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Blogfest #3: Sweetie Pie’s Adventure

Published by • Feb 5th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Guest Bloggers

Blogfestby Wild Rose, age 12

My cousin once owned a horse named Sweetie Pie. She was a brown and white paint mare. Sweetie Pie lived in a field which had a fence running all the way around it. She had a shelter and everything.

One day (I can’t remember how) she escaped from her field. Sweetie Pie started to trot up the road. Everyone started running after her, including me. She eventually stopped to eat grass off of a lawn. Of course, she then was caught.

Sweetie Pie lived to be in her 20s. She died of colic not long before Christmas a few years ago. Her shelter is now used as a chicken coop. That’s only one of about three crazy incidents that I can think of about her. I guess she was as sweet as her name.

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  1. Yes! My first blog was published! I’m one happy Southern girl! How did ya’ll like it ???

  2. It was great! I wish I could’ve met her. (Sweetie Pie, that is.)
    Congrats on your first blog! I hope you contribute more and more over time. You are a great writer!

    Let me guess- you’re from Texas? Sorry. Just the ” ya”ll ” part made me think. My mom says it all the time. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to .

    Welcome to GHC!

  3. mustangmane: I’m no Texan. I’m a proud Southern belle living on the Southern Atlantic coast. Is your mom Southern? Are you a Southern girl yourself???

  4. Howdy mustangmane: When we went on vacation a lady asked my mom and I if we were from the great state of Texas. I guess I’m lucky to have such a deep Southern accent. So, don’t worry, this won’t be the last time that I get, “Are you from Texas?”

  5. I’m from Texas! I don’t think I have too much of an accent, though. And I don’t ever say “y’all” or “ain’t”. My brother and I did get teased (in a nice way) for our voices when we were in Cleveland, but Ohio people just talk funny- not us! I loved the story! I wish I had a horse like Sweetie Pie. She DOES sound as sweet as her name!

  6. Allison: I totally agree. We Southerners are not the ones that talk funny! But to Yankees I guess we do.

  7. Thank you so much mustangmane and Allison! You girls have been really encouraging!
    Thanks, Wild Rose

  8. LeadMare: I published a blog. I thought it was perfectly allright! Why aren’t my future blogs showing up on the calendar!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wild Rose, not all submissions are published. Sometimes even JBs don’t get everything published, but in general they are the top priority. Guest blogs are used to fill gaps in the publishing calendar. I’ve updated the frequently asked questions on the Casting Call for Bloggers with more details about criteria used to determined what gets published. Hopefully this is helpful to others as well.

  10. i liked it and im REALLY southern!!

  11. Thanks kal-rett and everyone else who commented on my first blog! You girls have been really encouraging and supportive. Thanks for excepting me into the herd!
    Your Friend,
    Narnian Rose/Wild Rose