scarlet came in.

” Hello girls.” She said, ” We are going to get started right away. So will Jenelle please come forward.”

Jenelle walked to the front of us smiling.

” She is our captain for now. She will also be helping me coach you. So try your best. I want you all to get into two lines. Two of you at a time will do a toe touch. Then go to the back of the line. And we will do a hurky.” She said.

Everyone did the jumps and the line quickly moved up. It was easy for me since in dance we did those too. Once everyone did them we spread out.

” Ok now we are going to learn a cheer. Jenelle please show them all at once.” She said.

Jenelle sang, ” Come on coyotes, Lets turn this game around, Put the ball up, and take them down!”, along with some formations.

” Ok. So get into your starting position,” Mrs. Scarlet said putting her hands by her side in fists, ” Then your going to say come on coyotes. You take 2 steps in front of you clapping twice. Then your going to say lets turn this game around. And you’ll put you foot out while making and L with your arms. Then finally your going to say the rest while doing a toe touch. But your going to clap, put your arms up then do it. Make sure your head is all the way down and flick it up. And go into clear. We’re going to do it all together and make sure to be loud and smile.”

We all got to the starting position and waited for her to count. Then we screamed altogether, ” Come on Coyotes, lets turn this game around, put the ball up and take them down!” I did my best to smile while shouting but it wasn’t the easiest thing.

” Good. But we can be better. Do it again.” She said. We all did it again and again. Finally we stopped.

“Ok. Now if anyone can do any stunt or flips, please go to the mats.” Mrs. Scarlet said, ” Jenelle keep working with this group on the cheer.”

I went over to the mats with about 8 other girls, including, Morgan, Natalia and Kyra.

“Ok I’m going to call out your names and your going to show me what you can do. This will be apart of your try out.” She said, ” Morgan you can go first, Natlalia second.”

She did a front flip and back flip. Natalia did a cartwheel and front flip. Then some other girls did what they could do. Kyra went next and she did a front hand spring and a front flip. Then my name was called. I did everything. A front handspring, front and back flip, and both kinds of cartwheels. Mrs. Scarlet just nodded. She didn’t compliment anyone just as a group.

“Ok everyone we are going to start individual tryouts now. So there is a room in the back of the gym. Everyone go there and I will call your names when it’s your turn.” Mrs. Scarlet said.

Jenelle came up to me as I went to the room. ” You’ll never make it on this team. Just go home now.”

“No I think I’ll stay.” I said. But I was a little nervous. If she was the captain she could say I shouldn’t be on the team.


My name was finally called after what seemed like forever. I went in front of the judges. Totally alone. They asked me to do a toe jump and hurky then the cheer. I was as loud as I could and smile throughout the whole thing. I went back to the room. Only two more people went after me and we were called back out.

“Thank you everyone. The team list will be up tomorrow on the school bulletin board.” Mrs. Scarlet said.

I went to grab my water and I heard a whisper behind me, “Don’t even bother looking. I already know you didn’t make the team.”



I yawned, walking on the lawn in the front of the campus. It was 7:15 and I was going to check the list for the cheerleading team. It was early but I wanted to get there before everyone crowded around it and hearing people scream and maybe cry. I walked into the empty school. It was still so new. The bulletin board had all the info you needed to know like upcoming dances, pep rallies, etc. I looked around for the list and eventually found it within all the papers. I started going down the list, looking for my name. I didn’t see it at all. Then at the end of the list it said Co-Captains. Of course Jenelle was listed. Then under it, it said Larissa Gardner. Omg ME! I couldn’t believe it. I was a co-captain! Jenelle was going to be so mad. I turned around to leave. And speak of the devil, Jenelle, Morgan, Rosalie and Natalia were walking over. I pretended to look sad.

“Aw. Hi Larissa.” Jenelle said. We passed each other.

“Hey co-captain.” I said smiling.

She stopped and abruptly turned around. ” What!”

” Check the list.” I said. Her and her friends ran up to the list.

“What?! There has to be a mistake.” Natalia said.

“Scarlet must have lost her mind.” Jenelle said.

“I’m not on the team.” Rosalie said.

“What.” Jenelle asked looking over the list again, “I can’t believe this.”

“You.” Morgan pointed at me, ” You’ve always had it out for us. You tried to mess with Natalia’s horse, you called me fat and Phoebe ugly, and now you booted Rosalie off the team and your a co-captain.”

” Let me just say this. You went too far. We are so going to get you back.” Jenelle said.

“Ooh I’m so scared.” I said.


I flipped a page of the book, Romeo and Juliet. Of course my english teacher made us read that. It was so common. I had to read the first 5 chapters of it before tomorrow and write a summary for each. Sitting on a bench near the entrance of the gardens, I tried to concentrate. But someone was calling my name.

” Riss!” It was Shayna. “Hey.” She said once she got up to me.

” Hi.” I replied.

” So you weren’t at the party yesterday. What happened?”

” I just didn’t feel like going. I was really tired from cheerleading tryouts.”

” Oh well, Travis was asking for you.”

” Really?”

” Yeah but since you weren’t there Jenelle took your place.”

