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Summer of Horse Dreams

Published by • Jun 6th, 2010 • Category: GHC News, Summer of Horse Dreams

Girls Horse Club - Summer 2010

Tap-tap. Testing one, two, three. Is this thing on?

Oh, hello GHCers! I hope you’re having a bright, beautiful spring in your little corner of the world. Here in Northern California, the rain persisted through most of the season. While that wasn’t ideal for getting out on the trails, it did keep the grass growing and the wildflowers blooming, and that made the horses happy.

Now here we are on the cusp of summer, and some of you have emailed or posted on the GHC Facebook asking about plans and events. I truly appreciate the continued interest from loyal contributors who keep coming back to share their talent and connect with other girls who are passionate about horses. So I want to let you know what’s unfolding, and what that means for GHC…

Like you, I need to feel inspired and motivated to contribute to GHC, and lately my muse has been nudging me in a different direction—one that gets me out from behind the computer and connected to horses and horse girls in the real world. So, I’ve decided to make it a priority to volunteer at a local therapeutic riding center this summer, and to look for new adventures with horses (and the people who love them).

What does this mean for GHC? It definitely means I won’t be hosting any big events like last year’s fiction competition. Instead, I’d love to hear your horsey plans for the summer, and maybe if enough of us are committed to horse events in the real world, there’s an opportunity to share stories about what we’re doing. If you don’t have any plans but dream of hanging out with horses, maybe now is the time to start making your dreams a reality.

What are your horsey plans and dreams for the summer?

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  1. I’m getting in the saddle and just trail riding. I get to work with my instructor’s horse, Cosmo, who is getting broken this summer. If all goes well, I’ll start riding him and perhaps show him in the future! All I can say for my plans this summer: horses, horses and horses.

  2. Hi LeadMare and the rest of the herd! I’m so happy to hear from GHC again – proves my daily check-ups are worth it ;).

    I’m glad to hear you’re finding your muse in a place where you can help out others. I’ve just started “officially” volunteering at where I ride; this means that when I want to stay behind after my lesson and help out, my mum can’t drag me away. Other than that I don’t really have any big plans, but I definitely am looking forward to learning more about jumping alongside the wonderful horse I ride. It’s certainly something new and exciting to me, and there’s just so much to learn from. It feels like every mistake is pushing back my confidence, but at the same time, I gain so much experience.

    Just four more weeks of school for me and I’ll be free to spend 2 weeks of winter break :) I can’t wait to hear from the rest of the herd. I hope everyone has a great summer!

  3. Hello, everyone! Finally, news from my long-missed herd here at GHC. I’ve missed you guys, and have – like Madelaina – been checking up every day to see when there will be updates. The past weeks when I have heard nothing from you, LeadMare, were lonely. Good thing I had my horse!

    This summer, I plan to be doing lots of things. I’m involved in 4H with my top-priority horse, Tarzan (a.k.a. Zan), so will be showing in 4H activities along with some separate horse shows. So far, we’ve had one show. We placed 4th place in two of our classes, 6th in another, and didn’t place in two of them. Though I might be slightly disappointed with that, I can bear it because Zan hasn’t been out of the barn in three years, and is still slightly ‘green’. I’m glad we have our first show experience behind us, nonetheless!

    Also this summer, I am also working at my Uncle’s barn. I get to give lessons using one of Uncle’s horses, so I don’t have to worry about much of anything! Along with giving lessons, I will also be working around the barn doing odd jobs here and there to earn a little extra cash. There’s also a horse that was abandoned by its owner at the barn; she’s trained under saddle, so hopefully I’ll be able to ride her and maybe – since no one else has claimed her – one day call her my own!

    Have a great summer everyone!

  4. Hey everybody! Finally some news on GHC’s whereabouts! I’m not really sure what I’m going to be doing this summer, but hopefully I will be able to go with my grandparents to my aunt’s house where they have horses to ride sometime. Speaking of horses, I just finished writing a story continuing the saga of Stacy Mulligan and Wildfire and I wanted to send it in-does anyone know when GHC is going to be recieving submissions for stories? Also, are we going to add the Int*l horses to the stables? Have a great summer horse girls! :)

  5. Hey, everyone! Just like Madelaina and Victory Cowgirl, I check everyday. Ok, not once everyday. But like 3 times a day!

