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Sunshine’s Story

Published by • Sep 25th, 2015 • Category: Poetry

Palomino Filly
by SugarPony, age 12

Waking up in a soft, grassy pasture,
I attempted to rise and walk a little faster.
Seeing my mom grazing already,
She neighed, saying, “Sunshine, breakfast is ready!”

I was a golden palomino filly,
with a sun-like mark that looked a bit silly.
When the sun’s rays shined on my cream colored mark,
I glowed like gold when light touches it in the dark.

After drinking that sweet, warm milk,
I galloped through the grass that felt like silk.
Some other fillies trotted up to me,
and we raced to see if they could beat me.

While the adult horses were peacefully grazing,
I played with the foals until we were all sweating.
Soon we huddled together standing head-to-tail,
Brushing each other’s flies away as they came like hail.

As the sun set into the distant hills,
we sleepily listened to some nearby windmills.
I went to my mother, lay down to sleep,
hearing the crickets play at my feet.

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  1. Love this! Beautifully written!

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