” Oh.”

” But don’t worry. Like I said, he isn’t into those kinds of girls.” Shayna said, ” BTW how did tryouts go?”

” I’m co-captain!”

” Omg really?!”

” Yeah. Jenelle was soooo mad. She is also a co-captain. And Rosalie didn’t get on the team. Kyra’s on too.”

” Wow. They must be pissed. And I know Kyra texted me this morning. Hey give me your cell number so we can text.”

” Sure.” I said and she put it into her phone. Then I took out my side kick and type her number in.

” Cool. Well I gotta go. See ya later.” She said.

“Bye.” I went back to my book and read the rest of the chapters. I would do the summaries later.


” Ok girl. All you gotta do is trot over the poles on the ground.” I said to Bell petting her. We were finally going to start jumping and I was taking it slow. I pushed Bell into a trot and went over the poles without even tapping them.

” Good girl.” I said.

Then I trotted her over to the jump that was just above the ground. She went over it perfect. I continued on they all got higher as we went. Finally I stopped her and we got ready to canter over the higher ones. A quick tap on the side and she was off and flew over the jumps. She went over them higher then she needed to as if to say, please that’s all you got.

“That was great girl.” I said when I dismounted.

“It was.” Said a voice behind me. Travis was on his horse, a big red roan with a blaze.

“Um thanks.” I said.

“I just came to practice too.” He said.

“Yeah I just got done.” I said.

“Maybe we could practice together sometime.”


“Give me your number and I’ll text you.”

He took out his phone and put it in. I did the same with his. I was really happy. Now I knew that he probably, most likely liked me.

Chapter 15

“See you at lunch?” I asked Travis.

“Yeah. Bye.” He said.

“Bye.” I said. So far, all this week Travis has been walking me to class and we have been sitting together at lunch. Along with Shayna and everyone else but sat together, together. And he has helped me with jumping. We’ve been getting closer and I hoped soon he would actually ask me out. He was really sweet and kind. Not to mention smart, strong, hot and a rider. He texted me every day, too. It was usually just hey, what’s up but he always texted me first.

I took my seat in civics class. Mr. Green was the only teacher that had assigned seats. So I was stuck between Rosalie, who didn’t like me because she wasn’t on the cheerleading team, and Natalia, the girl who thinks I tried to sabotage her horse. Luckily Jenelle wasn’t in this class. Unluckily, she was in Travis’s class. All of them. But I wasn’t too worried. Anyway they haven’t said or done anything to me for 4 days. Maybe they finally gave up.


I put my tray down on the lunch table. Steaming pasta and salad was on it. Their food was great and pasta was my favorite. I took a seat near Gillian and looked around.

“Hey where’s Travis?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Shayna said taking a bite of her pasta. She looked up at me, “Relax. He probably got lunch detention or something. He wouldn’t ditch you.”

She was right. He would never do that. We liked each other and soon we would be going out. I ate my food and we started talking about how weird our science teacher was.


I threw my book bag on the floor near my bed and sat on the hand chair Taylor had brought. She was watching T.V and noticed me checking my phone.

” What a text from Travis?” She said smiling.

” No. There’s not. He hasn’t texts me all day and I didn’t see him at lunch.” I said.

” Don’t worry about it. You don’t want to be one of those stalker girlfriends.” She said.

” I’m not a stalker and I’m also not his girlfriend…..yet. But we always text each other. This is the first day he didn’t.” I said.

” You can’t expect him to always text you. He’s a boy. There forgetful.”

“I’m gonna go see him.” I said. Taylor eyed me, “What I haven’t talked to him all day.”

I put my shoes on and shut the door behind me. The sun was just setting. It was really pretty. I got down to the courts where a few guys were playing basketball. One of them was Travis. When he saw me his smile faded. Wait what. His smile faded? He walked over to me.

” Hey.” He said.

” Um hi. So where were you at lunch today?” I asked.

” Um I had something to do.” He replied.

” Oh. Well maybe tomorrow we can go on a trail ride.” I said.

” Yeah about that. I don’t think it’s such a good idea.”

” About trail riding or us?”

” Um us. I don’t think we should hang anymore. It’s not a good idea. Especially for you.”

” What’s going on?”

” I gotta go. Bye.” He said and leaving me there. I was in shock and didn’t move. How could he just dump me like that?


I was sitting on a bench in the garden, playing with my hair. It was 7:30, way past curfew but i didn’t care. I couldn’t figure out why Travis had done that. I hadn’t cried. I promised myself a long time ago that I would never cry over a guy. At least not this young. But I was defiantly really, really sad.

” Larissa there you are.” It was Shayna with Baila and Corinne,

” We’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Corinne said.

Shayna took one look at my face and said, ” What’s wrong?” She was really good at knowing when something wasn’t right.

” You were wrong. Travis would ditch me.” I said.

” What are you talking about?” Baila asked.

” I don’t know. Travis just said he didn’t want to hang out with me anymore and left.” I said.

” Why would he do that?” Shayna asked.

” I don’t know.” I said.

” Look how bout we deal with this tomorrow. You have to get back to your dorm before we all get caught.” Shayna said.

