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Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

Published by • Sep 4th, 2010 • Category: Summer of Horse Dreams, Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

Summer of Horse Dreams Round-Up

Climb in the saddle and get seated for the Summer of Horse Dreams Round-Up!

Let’s share our summer experience connecting with horses and horse people in the real world and participating in one or more of the Summer of Horse Dreams Challenges hosted by our very own Julia and Madelaina!

Submissions are now open (earlier than expected!) for:

  • Non-fiction blogs and poetry about your horse adventures over the summer.
  • Non-fiction blogs about what you did to complete one or more of the tasks from Madelaina’s Challenge Three: Stand Up for Mustangs.
  • Artwork, photography or photo illustrations created for one of the challenges, or as an expression of what you accomplished during your Summer of Horse Dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: Fiction submissions will not be accepted — the Summer of Horse Dreams is about experiencing in real life.

SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. Click here for the stories, poetry and artwork from our Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup, and check back for news about our next event.

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  1. Awesome! I cannot wait to start writing! Thanks for opening this editors and Leadmare!


  2. Cool! This summer I spent tons of time at the stables, so much fun! There’s a new school horse who just came last Sunday and my friend and I were the first to ride her! Her name is Rea, she’s a thoroughbred chesnut mare.

  3. can’t wait 2 start writing!:)

  4. What a great idea, really! I can’t wait to read what everyone has done this summer, maybe I’ll be able to submit something myself! I know I’ve done so much over the summer, all with horses. Yay horse girls!


  5. So it’s okay to submit my Non-fiction in a story form as long as it all happened to me right?



  6. Martha Lee, any form of non-fiction is fine. We’ll look forward to seeing your submission!

  7. Its my birthday tomorrow :) I look forward to reading more of your wonderful stories and poems, girls!

  8. Happy Birthday, WesternMare!

    Everything that has come out so far is really enjoyable! I love this, good job everyone!