    This summer I am spending at least 2 weeks helping with the summer camps at the stables. That’s all day from 8 30 till 5, for 5 days a week, with my friends and horses! I help with the little kids, teach them how to groom, help tack up and lead them around. It’s hard work and really tiring, but so fun.

    Also this summer my parents might let me go in a summer jumping camp at a different stable. I’m really excited about that, because just recently I started jumping again and I’m getting better. This winter I kinda plateaued a bit, and it took me a long time to start improving again. It was hard to find a horse that I fit with, one that could work with. The pony that I used to ride, Toppy, I’ve outgrown. I really miss riding him because he was like my first love! He’s the best, he tries really hard and he’s past his ears with mishief and personality.

    V.C., you are so lucky to have a horse! When I grow up, I am defineately getting at least one horse, of not a whole stablefull.

    Nice to hear from you all again!

  6. Really miss everyone! I’m happy it’s summer and glad to be back! Can’t ride horses this summer… :[ But I’m working on writing a action/horse/fantasy book! My sis and I also started an account on Ponybox to ease our horse craziness.

    Nickers and Namarie,

  7. Hey everybody!

    My summer plans? I’m going to be helping excerise racehorses for the stable I ride at. Other than that I am staying home. I should be going to Oklahoma but my dad doesn’t have the money): I hope everyone has a great horsey filled summer!!

    Happy Trails!

  8. Hello everyone! I’ve missed GHC!
    I’ll be doing volunteerwork at the barn, a therapeutic riding center (two of them, actually), working at a horse rescue, and doing lots of dressage shows!

    School ends in a week for me. :)

  9. Hello GHC!
    My summer is filled with horses from top to bottom. For the second summer in a row I get to work at my stable and ride a whole lot more then during the school year. Plus this summer will be 10x better because I finally gety to show at my local 4H Fair for the first time. Hope everyone else has a great summer too!

  10. Hi there, GHC!

    I have a very horse-filled summer ahead. Hands on Horses Camp starts soon; I love seeing all the little aspiring riders get on a horse for the first time. No jumping where I ride, so I’m jealous of you who get to jump. There is, however, plenty of trail obstacles and nature paths to the park. I don’t think I’m at any terrible disadvantage. ;)

    Also, I’ve been looking into colleges lately, (Ahh! I’m a junior now! When did that happen?) Hollins University in Virginia has a nationally acclaimed creative writing major as well as a top equestrian team. It’s kind of like a real world Girls Horse Club. I just might want to go there. :D

    Enjoy the horses and the weather in your part of the world, I know I am!

  11. News just in from my riding instructor! I get to help out with three full weeks of Saddle Club horse camp this summer, running from 8 am to 3 pm! And, even better, I get paid! Not that I need to get paid – I would be happy to help even if I didn’t – but that’s still a plus! ;)

    Just like Carolina Cowgirl, I get to show in my local 4H County and State Fair with my horse, Zan. I’m extremely excited about that! Still, I have my doubts – like always. Does anyone think I need to stop being so negative? =P

    I’m hoping to go out to my Uncle’s barn and see Lucy (who I want to rename Cheyenne’s Whisper and call her Chey (pronounced SHAY) =) today! She’s so pretty, but last time I saw her, I was thinking second thoughts…: Why is she so pushy? Would workouts manage to get all of that FAT off of her? Why does the proud-cut stallion not pay any attention to her? Is she at the bottom of herd order, even under the 21-yr-old mare? Are her hooves always like that, even after the farrier sees her?