” Why did you even come looking for me?” I asked.

” Taylor called and said you hadn’t been back for hours. We were all gonna look but every else couldn’t sneak out of there dorms.” Corinne said.

” Come on.” Baila said. I went with them. But I didn’t want to face Taylor or Phoebe. If she found out she would defiantly tell Jenelle and I would never hear the end of it.

When I got in my room I immediately went in my bed not even bothering to change into my pj’s. Taylor didn’t ask any questions and also went to bed. And Phoebe was already sleeping. Lucky me.

Chapter 16

“Riss you cannot hide in this room for the rest of the school year. Why would you want to, Phoebes here.” Taylor said when I still wasn’t up and dressed.

“And you’re going to be late for our lesson.” she continued.

“Who cares? I don’t want to go and see Travis and Jenelle.” I said.

“Forget about them. You can’t be depressed over him. You weren’t even going out.”

“I wouldn’t be so sad if I knew why he didn’t want to hang out with me. Everything was going so well and then it just blew up for no reason.”

“Look Shayna said she’s going to figure out why he did and knock some sense into him. So for the meantime can we please go to the lesson?”

“Fine. I’ll meet you down there.” I said.

“Ok. But you better be down there.” She said and left.

My lesson was the last place I wanted to be. I managed to avoid Travis and Jenelle and her mean friends but now there was no escaping it.


I led Arabella into the indoor arena. Everyone else was already mounted and waiting for Ms. Moore. I had on black jodhpurs and a lavender button down shirt with black boots. My hair was in a loose side braid. I mounted Bell and looked down at my chipped nail polish. I always painted my nails by the mood I was in. So I thought black was appropriate. Bell trotted over to Corinne and Taylor.

” Hey. How ya doing?” Corinne asked.

” Alright.” I said.

” Um so Shayna tried to talk to Travis. He just said it’s none of her business and ignored her then walked away. I’m sorry.” She said.

” It’s ok.” I said. But it wasn’t. I had no idea what I did. How was I going to find out?

Taylor moved in front of me. I knew what she was trying to block. Jenelle was over talking to Travis all lovey dovey. But he was talking back smiling. I just wanted to go over there and smack her. Like I had wanted to do so many times before. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here in the first place. Jenelle and her friends kept bugging me and they obviously didn’t want me here and now Travis doesn’t want me here either. It would be better if I just went home. I wouldn’t have to deal with Jenelle and I would be with my dad. Mercedes would by me clothes even when I didn’t want them. I could even go stay with my mom for a bit and see my sister. My sister, Elizabeth (Lizzy). I missed her so much. I hadn’t seen her in over a year. Partly because of the divorce and partly because she was in college. I needed her advice and sympathy. She could help me through anything and everything. She was always there for me. I just wanted to get the lesson over with. Only an hour to go.


The phone rang and I sat on my bed while I waited.

” Who you calling?” Taylor asked.

” My sister.” I replied.

” Jenelle.” She said wide eyed.

I laughed. That was the first time I had in days. “No my older sister.”

I heard someone pick up, “Hello?” Lizzy said on the other end.

” Hey it’s Rissy.”

” Rissy! I haven’t talked to you in such a long time. What’s up?” She said. We were really close.

” Um I’m at Clover Academy now. I got accepted.”

” I heard. How’s it going for ya?”

” Not so good.”

” What’s wrong?”

” It’s just these girls.”

” Jenelle.”

” Yeah.” She was the only one that really knew what Jenelle was like, ” Her and her friends are soo mean. I can handle them but not with a guy too.”

” Ooh. Who’s this guy?”

” His name his Travis. Jenelle likes him too. Or just likes him cuz I do. We were getting along awesome.
We hung out and texted each other. He was this close of asking me out. Then he just dropped me.”

” Why?”

” I don’t know. That’s the thing. His sister, one of my friends, tried finding out but he wouldn’t say why.”

” Oh honey. Listen I know it may seem like the end of the world since it’s your first true crush but it’s not. And you can’t waste your time mourning over him. I know it bothers you that you don’t know why he did this but eventually you’ll find out. You got through so many things. You’ll get through this.” She said, “But if you need me to come over there and have a little talk with Travis, Jenelle and her friends, I will.”

I laughed. She always made me feel better. ” Thanks.”

” No problem. And you can call me anytime.” She said. I hung up and went out of the bathroom. She was right and was going to try to forget about Travis. But it wasn’t going to be easy.

Chapter 17

I tried to ignore Natalia and Rosalie’s chatting and focus on the teacher who was talking about the constitution. But I had other things on my mind. I had spent most of the weekend in my room. My friends had taken me of campus to do a little bit of shopping. I felt better afterwards but was still a little sad. The teacher got a call and had to go to the office really quick.

” Can you shut up?” I snapped at Rosalie and Natalia.

“Someone’s a little irritable.” Natalia. She went back to talking to Rosalie, “So what are you going to wear to your date with Travis?” She said louder than she needed to. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction but I couldn’t help it.

