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The Day the Craze Started

Published by • Sep 30th, 2011 • Category: Horse Dreams

by adventurehorse, age 9

Pony CrazyI am horse crazy. That is the only way to state it. I cannot wait to feel the joy of riding on my own horse. I don’t have my own horse, but I’m a dreamy sort of nine year-old, so I’m allowed to imagine.

It all started around four or five years ago when I had my first riding lesson. I remember settling on to the pony’s back. (But recently, I’ve been jumping ever so high.)

When I walk my dog, we pass a horse yard. I let my puppy off the lead and she yaps around a sweet palomino pony. I bury my face in her mane and smile to myself. I remember researching palomino ponies each and every day. I still do.

And that was the day the craze stared.

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  1. Dear Leadmare, I love the picture. Its exactly like the pony I was talking about. It also looks a bit like me!

  2. That’s wonderful adventurehorse! They pony is the photo is adorable, so if the first pony you rode looks like this it’s no wonder you were bitten by the horse crazy bug. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Awesome. U actually reming me of myself when I was nine! But with a grey horse.

  4. Aww! So sweet