    I asked my Uncle about some of this. Guess what? He told me a story that explained some other doubts I’d had: Lucy’s old owner (let’s just call her BO, for Bad Owner) started boarding Lucy out at my Uncle’s barn. She (Lucy) was in okay shape, a bit on the skinny side, and was shy. Luckily, Lucy gained weight quickly under my Uncle’s watchful care and eye, because BO slowly stopped paying attention to Lucy. Lucy’s hooves got longer and longer, more cracked, in worse shape. She gained a bit too much weight, and her supply of grain left by her owner (‘special grain’) was running out. My Uncle attempted to contact BO in numerous ways – phone, email, text, in person, letter, etc. – with no reply. Things weren’t looking good. A few months later, and my Uncle decided that Lucy was now rightfully the barn’s. He got the farrier out to look at her feet, and he suggested a natural hoofmanship (or whatever, I don’t know what it’s called) farrier that we could have come out and try to fix Lucy’s feet. Whaddaya know, after the natural farrier was done, her feet looked GORGEOUS! She’s lost some weight, and now she’s just a regular fat and happy pasture pony, with an outstanding and curious personality!

    LeadMare, I have a question: Am I allowed to post a picture of Lucy or a link to a picture? Or no?


  12. Hey guys!

    I know I have been absent from the GHC scene for quite a while. I have been very busy with the real horse world lately, as well as soccer and dance. I was about to resign from the JB spot when I came back to find there was no need to! I haven’t checked back since then.

    I may stop by every once in a while, but for now I am focusing on getting my nutcase of a horse, Twister, ready for an upcoming show. I recently competed Mita at the Kentucky Horse Park, and did fairly well for Mita’s first show. I have come a long way with my riding. Maybe someday I’ll write a blog for you about it.


  13. It’s great to hear about your horsey plans for the summer. You’re an awesome group of girls, and very lucky to be realizing your summer of horse dreams. Sounds like many of you are challenging yourself to try new things — jumping, showing, etc. — that takes courage and dedication.

    I’m curious who’s into Western and who’s into English riding? Personally I like both for different reasons. There’s always so much to learn with horses!

    VC, the “no links” rule is just to assure no spam and nothing inappropriate for girls of all ages, but it’s OK to submit a link to your picture of Lucy.

    Any thoughts about how we might share our Summer of Horse Dreams with one another?

  14. Leadmare, personally I ride English, but mostly because that’s all I have access to. Once on vacation I went on a 2 hour trailride, and that was western. I found it really fun and very comfy, but trotting was harder without posting. I would love the oppoutunity to learn western, but for now I’m focusing on English, especially jumping.

    Maybe we could have a blogfest or something like that to share our summer horse dreams? The only bad thing about horses and summed are those pesky flies and the dust that seems to fill the air when you ride, even if the arena is on a sprinkler system.


  15. I’ve never tried Western (I tried cantering with one hand on my thigh, does that count? Haha). There’s so much to learn in English that I haven’t thought about trying Western, but it looks pretty interesting and I would love to give it a try as well.

    As for sharing our horsey summers, it would be interesting to see the achievements that everyone has accomplished, whether it is learning how to hoofpick or winning a show class. If submissions are opening up, maybe we can base our writing or artwork on an event that has happened and/or that you have been inspired by during summer. It could almost be another “blogfest”.

    I’m thinking it’ll be fun to keep a diary of sorts on our horsey summers that recounts all the ups and downs. I always do that for my lessons – it helps me recall my best and worst moments and lets me “relive” my riding journey. Sometimes writing everything down gets a bit tiring, but when that happens I try to transform my experiences into a fictional piece of writing so I can record my lessons while enjoying the process. Maybe it’ll serve the same purpose in this case? It could also be useful for sharing with each other.

    It’s so nice talking to you guys again, it really gives me something to look forward to after school :)

  16. I’ve never tried English before (well actually I’ve only been on a horse for like 4 times so I’m an official beginner, I guess), but I have ridden Western those few times and I loved it. On second thought, I guess if I got the opportunity to ride a horse, I’d ride it whether it went English or Western, lol. :) Maybe to share our summer of horse dreams we could have a story theme and write a story about whatever we have been doing this summer with horses or like if you don’t have a horse write a story about where you’d like to go on a vacation or whatever and somehow incorporate horses into it? It could be fiction or nonfiction. Sorry if that got too confusing there for a second! Just thought I might throw that out there. ;)

  17. Leadmare – Thanks for letting me know about the link thing. I’ll try and get that up ASAP. There’s nothing special HTML wise I have to use, right? Just a link?