“What?!” I said

“Oh you didn’t hear. Travis asked Rosalie to go with him to the last party till the end of the year. I guess you just weren’t good enough for him.” Natalia said with an evil smile.

I turned back around as my teacher came in the room. How could Travis ask Rosalie to the party? I thought he didn’t like those kinds of girls. Ugh, the only could thing I could think of was that at least it wasn’t Jenelle.


” He asked out Rosalie.” I said walking up to Shayna and Gillian who were walking out of the school.

” What who?” Gillian asked.

” Travis did. He asked her to the last party of the year.” I said.

” What?” Shayna said. She was surprised too.

” I thought you said he didn’t like girls like that.” I said.

” Yea. I’ve been wrong about a lot of things.” She said.

” I can’t believe this.” I said taking a seat on a stone bench.

” He must out of his mind.” Gillian said.

” I just don’t get it.” I said.

” I know. It doesn’t make any sense. I know Travis and he wouldn’t do this.” Shayna said.

” Then why is he?” I asked. I was more mad and confused.

” I’ll talk to him again.” Shayna said.

” It’s no use you already tried.” I said.

” You know if he asked Rosalie out. Then Jenelle has to know something about it. And odds are so do her friends. Maybe you can trick phoebe into telling you something.” Gillian said.

“Your brilliant. She’s def the kind of person that’s… not as smart as others. She’ll totally slip.” Shayna said.

” Then why are we standing here.” I said.


Phoebe walked into my dorm. Me, Shayna and Gillian had a plan that I hoped would work. I started laughing. Shayna and Gillian followed along.

” Why are you so happy?” Phoebe asked.

” Why wouldn’t I be?” I replied.

” Um cuz your life is nearly falling apart here.” she said.

” No it’s not. What do you mean?” I asked.

” Uh Travis.”

” Oh right Travis. I’m totally over him. I got my eye on a new guy.”

” What? After all the trouble we went through to get Rosa and him toge-” She stopped.

” I’m sorry what was that?”

” Nothing.”

” So he didn’t ask out Rosalie. You set them up.”

” Wonder what else Jenelle set up?” Shayna said.

Phoebe ran out of the room. Probably to go see Jenelle.

” So at least we know that Travis doesn’t really like Rosalie.” Gillian said.

” Yeah but we still don’t know why Travis wanted to stop seeing me.” I said.

” Don’t worry. I’ll try to figure it out.” Shayna said.

” No. I’m gonna talk to him. On Friday. At the party.” I said.

” But Jenelle obvi not gonna let you near Travis or Rosalie. She’ll prob be watching them the whole
time.” Gillian said.

” Not if we can help it.” I said thinking of a major plan.

Chapter 18

“Ok so everyone knows what to do?” Shayna said.

” Yup.” Everyone replied.

Me, Shayna, Justene, Kyra, Gillian, Baila, Corinne and Taylor had all gathered in my room. I was going to talk to Travis and since Jenelle and her friends obviously weren’t gonna let me near him my friends decided to help. But it was a risk. We were probably gonna get in trouble. But if we didn’t do what we had planned and i tried to go up to Travis, Jenelle would defiantly do something. And Natalia was known for fighting. It was nothing serious. We just had to get Jenelle and her clique away from the party.

” Ok first we have to get Riss extra pretty.” Baila said. She took me to a chair where makeup was set up. She was amazing at putting on makeup. She wanted to be a makeup artist. And Corinna and Justene had picked out an outfit for me. And it was adorable. I was going to wear dark skinny jeans and a catalogue top that was sort of scrunched, tight around the waist and had a chain for the straps. Justene thought it was appropriate for the occasion. She’s very outgoing.
I looked in the mirror after she was finished.

“Like it?” Baila asked.

” Uh love it.” I said. I looked great (not conceded). You could see the makeup but it was too much. Baila and put pink eye shadow, a dark brown liner, blush and a plain but shiny lip gloss.

” Now go get dressed. The party started in 15 minutes.” Gillian said.

I went in my room and changed. Along with the outfit I added some jewelry and wore my gold sandals. I came out of my room grabbing the cell phone that was in my drawer.

” Here’s Phoebe’s cell. Who’s gonna text?” I said. During the night we took Phoebes cell. It was a part of our plan.

” I will.” Kyra said. We looked over her shoulder as she started texting.

Jen, meet me in the girls locker room in the gym ASAP. got big news.

Jenelle replied back 5 seconds later.

Wat!. i’m gettin ready 4 the party

can’t tell by phone. to big


Kyra texted the same thing to Natalia, Morgan and Rosalie. Then Me, Shayna, Corinne, Baila, Kyra, Justene and Taylor went to the locker room. Our plan was, once they got in, we’d lock the door. Then I’d go and talk to Travis. Taylor would come with me and Shayna and Kyra would watch the door by the locker room, Corinne would watch the main door to the gym and Baila would watch the back door in case any teachers came. Gillian was going to be by the door to the conference room where all the teachers were having a meeting. We all had our cells on just in case the teachers decided to come out early.

We got to the locker room and saw each and every one of them go in. Shayna went by the door and locked. They obviously noticed because they were banging on the door.

