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Summer of Horse Dreams: Vision Boards

Published by • Jul 14th, 2010 • Category: Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

Here are two of the vision boards created by GHCers for Challenge One of our Summer of Horse Dreams. Special THANKS to DianaLUV for sharing her vision!

Vision Board by DianaLUV

Vision Board by LeadMare

NOTE: If you submitted a vision board and don’t see it here, it’s because your image was not uploaded correctly. Please use the email link at the bottom of the page to inquire about resending.

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  1. LeadMare and DianaLUV, these are great!

  2. Beautiful horse Leadmare. Is that one of the BLM mustangs? I’m actualy going to try and adopt one to send to the wild horse sanctuary! =0)

    Nice boards.


  3. Julia, I had a lot of fun with this challenge — thanks for creating it!

    DianaLUV, it looks like a lot of thought and detail went into creating your vision board. I’d LUV to know more about it!

    HorseFeathers, good eye! Yes, that’s a BLM mustang. At first I started with an ‘easy’ horse — older, already trained, predictable (as much as horses are predictable). Then I realized what I really want is a horse that will challenge me to learn and grow along with him/her, and I love the idea of taking in one of the gathered mustangs (even though I’d rather see them returned to the range) so I found this beauty and made her the focus.

    My board is definitely a BIG vision. I picked beautiful stables, property, and an awesome horse trailer/truck for inspiration, but I’d be perfectly happy with the basics. I also put a lot of thought into the tack. I picked a bitless bridle and a treeless saddle based on my preference for natural horsemanship. If I could, I’d ride bareback and bridle-less like Stacy Westfall, but 1) I’m no Stacy Westfall, and 2) I figure I pushed the limits of realism enough already. ;-)

  4. DianaLuv and LeadMare, those are awesome! I wish I could have gotten mine sent in sooner…:(

  5. Those are cool! I wasn’t able to participate int his challenge, I wasn’t at home for most of it and I don’t really have a dream horse. When’s the next challange?

  6. I hope everyone had fun! Those are really nice, good job! I’m still busy at the barn and with my new kitten which I’ve bought last week. I’m excited to see what the next challenge will be :)

  7. OMG!! Im sooooooo super happy! XD
    This has made my holiday!! Just give me five minutes to calm down… *starts yoga breaths*

  8. Yay!! My vision board actually got there on time! I didn’t think it would because it was sent in at the last minute and it didn’t look so great… :L

  9. leadmare, your’s looks amazing! what’s the next challenge?

  10. Hey everyone. The next challenge will probably be posted within the next couple of days. We have some ideas, but need to work out details and whatnot. Thanks for all the interest! Hopefully, the next one will be a bit more accessible for everyone.

  11. these r rightously awesome ideas!!

  12. You guys are amazing! These boards are fabulous! ;) Great job guys.

    I rode Lucy the other day!!! Of course we just walked, but I’m so happy. She hadn’t been ridden in, oh, maybe 4 or 5 (maybe more) years, so I didn’t expect much. But as soon as everything ‘clicked’ in her brain, she was plodding around like the western pleasure horse she is. =) After my ride, she seemed stiff in her back right hip. I contribute that to her bad hip (she got kicked in the hip years and years ago, which has out-right ruined her ability to be a normal horse), and I hope that she’ll be fine. I lunged her with her bridle on yesterday for less than 5 minutes, and she’s back to hopping on her back legs when she canters. *Sigh.* All that conditioning we’ve been doing on the lunge line and me messaging her back end apparently all went back downhill! Back to the drawing board. =( Grrr.