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The Best Horse in the World

Published by • Jun 15th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

Horse & Girl

by WhinnyLove, age 13

Everyone has their own special horse, that one horse they just feel as though they can trust. And every time, it’s the same thing — it’s the best horse in the world! But, has any girl or boy ever thought of all the other horse crazy kids out there, always thinking, I have the best horse in the world?

I wonder what would happen if two of these people were to meet and tell each other about their best horse in the world. Would they get into a fight? Would they simply brush it off?

I’m just here to say I have thought about this many many times. I want to tell everyone who thinks they have the best horse in the world, well, you do! Everyone is going to have their own best horse in the world. And every one of them is unique and special to its owner/rider.

For me, I have a horse completely the opposite of my personality. She is my own best horse in the world.

Who is your best horse in the world?

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  1. Peppy is my best horse in the kind of fits my personality,stubborn spirited and fun loving.he is always there to make me happy and even when i can’t be near him i can write about him and look at his photo

  2. I don’t have a horse but I had a lesson horse who was e in horse form her name was angel she was a ariben mix

  3. Kind of hard not to tell who my favorite horse is, haha.
    It’s Precious, a 14.2hh piebald mare. She’s amazing. Words can’t explain how much she has helped me. After losing my confidence and not riding for two years, I took a leap of faith and joined an Activity Week with school. I was really anxious and nervous, but Precious’ kind nature helped me get back into the saddle and enjoy every second of it.

    I used to not like mares after several bad experiences, but now mares are my favorite. Precious has helped me sooo much. I now ride confidently on whichever horse I am given and because of Precious, I was able to get my mum riding and she loves it! Now I’m going to join a Saturday riding club, where I’ll be able to ride and care for the horses.

    Precious is just… amazing. Words cannot explain. She has the best trot, she’s a dream in the arena, but she’s cheeky on hacks, so she isn’t just a plain push-button. She challenges me and helps me gain confidence. I’m even talking to people at the stables and helping out on my own initiative because of the confidence that Precious has given me <3

  4. I really find this blog inspiring. Keep up the good work, Whinnylove!

  5. My favorite horse is my horse named Lady. She is a 14.3hh, Quarter Horse Morgan mix. I LOVE her sooooooo much. She does everything I tell her to do, and we do: speed, jumping, saddleseat, huntseat, western ect. She is so amazing!!! This will be my 5th year riding her:) I have posted pictures of her on here, one of them is called ‘Show Girls’ and the other is ‘Brrr’.

  6. I dont have a horse but My favourite horse is a skewbald pony named jacob.Its a boy that is 14 hands tall.He is beautiful!

  7. My favorite horse is now Tilly, but before her the best pony in the world was an almost-thirty-years-old Shetland pony mare.
    Tilly is just the best and probably the most trustworthy horse ever on our farm. She is an approx. 14 hands tall chestnut mare, full of mixed breeds :D