    As for my riding style… that’s hard to say. At my main barn, I ride and show English. Most of the time, though, when we’re just goofing off, I ride one-handed, because it’s more comfortable and frees my other hand for other tasks. But, obviously, when I’m actually having a lesson or trying to work on something with Zan, I ride English with two hands. At my Uncle’s barn, I ride and give lessons western. The horse does neck reign, but not very well, so I tend to plow reign on that horse. ;) But, it’s said that Lucy supposedly does English. So maybe I can haul my saddle from my main barn out to my Uncle’s barn and ride Lucy. But that means I’d have to find an English saddle pad and girth to keep at my Uncle’s barn. So complicated. To sum that all up, I ride both English and Western. =P

    I agree with Madelaina’s idea – keeping a diary of our horsey happenings for the summer. What’s great about that idea is that you could ‘keep a diary’ in many ways: a blog, a written diary, emails to a friend telling about what goes on, comments here at GHC (which should ALWAYS stay here, right LeadMare? Unless we have a crash or a hack or something?), etc. It’s that simple!

  18. I also ride western and english. However, my friends and I call riders who use a mixture of english and western “winglish.” For example, some of us will ride western, but in breeches. I’m notorious for wearing english spurs on western Ariats. I know, we’re geeks. We like to think we’re cool. ;)

    As a way of sharing our Summer of Horse Dreams, this is my idea. Everyone should set a goal that they plan to reach by the end of the summer. It could be anything from learning to jump, to placing in a first show, or just getting a first riding lesson — whatever floats your boat. Then, in late August or early September (that’s when my summer ends, anyway), everyone can submit a blog outlining their journey and how close they came to reaching that goal. If you made that goal – good for you! If not, well, you tried and that’s what counts, right?

    OR we could choose one person and highlight the steps they’re taking to turn their dream into reality throughout the summer. Just tossing some ideas out there. :D

  19. I can’t believe summer is already here. I just want to get on a horse!

  20. News! I, fortunately, have my own saddle, saddle pad, stirrups, stirrup leathers, and a girth that my trainer gave me. I’m going to take it to my Uncle’s barn to use on Lucy. I even got the go-ahead to ride Lucy, after I put her through several days of serious ground schooling. She gets in my space, doesn’t respect me, and even kicked me once when I was trying to move her into a different field. Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

    Anyways, I’m going to be riding Lucy soon! Yay! ;)

  21. I like Madelaina’s idea for the journal type thing, I think that would be fun. But I also like Julia’s idea for setting a goal. My only issues with both is I don’t ride much in the summer, I just help with horse camps, so I will only ride 5 or so times this summer. Maybe we could have a “My Perfect Horse Summer” topic or somthing? I know mine would be probably going on vacation to one of those dude ranches, I think that would be so cool! I’d get to learn western and go on trail rides and have ‘my own horse’.

    If I were to set a goal for horses this summer, it would probably be this: Be the boss more. I’m not a very aggresive person, so sometimes when I’m around horses if there’s something that is spooking them or might spook them it makes me nervous, or riding bad mannered horses can make me really nervous and a bit of a wimp. I’m getting better, just being around them more is making it easier to tell what they are thinking, but I still need some work.

    horsecharmer- I hope that you are able to ride this summer!
    VC- Have fun with Lucy, I wish my uncle had a horse farm. My great aunt used to, but not anymore.


  22. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I like a combo of Madelaina and Julia’s ideas — setting a goal or intention that takes you along the trail of your horse dreams, tracking your progress with a personal journal, then having a blogfest-like event in September to share our experiences.

    I don’t think your goal has to be about riding, but do think it needs to involve real horses since this is about turning dreams into reality. I’m not sure how much I’ll be riding this summer, and I know I won’t be showing, but my intent is to be working with horses while building relationships with the people who work at and participate in the therapeutic riding program where I’ve applied to volunteer.

    I like how Toppyrocks stated a goal in her comment, and it’s a great one that will benefit her relationship with horses and help her in life beyond horses. Anyone else want to make your goal(s) public? You don’t have to, but I find that when I share my goals with someone (especially someone who will support me), I feel more motivated to achieve the goals.

    (VC, the link you sent didn’t work so let’s hold off on posting any pictures until gallery submissions are open again.)

