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Star Stable Giveaway!

Published by • Mar 28th, 2015 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Fun & Games

There’s nothing quite like a real-world horse adventure, but let’s face it: Many of us don’t have a horse and don’t have access to horses. That’s why we LOVE the online horse world!

Lucky for you, the people at Star Stable are sponsoring an opportunity to experience the virtual world they’ve created. Read on to learn more and enter for a chance to win FREE membership!


Star Stable

Star Stable is a 3D horse game where you explore the beautiful island of Jorvik on the back of your very own horse. Along with a global community of players, you experience great adventures, compete in races, care for your horses in your own home stable and solve mysteries. Features include:

  • Choose and train your own horse. As you become more experienced you have access to special breeds.
  • Solve thousands of quests, meeting interesting characters and immersing yourself in the original story.
  • Play with friends! Star Stable lets you meet up with friends and ride together, start and join Riding Clubs, or just chat about your adventures in a cozy cafe. It’s a huge online world!
  • Love a good competition? Show your skills in loads of exciting races and competitive events! Compete on your own in single-player time trials or against others in open championships.

Star Stable


Please read the rules and entry details carefully. GOOD LUCK!!!


  • Entry Requirement: One (1) entry comment per person. See below for how to enter.
  • Prizes: Three (3) prizes will be awarded: Free Star Stable membership for 6 months (1st prize), 3 months (2nd prize) or 1 month (3rd prize).
  • Deadline: Entries close at 5:00p Pacific Time on Friday April 17th.
  • Prize Notification: Winners will be notified by Tuesday April 21st at the email address attached to their comment. To assure privacy for GHC members, winners who are under age 13 will be asked to confirm they have parent permission to release their email address to Star Stable. Once a winner is notified, confirmation is required within five (5) days or another winner will be selected.


Simply answer this in the comments below…

If you could choose your horsey BFF at Star Stable, describe the horse’s temperament and how he or she will look.

Questions? Please use the contact form. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. If I had a horsey bff on SSO, Id probably have a mare. I’d love a white Fjord horse with soft white mane and tail. She’d be sweet and soft. But she’ll get mad when someone new comes close.

    Good Luck to everyone :)

  2. Well…If I had a Horsey Best Friend Forever, it’s be a Stallion. Preferbly an Arabian Thouroughbred named StormCry. He’ll be the perfect horse, yet have a few negative themes to his persona. StormCry is a lovable, rather jumpy Arabian with the love of running. He enjoys the feel of the wind in his mane as he dashes over the hills of Everwind Fields, me on his back. He’d prance and frollic through flowers as if he gave not a care to destruction around him. He’d be a protecive companion, lifting his head high with challenge blazing through his eyes at anyone who neared.

    He is a little mouthy, and his attention does get snatched quite easily. He also bucks quite alot, the silly StormCry. This is what I’d want as a Horsey BFF.

    Good luck everyone!!!! ^^

  3. if I had a horsey bff his name will be Destiny and he would have a horrible story of bucking a lot and biting and no one would like him then I would go to my first day of riding lessons and ride him and have a instant connection, he will be a friesian he would love to soar though the sky, he would love to get down and dirty in the mud but when its needed he will be a real star in dressage and show jumping, racing was fine for him but wouldn’t like the other horses to much …. he would be pretty mean to them he wouldn’t like other people either but me and him would have that special connection and one day my parents bought him for my birthday, best day of my life and we would saddle up early in the morning go sit on “our hill” and then he would start pushing me around saying : its time to go or lets play! and then that would be exactly what we did we will train a bit too and come home late at night dreaming about each other and repeat the whole thing over tomorrow (P.S is a real story of me and my horse :D Love him so much <3 )

    Good luck everyone :D <3 ^^

  4. If i had a horsey bff it would be a mare the morgan that is gold with the brown mane from the horse market. She would wear white tak and be very protective with a soft attitude against me she will be named goldwinner. I really hope i win
    sincerely paige

  5. If I had a horse- BFF in the game, it would be a white horse with large brown spots on it. Really dark- brown, long mane and tail. There would also be a star on his forehead. His name would be Thunderbolt and he would be a pretty small Pony. He would also have black hooves and and white socks on 3 legs. On the right, back leg he would also have a little bit light- brown.

    He would be a really cute (sometimes lazy) pony with his own head. Thunder would be always loyal no matter what and would go through anything with me. I know that he would always be there for me and he knows I would always be there for him.

  6. If I had a horse BFF in the game, it’d be a little black pony with a marking on it’s quarters that I have wanted in starstable for ages! It would be named Ebony (If star stable would let me type out the name) and he would be really sweet to anyone, no matter how mean! He would defend me in the roughest times. He is loyal as ever and loves to have cookies and get scratched on his forehead.

  7. If I had a horsey BFF on StarStable, I think it would be a blazing chestnut mare. I’d call her SummerSpark, and she’d be the fastest horse on Jorvik! No horse would be her equal. SummerSpark would be a typical joker, full of tricks and mischievousness, spooking and tossing her head for no reason at all!
    Even with her laughable antics, she’d be a serious racer and would try to outrace every horse she met, even if we only went on a little hike through the woods!
    SummerSpark would have a soft spot for cute young stallions… talk about flirtatious! Her stable mates would know her as a fun-loving lightning streak, who can’t resist a good joke..(almost like her owner…LoL)
    She would also have a special fondness for oranges and new bridles.

  8. The giveaway has ended — thanks to everyone who participated!

    We’ll select the random winners and contact each at the email address attached to your entry.

    Stay tuned for an announcement of the winners after everyone has been notified and claimed their prize.