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REVIEW: Sundancer by Shelley Peterson

Published by • Mar 28th, 2011 • Category: Books & Writing

by Toppyrocks, age 14

Sundancer by Shelley PetersonEver wish you could talk to animals, and have them actually understand you? Well, Bird can.

When a magnificent horse arrives at Saddle Creek Farm, Bird is instantly intrigued. But he’s got a problem (or rather, a whole load of problems) and so does she. While Bird can talk to animals, she doesn’t talk to people. Ever since she was six and her mother left her to be raised by her aunt, Bird hasn’t uttered a single word. Sundancer, on the other hand, speaks perfectly fine. He’s just a bit… wild. Different. Some people might even say insane.

Bird’s aunt, Hannah, writes him off as dangerous and forbids Bird to go near him. That doesn’t mean Bird listens, though. She thinks that if she just had some time, she could get him to trust her, and maybe unlock his painful past. Together, they teach each other to trust again and form a strong bond while they’re at it. However, every good story has major problems though, right? Bird and Sundancer are no different.

Sundancer is written by Shelley Peterson. She’s also written a bunch of other books —- Dancer, Abby Malone, Stagestruck, and Mystery at Saddle Creek. All of them take place in the same neighbourhood with many of the same characters, but you don’t have to read them in order. If you do read Mystery at Saddle Creek, I would advise reading Sundancer first, but other than that they all explain themselves really well.

In all, Sundancer is a must-read for all horse girls and animal lovers.

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  1. Great job Toppyrocks!
    I hope I”ll get to read Sundancer,it sounds really good.

  2. Well done, Toppyrocks. I’ve read ‘Dancer’ which was a really fun book. I guess I should read this one too and maybe some others by Shelley Peterson as well.

  3. Well done! Sounds like a great book ☺

  4. Great Job! I have the book but I have not read it yet. Your review makes me want to start it! ( :

  5. Awesome Job Toppyrocks!! I have never read any of Shelley Peterson’s books, but this one is a definite read. Sundancer is now being added to my “Books to Read” list. Thanks!

  6. Thanks guys! I don’t usually buy books, I just get them from the library. But there’s some books I just have to have, and Shelley Petersons’ are some of them. I have this one, Stagestruck and Mystery at Saddle Creek. They’re all good!

  7. I love this book so much! It is definately one of my favorites! Great review!!!

  8. Nice review, it outlined the plot very well and i for one can’t wait to get stuck into this good book
    =) thanks xx

  9. Thank you!