” Jen, meet me in the girls locker room in the gym ASAP. Got big news.” Shayna imitated loud so they could hear.

” What? I’m getting ready for the party.” Kyra said.

” Can’t tell u by phone. Too big.” Shayna said.

” Fine.” Kyra replied.

” Shayna I’m gonna kill you.” Jenelle’s voice screamed.

” Can’t do anything to me know.” Shayna said.

” BTW. You’re gonna miss your party. And sorry Rosalie, guess you’ll miss your little date with Travis. But don’t worry Riss will be there to comfort him.” Justene said.

” Thanks guys. I owe you. Text me if something goes wrong. Bye.” I said. Taylor and Justene went with me. Hopefully this would work out and he wouldn’t avoid me.

Chapter 19

” How do I look?” I asked Taylor and Justene.

” You look great. Now get in there.” Taylor said.

I took a deep breath and walked inside the seniors common room. I wouldn’t normally be nervous but what if he tried to get away from me and thought I was desperate? I would look like such a loser. But I had to try to find out why he did what he did. I looked around for him. I saw him waiting on a couch. Probably for Phoebe but she wouldn’t be showing up.

” Hi.” I said to him. He did look at me and was about to smile but dropped it. Instead he just did a head nod that guys do.

” Ok what is up? How come you just, like, dumped me?” I asked.

” Please, you know why.” He said.

” No I don’t. You were a complete jerk for doing that.” My voice was getting louder so Travis took my arm and pulled me outside in the hallway.

” I’m not the jerk.” He said.

” What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

” Your the one that should be ashamed. It’s your fault I stopped hanging out with you.”

” How on earth is it my fault! What did I ever do? Cuz’ I don’t know.”

” I was going to ask you out but then I found out you were just using me. That your ex broke up with you because you cheated on him. Then you wanted him back so you were using me to make him jealous.”

I paused. “Where did you hear that!?”

He stuttered, probably coming to his senses. My phone beeped but I ignored it. I repeated myself. “Where. Did. You. Hear. It?”

” Um. Jenelle.”

” Jenelle. I should’ve known.” I walked back inside. I was so gonna get her. But Travis grabbed my arm.

” Wait.”

” No! I can’t believe you even believed her. You knew her and her friends didn’t like me. You knew that she was always mean to me. Why would you believe her?” I said.

” I don’t know. I was stupid.”

“ Obviously.” I turned around and bumped right into Jenelle, surrounded by her friends.

” Hello Larissa.” She said with an evil smile. Justene and Taylor came to my side. Justene looked ready to do anything.

” You. How dare you tell Travis that I was just using him!” I yelled.

” Please. You don’t deserve him. You don’t deserve anyone here. I never wanted you here at all.”

” Why do you hate me? I never did anything to you. Ever!” I shouted.

“Because you’re in my life.” She said.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the punch bowl and poured it all over Jenelle. Getting it on her new designer white shirt. And white was extra embarrassment. Justene couldn’t resist either. She took two cupcake and pushed them right into Rosalie and Phoebes face. We started laughing and ran out. Travis, again, grabbed my hand.

” Larissa-” I cut him off.

” No. Just don’t talk to me.” I said running away with Taylor and Justene.

We all met up in Justene’s dorm. If Jenelle was looking for me she would probably go to my dorm and Phoebe had a key so I didn’t want to be there. Even though I was mad I couldn’t help but laugh along with Taylor and Justene.

” That was great.” Taylor said.

” Phoebe and Rosalie are def gonna have it out for you.” I said to Justene.

” Please, what are they gonna do.” She replied.

Shayna, Corinne, Kyra, Baila and Gillian finally met us at the dorm.

” Didn’t you get my text?” Kyra asked.

” Oh. I was in the middle of yelling at Travis.” I said.

” Yea and pouring punch on Jenelle.” Taylor said.

” You did what?!” Corinne asked.

” What happened?” Shayna asked.

” The reason Travis stopped talking to me was because Jenelle told him that I was just using him to get my ex- boyfriend jealous. So I poured punch on her. And Justene rubbed a cupcake right in Phoebes and Rosalie’s face.” I said.

” It was sooo funny.” Justene said.

” You know that Jenelles gonna go straight to the headmaster.” Gillian said.

” Yeah. But it was worth it. Right?” Shayna asked.

” Yeah. It felt great to do that to Jenelle and I did find out why Travis did that but… we still didn’t make up.” I said.

” Because you won’t talk to him.” Shayna said.

” Well he believed Jenelle. He should apologize, a lot.” I said.

” Yeah but-” Shayna was cut off by the overhead speaker.

“Larissa Gardner, Shayna Carter, Gillian Naylor, Baila Day, Justene Sawyer, Kyra Hood, Taylor Garcia and Corinne Harris report to the Headmasters office now!” The overhead announced.

Chapter 20

We all walked into Headmistress Noble’s office. She was waiting on the other side of the desk. She didn’t look happy.

” Sit.” She demanded. We all sat in one of the seats that were lined up. We were all quiet.

” So, Jenelle and her friends paid me a visit. Covered in punch and cupcakes. Anyone want to explain that?” She said.