  23. LeadMare, I have a question-what if we want to participate in the blogfest and we don’t have a horse?

  24. (Leadmare, thanks anyways. ;) There’s always the gallery to rely on.)

    Toppyrocks – It’s not that special, really. It’s quite a run-down old place, anyways. With lots and LOTS of project horses. Including a – unfortunately – proud-cut gelding. Great, right? Ha. But not that great at all. Trust me. ;)

    I have several goals for this summer: 1) Get to know Lucy, rename her, ride her, make preparations to (maybe) show in the fall. 2) Make it so that Zan is calm, cool, and collected enough for Taylor (one of my best friends that rides another horse at my barn and has only a few years’ experience with horses) to ride him in a walk/trot class at our last horse show of the season. 3) Get to know lots and lots of horsey girls at GHC! 4) Write a story (maybe a continuation of Wild’n’Free’s “Jazz’s Memory” story about a young girl who goes through a traumatic horse accident with her best friend, Jazz, and gains a young colt at the end of the story and names him in memory of Jazz). Does anyone think that’s a good idea? Wild’n’Free has had a few family issues going on in her life right now, and hasn’t had access to the computer. So, I thought that (with her permission and if ya’ll think it’s a good idea) I could create the sequel that you guys all wanted!

    What do ya think?

  25. Do you think that we can do anything before September? I’m not doing any camps and writing stuff for GHC sounds like a great way to spend some time. :)

  26. Wow – it’s been awhile since I’ve stopped in! Hey everyone! I see lots of new names out there too. Good! :)

    My summer should be pretty exciting horse-wise. I’ve been hired to work with a guy’s horse – one that hasn’t been riden in four years. So, yeah, should be very exciting! And maybe a filly as well.

    I also have started with one of my own green-broke mares, and she is such a sweetie for me:) The other day she came up to me in the pasture for a scratch:) Gives one a warm, fuzzy feeling :D


  27. Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a great time with your horsie friends!
    I’ve also been checking up daily, though I’ve never had the time to post something. Well yesterday I finished the last part of Provential Tests (which I think is only here in Canada..) And I’m getting ready for my three day graduation trip.. I can’t believe I’ll be in highschool next year; time flies by!

    About two or three weeks ago, during track and field practice, I was training for the 100 meter sprint, and I pulled my right hamstring muscle, got seven cuts and bruises, and sprained both ankles.. (mostly the right one) Though now I am much better, but I’m still sad that I missed the finals for track and field (I’m a champion in track and field, which I figured out a month ago) I also figured out lots of hidden talents that I never knew I had.. I’m discovering more about myself everyday!

    Anyways, now about the horses. Well I’m now hired as part of the Saturday staff at my barn.. I’m the youngest staff member, but it doesn’t bother me… I’m testing to get into the advanced group, right now I’m in intermediate.. But I’m happy with it. I’m still riding Skiddles, but now I ride her with a bozel.. (she always had issues with the bit, so she’s happier now) I might be able to by a horse next year or in two years! So excited!

    The owner of the barn I ride at is leasing a new horse, he’s a gorgeous pure bred champion Morgan gelding.. Again, gorgeous horse!

    Well thats it for now, sorry if it’s long..


  28. Great goals! Congrats to everyone who is stepping out and stepping up to fulfill a summer of horse dreams.

    Michelle, the priority is to spend more time outdoors this summer, so no plans for a big event or open submissions.

    huskyhorsegirl, most of us don’t have a horse, but are determined to work with horses in one way or another. We’ve had plenty of events that incorporate fiction/fantasy about horses, but if we have an event at the end of summer it will be focused on non-fiction stories/journals about our real-world horse experiences over the summer.

    Hope this helps clarify.

  29. Okay! =D I just got out of school, time for all the horsey fun to begin!

  30. Hi Gals! Like WesternMare, I never had the chance to comment here until now. My summer is starting out crazy already with volunteer work!
    Horse-wise, my pastor knows a lady here in town that has a retired show horse named Lad, and she said Lad really misses all the excitement of the show ring and gets lonely, so I might be able to do some “hanging out” with him this summer. I can’t wait already!
    I’m hoping I might get to ride him too. I’m pretty sure Lad goes English, which I’m only used to riding Western so that should be fun! ;)
    Otherwise I’m just volunteering at my church a lot, helping with the kids’ programs, VBS this summer, our food/clothing bank, and playing guitar on Sundays.
    I love the idea of a blog-fest in the fall, I can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to!

