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JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in contributing to Girls Horse Club! Our virtual barn has been around since 2001, and during that time we’ve received, edited, illustrated and published thousands of stories and poems from horse-loving girls around the world.

At this time we are not accepting new submissions. Please browse the archives to get lost in a great horse tale!

Plow Horses

Do you like to write about horses and share your knowledge and talent with other horse girls? Do you love to create horse artwork? If so, below are submission guidelines, frequently asked questions, and instructions for young writers and artists  who are interested in contributing to Girls Horse Club. Please read for a shot at getting published!


All submissions must be created by you (the entrant) and rights must belong to you. By submitting your work, you agree that submissions may be freely edited and published at No purchase necessary and no personal information is required except as necessary to consider your submission.


  • Similar to other publishers, we look for quality over quantity—put your best effort into each submission.
  • We do not publish all submissions. This is not intended to exclude anyone, but is intended to challenge aspiring writers, prepare them for what it’s like in the publishing world, and give our readers the quality they’ve come to expect.
  • Only complete horse-themed stories and poetry will be considered for publication. Please finish your creation before submitting. Prologues and submissions with ‘to be continued’ or ‘next chapter/part coming soon’ or anything along those lines will be deleted so be sure to…
  • Keep a copy of everything you submit. It’s your creation and GHC is not responsible for lost or deleted submissions.


Do I have to write the story/blog myself or can I submit something written by another author? Stories must be written by you (the entrant) and rights must belong to you. We do not accept submissions where any part of the story is taken from another author. Please read Inspiration vs. Plagiarism for more information. We do our best to assure we don’t publish anything that’s plagiarized. If someone submits a plagiarized work, they will not be published at GHC.

Do I need to give out personal information to submit? Nope. In fact, blogs (and comments) that give out personal info will not be published. Our online submission form asks for an email address, which is only used if there’s a problem with your submission. Never use your real first and last name. Either use a pen name (made-up) or just your first name. We don’t need an address, phone number or anything, but we do ask for your *real* age and require authors to write under just one pen name.

When I click “Send” nothing happens or I get an error. Help!? If you’re having trouble submitting, check to see what Internet browser you’re using. is best viewed in Firefox (Windows PC or Macintosh) or Internet Explorer (Windows PC). If you’re having trouble with the submission form, ask an adult to help.

What happens once I’ve submitted a story or blog? When your creation arrives on our server, it’s reviewed by a real person. If it meets our publishing standards, the story or poem is edited to fix spelling, grammar or punctuation errors before it’s published.

Will I be notified if my submission is published? Authors do not get notified about the status of their submission. Just check back periodically to see if you get published.

How long will it take for my submission to get published? Timing varies depending on the quantity of submissions received, but generally accepted submissions are published within 2-3 weeks of submission, or not at all. You can improve your chance of getting published by reviewing the SUBMISSION POLICIES above.

It’s been several days and my submission hasn’t been published. Why? Our goal is to feature the very best work from a variety of young authors, so we don’t publish everything we receive. We don’t have the resources to offer feedback on why something isn’t published, but here are some of the top reasons:

  • The story/poem had little or nothing to do with horses.
  • The topic/theme may have been relevant, but the content was insufficient, inaccurate or incomplete. Submissions need to have enough content to be interesting, informative, and credible.
  • Although you’re encouraged to read other stories/poems for inspiration and to get a sense of GHC standards, sometimes we receive a submission that’s very similar to something that’s already been published.
  • Occasionally we receive submissions with so many spelling and grammar errors it’s clear the author was rushed and careless in crafting her submission, which generally means it’s not something that will interest readers.

I’m an adult. Can I submit something to the GHC blog? GHC was created as a place to showcase young writers, but not-so-young horse girls are always welcome visitors.

Does Girls Horse Club make money from our stories? No. Girls Horse Club is run by volunteers. Although we make a bit of money from ads on GHC, that income doesn’t begin to cover the cost that goes into creating, hosting, and maintaining the site. We will never sell your stories or use them outside without your permission.