I never did get why adults always asked you what happened. If you did it you obviously weren’t gonna tell. And we didn’t say anything.

” She said that you all locked them in a room and then you poured punch and cupcakes on them. Why would you do that?” She asked.

” They were always being mean to us and we just wanted to get them back.” Corinne said.

” So you think it’s appropriate to do that to them,” She said. “And Larissa I would expect more from you being the new student and all.”

” I’m sorry but I wasn’t going to let her annoy me.” I said.

” And it was pretty funny to do that.” Justene said, giggling.

” That’s enough. Meet me in my office at 6:30.” She said.

“6:30? But it’s Saturday.” Baila said.

” Well you should have thought of that before you did that to the girls.” She said. “You may go.”

” At least we can go back to bed after where done.” Taylor said.


Taylor was wrong. We didn’t go back to bed. Instead we were mucking out stalls. Headmistress was having us muck out stalls for a week. We’ve been mucking for 3 hours and I was tired. I just wanted to fall asleep right in the hay loft but Headmistress told the stable hands to keep an eye on us. There was some good news though. We told her what Jenelle and her friends did to us and they had to muck out stalls for 4 days. I haven’t seen them yet and I didn’t want to. I went back to mucking and finally at 12:00 we were free to go. I immediately went back to my room.

I was about to open the door but it was cracked opened. I looked inside, Jenelle was talking to Phoebe.

” So what are you gonna do?” Pheobe asked.

” I don’t know. These small pranks are getting to annoying. We have to get her back big. I won’t let her get away with making me clean out stalls.” Jenelle said.

” What happens if she beats you in the show? She’ll never let her live it down.”

” That will never happen! If she loses she’ll realize she doesn’t belong here. And better yet maybe she’ll go live with her mother.”

” You can set her alarm clock late, and make sure she’s not ready.”

” Ok first you have to monitor her. Tell me when she’s going to practice. I’ll go and practice so she can’t. Then near the show send an email saying the show was cancelled. Then if that doesn’t work set her alarm clock late, hide all her tack. She can’t possibly be prepared.” Jenelle said.

This was gonna be funny, I thought, I could use all this against her. She looked at her and started walking out. I quickly hide in the main bathroom. When she left I went in my room.

” Hi.” I said.

” Whatev.” She said.

I was going to go to bed but I wanted to get my tack. I had a trunk that only opened with a key. I was going to use that to put my tack in. That way they wouldn’t be able to get it. I dragged the trunk out.

” What are you doing?” Phoebe said.

” Oh well I want to get ready for show so I’m gonna put all my tack in this. Just for safety.” I said.

” Uh really. Well oh do you open it?”

” With a key that I’ll keep with me 24/7.” I said.

” Oh. Well that’s good.” Phoebe said. She picked up her cell and started texting. Probably Jenelle.


I finally let go of the trunk in the tack room. It was pretty heavy. I put it in the corner and started to gather my tack. I didn’t even realize someone was in here too. It was Travis. He was getting his tack for his white with black spots appaloosa stallion, Legacy. I picked up my tack but it slipped from my hands.

” You need some help?” Travis asked.

” I got it.” I said and put it in the trunk.

” So, um, you gonna practice for the show now?”

” Not now.”

” Oh-”

” Do you remember what I said at the party? Leave me alone.”

” Well I’m sure you’ll do great.” With this he left.

Ugh. I hated this. He made me feel all guilty. I didn’t do anything wrong. He did. I finished putting my things in the trunk and went into the indoor arena. Travis was jumping. I made sure he didn’t see me. I wanted to ride with him again. But it’d be too weird.

Chapter 21

” So did you make up with Travis yet?” Corinne asked for like the 5th time.

” Omg Cor, how many times are you going to ask me that?” I asked.

” Until you do.” She replied. I rolled my eyes. She and I had become really good friends over the past week. Since we were in the same group we had practiced together and she gave me some advice on boys.

” I’m not going to. Not yet. I’m still mad at him.”

” You want to make up though.”

” No I don’t. He still hasn’t apologized again. Only at the party.”

” Whatever. You can’t stay mad at him forever.”

We went back to making our clay pots in art class. It was my fav class. There was no Jenelle, her friends, or Travis. Just me and Corinne. After this class we had to head to riding lessons to prepare for the show. It was just a small one, held in the outdoor arena but it was the first show of the year and my first show ever here so I had everything to prove.


” Larissa your up.” Ms. Moore said. There were 6 jumps set up. I wasn’t really nervous. Bell was great at jumping now. Her past owners must have jumped her. I have been practicing with her nearly every day. I circled her before lining up with the first jump, a vertical. Then I let her go. She was really fast so I pulled the reins back a little. She easily went over the first two jumps which were both verticals. Next was a spread. On the count of three we went over it. The double combination was next. We took off to late and knocked a railing down. We moved on the cross rails and Bell went higher than she needed to. I guess she was used to harder jumps. And the last was a wall. It didn’t faze Bell as she went over it perfectly. We went back with the rest of the group.

