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The Best Horse Party

Published by • May 4th, 2009 • Category: Fun & Games, Junior Blogger Archives

by mustangmane, age 10

For those of you who don’t own horses, you might be saying, “But I need a horse to have a horse party!” That’s not true. I had a horse party, and there wasn’t a horse there. And NO, it wasn’t boring! Ha ha.

It’s fun. It’s exciting, and there wasn’t a horse! Want to hold the ultimate horse party? Let’s get a move on, then!

INVITATIONS. The invitation is part of what attracts your friends to going to your party. Homemade invitations are WONDERFUL. All you need is sparkle glue, brown construction paper, and envelopes. Cut out the cards in any shape you like (example: horseshoes), and decorate. List the time, date, RSVP, and end date/time. It can even be a sleepover!

ENTERTAINMENT. Horse games, crafts, and activities are fun to do for all ages. Board games, and Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Horse is a fun one, even for me, and I’m turning 11 soon! (I KNOW… I’m so old, right? Just kidding.) When I was the host of my first horse party, my friends and I made trail bags. To make one, all you need is small paper bags, sparkle-markers, crayons, and cut-out pieces of binder paper. Glue the piece of binder paper to the bag, with your “Dream Horse” on it. They can be printed out, or drawn by your friends. Decorate them, and put goodies in them. You’ll need them for the next activity as well…

HIDDEN HORSE. This game is simple, and fun. A horse isn’t hidden, but treats and candy are. Hide candy in your backyard or throughout the house. Tell your friends to look everywhere for the candy, and how many are hidden. Depending on how many there are, give your friends a time limit in which they must find all of them. It’s really a fun game!

SNACKS, DINNER. If you’re holding a sleepover, give your friends a nice dinner, and let them relax before playing the final game. Not a sleepover? Have little snacks in the kitchen for them to grab anytime, and they won’t be starving.

RUNAWAY! I “invented” this game of my own, and it is a little bit like Hide-and-Go-Seek, but different. One of your friends writes clues (that are numbered, 1, 2, 3, etc.), each telling where the next clue is, and leaves them around the house. The first clue stays with you, and REMEMBER that the last clue is to where they are hidden. For older girls, it should be more challenging to find where the clues are and where the person is hiding, and for younger girls, more easy. You can rotate who gets to hide, and make up rules of your own if you like.

MOVIE TIME! (Note: This is recommended for sleepovers, and should be watched late at night for extra fun!) Ending the day or party with a movie is great. Sitting on the couch, or laying on the floor with popcorn getting passed around. Movies such as National Velvet (a classic all-time horse movie), Black Beauty (a tear-jerker, but wonderful movie), and others are great to watch and are sure to be enjoyed.

PARTY’S OVER. It comes around either sooner or later — eventually the party ends and your guests leave. Be sure to thank your friends for coming, and say that you hope they had fun. And if the next day at school they ask you, “Hey! When’s the next party gonna be?” you’ll know they had hay-loads of fun.

And there you go. The best horse party ever, without a real horse there! Who would’ve imagined that?

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  1. Champion! ha ha this blog made me smile! Your turning 11, you think that’s old?? lol Im 16, 2 years until im an “adult” now thats scary… =0) your games sound pretty fun. i recconmend the movie “Flicka” or “Spirit” both movies are champion stories about horses and their relashionships with humans. =0)

  2. Cool! :)

  3. mustangmane, I like this blog! It’s really entertaining, and those’re some really good ideas!
    Oh, snap, I’m only thirteen, but when I see little kids that I used to know when I was seven and they are like six, I’m like aw, man! I feel so OLD!! HorseFeathers, you’re not old…yet!

  4. I’m definatly going to have a horse party

  5. Ooh, those are both good ones, Horsefeathers! =D
    I’m fifteen, but LOOOVE horses still!!!

  6. mustang23 i know i know.. i wish there was like a fountin of youth or something me and my fav horse could drink out of. ;0) That would be a neat idea to revolve a story around.. the fountain of youth with horses of cource!

  7. My birthday is soon… I will be one more year closer to being a teen, now i’m nervous….

  8. Trust me horsefeathers you are not old.You are at your perfect age.I think I am to,because I’m 12.-LD

  9. I would love to have a horse party- except none of my friends are horse crazy! Can u believe that?! oh, well. maybe i will get to make some new friends at the new riding stable that i will be taking lessons at.Hopefully i will get to have a horse party!

  10. Cool! This makes me wanna have a horse party [hahahaha]

  11. i love it!!!!
    i cant what for your futrure.
    how do u guys get your guys storys in?