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Stretch Those Legs!

Published by • Mar 22nd, 2009 • Category: Junior Blogger Archives, Riding Advice

by mustangmane, age 10

LungesWhile you’re riding you want to be having fun, not be saying, “Ow!” every time your horse moves. This can be avoided by doing stretches before taking a ride. So if you don’t, read ahead! And for those who do, make sure you’re doing it correctly. Flamingo StretchIf I were you, I would read on as well.

LUNGES are a great way to stretch your calves. It loosens things up a bit, and makes you less tense. Don’t know how to do them? It’s very simple. Just put yourself into a ‘splits’ position, but don’t go all the way down. Bend one of your knees, and there you go!

FLAMINGOS have to do with balance. Stand up and hold one foot. Try to stay on one leg as long as you can! To me, it feels really good.

Butterfly StretchBUTTERFLIES are another good stretch for your thighs. Sit in a criss-cross position, but put both of the bottom of your feet together. It’s very easy.

Always be sure to come out of certain stretches slowly. And remember, if they hurt, NEVER do the stretch. You might be 1 second away from hurting yourself…

These are just a few ways of stretching. Look online for more stretches!

I hope you enjoyed my short, yet informative blog.

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  1. Thanks LeadMare for the pictures! It’s great!


  2. I’ll try those tips the next time i’m on one of the West Virginia trail rides!

    Thanks for the information!

    ~Eastern Cowgirl~

  3. Great information! I might try that sometime!


  4. I will definitely try that!! I hurt so bad after my riding lesson!!!!

  5. Thanks! I am glad it was informative. I am thinking of doing a Part 2. What do you think?

  6. You should do a Part 2, mustangmane! I’m sure everyone would love some new ways to stay in shape and prevent the pain that can follow a tough riding lesson.

  7. Hey mustangmane.
    Love the blog, but just reading it made my legs hurt. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! It just reminded me that I have volleyball practice tomorrow, and we have to do lung walks, all the way across the court. =[
    Great blog though. Like you said, short but imformative. BTW: short is good. Now I can read it really quick before my lessons.
    Great job. You are really developing as a writer!

  8. Champion reflexes thinking! =0) I know that it also helps to do stability ball workout to get your back muscles and thigh mucsles ready to ride; and to condition them. Good job

  9. I wish there was some way to keep your bum from hurting! if I don’t ride for awhile and then go for it, the next day my bum feels like one massive bruise!(lol):P
    Thanks for the tips, I’ll try them next time! Who knows, maybe it’ll help :)

  10. This is a great blog, but I wouldn’t say never do the stretches if they hurt. If they hurt, it just means your not flexible enough, and not stretching isn’t going to fix this. If they hurt, you should stretch until it hurts, stop there, and hold it for at least fifteen seconds.

  11. Hey, that was a great blog! I just got finished riding and I’m not sore now but I probably will be tomorrow. I agree with Horsecrazzz, it’s the perfect length.:)

  12. Thank you sooooooo much mustangmane! This was just what I needed! I get very tired of sore legs when I’m riding, and tring to reach the stirrup.

  13. This is so great! I just did a scene in a new Canterwood book where the girls do stretches on horseback. So fun! :)

  14. I’m doing these stretches right now!

  15. Thank you, all! I am soo glad that ya’ll like it!! I AM going to be doing a Part 2, so look on the April Calendar for it!

    Maybe even a Part 3! I guess I’m going a bit overboard..

  16. Geat blog, this would really help me.