” That was very good. I’m sure you’ll clear the combination next time.” Ms. Moore said. I smiled. Then Jenelle raises her hand.

” May I add something. I’m sure it will help Larissa.” She said.

” Sure.” Ms. Moore said.

“Arabella goes way to fast. You need to slow her down. You don’t want her to crash into anything. And next time count better. So you don’t knock any rails down. And you don’t need to go that high. You don’t want people to see you as a show off.” She said.

” Ok first. I slowed her down. And I missed one little jump. And I’m not showing. Bell can just do things better than some other horses.” I said.

” Ok thats enough. Jenelle your turn.” Ms. Moore said.

Jenelle lined up without circling. She immediately took off. She cleared everything as she went. But she was still going fast. Faster than I was. She quickly came to the wall. Her chestnut horse, Tiger Lily, got scared and started bucking. Jenelle managed to hold until Ms. Moore calmed her down.

” Ok that’s it for today. Jenelle you need to work on the wall with him. But have an instructor present so nothing like this happens again.” She said.

Jenelles face reddened and she tried to hide it. I smiled and she gave me a glare. Maybe Jenelle wouldn’t be to good at the show after all.


” You need to be tighter Morgan.” I said as everyone did a cheer routine. She just gave me a dirty look but tightened up. Me and Jenelle were directing the squad. She came over to me.

” Don’t tell Morgan what to do. If anyone will I will. Go help someone else.” She said.

We did the cheer one more time before stopping.

” Ok. Get ready for the dance now.” I said turning on the CD player.

” And 5, 6, 7, 8!” I yelled and we started dancing.

“Good. Now let’s try some lifts.” Jenelle said after we finished the dance. “Larissa you can hold them up.”

” No thanks. You should, you’re fatter.” I said.

Mrs. Scarlet same over, ” Jenelle, Gracie, and Lily you can hold Larissa up.” She said. Gracie and Lily were also part of the squad.

They surrounded me and I put my feet in Gracie and Lily’s hands. Jenelle was in the back holding me up.

“Can you do a leg lift Larissa?” Mrs. Scarlet asked.

I nodded and lifted up my leg. Then I flew up in the air and was caught by my teammates.

” Ok. That was great girls. You can go.” She said. I grabbed my bag and went up to Jenelle.

” Look who’s on the base now.” I said.

Chapter 22

” You ready for the show tomorrow?” Taylor said as she painted my nails. I had painted hers earlier.

” Yea. Bell and I are ready. You?” I asked.

” Yea. Windy has been doing great.” She replied.

I grabbed my laptop and checked my email. I had one new message. It was from ” Ms. Moore”.

” An email saying the show is cancelled.” I said to myself.

” What!?” Taylor said.

” It’s not real. Don’t say anything but I overheard Phoebe and Jenelle talking. They said they were going to do things like this. That’s why I put my tack in the trunk.” I explained.

” Really.”

I nodded.

Just then Phoebe and Jenelle walked into our room.

” Guys. Did you hear? The show is cancelled.” I said.

” Oh that’s to bad.” Phoebe said.

” I know. I’m gonna call Ms. Moore just in case.” I said picking up my cell.

” What? No. I mean we just came from there and she wasn’t there.” Jenelle said.

” Really.” I said starring down Jenelle. “I know the shows not cancelled. I overheard you talking to Phoebe. And thank you for the compliment. I know I’m a good rider. So don’t even think about pulling anything. I will make and win the show.”

” We’ll see about that.” Jenelle said and left.


I wiped the sweat of my face. I scrubbed the saddle as hard as I could to get all the dirt off. I had been out here for a few hours. I practiced with Bell, given her a bath and braided her mane and tail with ribbons. It was 102 degrees out and the tack room was not air conditioned. I still had to clean her bridal and my boots.

” Need any help?” A voice said behind me. I would have thought it was Travis but it wasn’t his voice.

” Um thanks. Brendon right?” I said. I met him when I met Travis but haven’t really seen him around much.

” Yeah.” He said. He was a little taller than Travis, had a buzz cut and brown eyes. He grabbed another sponge and started scrubbing. “So I heard you and Travis got in a big fight.”

” Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it.” I said.

” Oh well you know he’s really sorry.” Brendon said.

” Did he tell you to come and talk to me?” I asked.

” Something like that.” He said.

I dropped it at that. We went back to cleaning and talked a little in between. He showed me his horse and since he helped me, I helped him groom his horse, a blue roan mare, SilverMist( Misty). He was really nice and it’d be nice having a guy friend.

” You know. Travis really likes you and I know you like him, too. He’s lucky.” Brendon said walking back to his dorm. I was sort of left, surprised.


I shut my laptop off and put it on my side table. It was 8:30. Tomorrow was my first show so I wanted to get up bright and early. I had set my bedside alarm and my watch alarm just in case Phoebe decided to shut off my alarm.

” Make sure you get some rest.” Taylor said.

” I know. Are the shows really competitive here?” I asked.

” Uh yeah. It’s not that the courses are really hard it’s that the other riders make them hard.” Taylor said.

” Ugh will you guys shut up. Some of us need to get some sleep cuz we actually have a chance of winning.” Phoebe complained.

