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The Adventures of Judy and Socks

Published by • Oct 1st, 2013 • Category: Fiction

 by WhinnyLove, age 10

It was a Sunday morning and 13-year-old Judy Popsicles went out to feed Sunshine, her mare. As she walked in, she heard a strange moaning noise coming from Sunshine’s stall.

“Wait a minute,” she thought, “Dad did say she was gonna foal soon!”

She gently put down the feed bucket and walked slowly to Sunshine’s stall. It was as soon as she went into the stall that she saw the miracle happen. Two little brownish-red forelegs with socks were sliding toward the ground.┬áJudy suddenly laughed and stamped her foot as the little foal snorted when it’s head came out.

She ran to the house and yelled, “Daddy! It’s here!” Her dad, not knowing what she was talking about, followed her to the stall. “Socks is born, Daddy,” she giggled, “In Sunshine’s stall!”

Mr. Popsicle chuckled as he looked at the little colt, struggling for balance. “Why, if that isn’t the finest Saddlebred I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Very strong! Just look at the way he’s controlling his balance!”

Judy looked over and, sure enough, Socks was on his wobbly little legs. “Oh, Daddy. What a beauty!”

A week later, Judy went outside to check on Bobcat, her father’s horse. She had to pass the corral when she was walking to the stable, and she was glad to have her camera with her. Socks was in the corral and was contentedly drinking milk. That’s when Judy pulled up her camera because Socks was blowing milk bubbles. “That’s a keeper all right,” she laughed as the picture showed up on the camera screen.

She walked the rest of the way to the stall, then began walking back to the house. She spotted her uncle’s car parked near the garage. “That’s funny,” she thought, ‘Uncle Caleb never comes on Thursdays!”

As she got closer she heard talking. “I happened to be passing by and saw the really nice colt you have, Jacob,” said her uncle. “I was thinking maybe you could sell it to me when it’s a year old!”

Judy’s eyes almost popped out of her head! She hoped dad didn’t sell Socks! But then there was more talking. Her dad this time, and he replied, “No, Caleb. I promised Judy the seventh foal that her mare had. And a deal’s a deal so I’m sorry.”

Judy sighed with relief. Socks was safe.

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  1. This is such a good story.

  2. This is only part one! Wait until part two! It’s when the mystery begins!

  3. PART 2 you are the best!

  4. Yeah it is a really good story you should really make a part 2.

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