  31. Is there any way GHC will be able to re-open submissions or any bigger events next year, since I have a story I would like to submit?

  32. Leadmare, submissions haven’t been opened for AGES! I was starting to think that GHC was closed. The only thing that lets me know you are still alive are the twitter comments. I miss the old GHC.

  33. On Thursday, I went out to my Uncle’s barn. He promised me that I could work with Lucy, but first we had to clean out the ever-so-messy, filled-with-abandoned-and-left-behind-things tack room. When you step into that tack room with the objective of getting it partially clean, you have no idea whatsoever where to start. So, I simply started with the three hugs tubs that were filled to the brim with mixed and matched things. One of the tubs held horse blankets and hoof black (and some far-from-usable jumping boots). I threw away the useless jumping boots, which were hard (the velcro wouldn’t come undone, either) and the hoof black, which was nearly empty. I then went on a manic search around the tack room for the other horse blankets to put in the tub. I popped a lid on the tub and shoved it to a corner where it would be out of the way.

    After working on the tubs, I sorted flymasks, nylon halters, and grooming halters from a big pile on the floor and had my Uncle get me down a dusty saddle rack to put all the western and english saddle pads on. We continued to sort saddles, bridles, reins, girths, lead ropes, cabinets, locks, keys, clips, chains, etc. for a while longer. Then, it was finally time to get Lucy. I went out to the field that Lucy shares with a mare and a gelding, armed with just a 20-foot lead rope and a rope halter.

    That mare is SPIRITED. The classic hot-headed chestnut mare (I know, I know, not all chestnut mares are hot-headed and spirited, I know). I free-lunged her in our round pen; unfortunately our miniature stallion was right outside and kept whinnying, but Lucy ignored him. Thatta girl! Soon, Lucy had calmed down and I hooked up the long lead again. I got a brush and ran it over her, and then took my hands and touched (almost) every part of her.

    Next, I put Lucy in the crossties. I picked up each foot, rubbed her all over with a saddle pad, and even swung the end of the lead around her legs. She seems to be quiet once she realizes you’re not going to hurt her. Her back legs, though, are stiff and she doesn’t seem to like walking on them. So the natural hoof care farrier is going to come out and have a look at her, and next time I go out there I’m going to work on stretching her neck, back, and legs. ;)
    ~ ~

  34. For my summer I plan to start english riding at a new stable. I don’t know if i’ll be able to go alot right now but i really hope so. I will def be trail riding a lot. Alone and w/ friends. I really want to ride on a beach bareback. And I will be also be hanging out at the beach and w/ friends, shopping, hanging by the pool and getting ready for my first yar of high school!

  35. Victory Cowgirl: I hope everything’s going well for Wild’n’Free. It’s horrible that people have to go through these problems. Please send her my best wishes.
    But a sequel will definitely be exciting. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with :)

    I loved reading everyone’s goals and plans. I’m going to need to build a list as well, starting with bonding as much as possible with my lesson horse (last lesson we finally made it over that “scary white jump” after we started trusting each other a bit more). It’s going to be fun next time when I try to canter him over it, maybe pick myself up from the ground a few times and hopefully eventually succeed ;)

  36. I am hoping to make friends with somehorse owners up on our hill!It’s gonna be great cos I’ve already met ’em. They’ve got three horses – that means there’s a spare onefor me! I’m really exited!

  37. Thanks everyone for sharing your dreams, goals and plans for the summer. I see some of you have started your own blogs — awesome! If you missed it the first time around, here are some tips for starting a blog (and other things to consider for the summer): Things to Do, Places to Go, Horses to See

    I don’t know what’s around the corner, but I do know the past has passed. No regrets, no looking back — just trotting ahead! I’ll know more about my stable schedule in the next few weeks so won’t make promises until then. Inspiration will come when the time is right.

    Have fun, stay safe, and happy trails!