Me and Taylor got under our covers and quickly fell asleep.

Chapter 23

My eyes slowly opened as the sun shone through my window. I sat up in my bed. I was surprisingly refreshed and not tired at all. I got of bed and looked at my clock. 9:00!!!! OMG I only have 30 minutes until my first class! How could I not wake up with my alarm clock?! Phoebe. If I didn’t make this show I swear she was gonna be dead.

I quickly changed into my riding clothes. Thank god I had picked it out the night before. I put my hair in a bun, but my boots and literally ran as fast as I could out of my dorm.


I came around the corner of the barn and nearly fell. Omg Omg Omg, I thought. I went into the tack room to grab what was in my trunk.

” Where’s my tack?!” I shouted to myself. The trunk was gone. This was a disaster.

” Hey.”

I recognized the voice. Travis of course.

” Look Travis, I don’t have time. I got up late. Bell isn’t groomed and now I can’t find my tack.” I said, pacing.

” Look, Look.” He said grabbing my arms, ” Calm down. Arabella is already groomed and you can use the extra tack.”

” What? But-” I stuttered.

” Just go. You class is in 10 minutes.” Travis said.

I ran to Bell’s stall. She was standing there with Corinne near her.

” Riss there you are.” She said.

” Phoebe shut off my alarm. Thank you so much for grooming and tacking her.” I said.

” I didn’t do that.”

” Then who did.”

” Your seriously asking yourself that question.”

Just then Ms. Moore ran up to me, ” Larissa lets go. You’re up in 5 minutes.”

I followed her to the outdoor arena. Jenelle was just finishing her course. She had jumped the wall but knocked it down.

“Hello Phoebe.” I said as I rode up to the group. “You really thought I would miss the show. It’s sad once this is over your gonna be in so much trouble. You could even get banned from riding.” I could tell she was nervous.

“Next up, Phoebe Cooper.”

She gathered her reins and when the bell rang cantered to the first jump. She cleared it but had a bad landing. At the next jump she took off to late and knocked the top rail down. She cleared the next few jumps but like Jenelle knocked the wall down. At the water her horse totally refused and she was disqualified. Her face red, she exited the arena. Jenelle marched over.

“What was that?! Your my friend and as my friend you need to be a good rider. Are you trying to embarrass me?” Jenelle stormed off. Phoebe hide her face and went back to the stable. I sort of felt bad for her.

” And last up is Larissa Gardner on Arabella.”

I took a deep breath. I wouldn’t let myself me distracted. I waited for the bell and when it rang I let Bell into a canter. She was going at the perfect speed. We cleared the first two jumps. I didn’t know how Phoebe knocked them down. They were really easy. The next jump an oxer was higher but Bell didn’t have a problem and flew over it. She quickened up so I half halted her before the next jump. On the count of three and went over and cleared it. We cantered up to the vertical and Bell jumped over it like it was nothing. She was loving this. The last three jumped were going to be the hardest. Bell didn’t have a problem with the wall but next was the water. I’d never jumped it with her before so I was crossing my figures that she would be ok. But luck was on our side and she jumped it with her landing a little off. The last jump was the one we knocked down. A double combination but higher. We slowly got up to it.

1, 2, 3 jump! And soon we were on the other side and across the finish line.

“Larissa Gardner on Arabella. No faults.”

Yes! , I thought.

“That was great Riss.” Taylor said when I got back with the group.

“Thanks. Now listen there gonna call the winners.” I said. I knew I beat Jenelle but I didn’t know if anybody else got a clear round and beat my time.

“In 4th place is Taylor Garcia.”

The crowd all applauded as she went and got her ribbon.

” In 3rd place is Jenelle Gardner.”

No way. Not only did I beat her but someone else did too.

” In 2nd place is Corinne Harris.”

I clapped as she went to the center of the arena.

” And in 1st place is…… Larissa Gardner. Congratulations.”

The crowd erupted into applause. I went and got my blue ribbon, smiling. I couldn’t believe I got first at my first show. I clipped the blue ribbon onto Bell’s bridal and left the arena.

Chapter 24

I walked up to Travis who was sitting on a bench holding his first and third place ribbon. I had also won cross country. He had come in third on that and first in dressage. I got third in that. This was good for me considering I didn’t like it and wasn’t that great at it. Jenelle had come in second in it.

” Hey.” I said.

” Hi.” He replied. I sat down next to him. “You were great today.”

” Thanks. But it was all thanks to you. I know you groomed Bell and used your extra tack.”

” Yeah. Well I knew you wouldn’t just ditch the show so I got her ready just in case.”

” Well thank you.”

There was a moment of silence. The sun was just setting. It was really pretty.

” You know I really am sorry for believing Jenelle. She just seemed like she wasn’t lying.”

” Yeah. I guess she can be pretty convincing. But she’s always lying.” I said, “I except your apologies.”

” Good.” He said. He leaned in closer and eventually our lips were touching. We kissed for about three seconds before moving away.

I smiled, “Wow.”

He laughed and we sat there for a while watching the sunset. I felt like a girl in a romance movie.

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