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The Day the Dream Was Born

Published by • Sep 1st, 2011 • Category: Horse Dreams

by Gypsy Vanner, age 20

As our car crunched over the gravel road, my heart pounded. Even through the rolled-up car window, I could smell them; Horses. Lots of beautiful horses. As I strained against the seat belt, trying to see through the trees, I remembered back to the day this journey began…


Eagerly I tore open my last Christmas present. I knew from the feel of the package that it just HAD to be books. Sure enough, two of the latest novels by Terri Farley, my favorite author, tumbled out. I scanned the covers, but my eyes fastened on one picture in particular. A beautiful black-and-white draft horse, like nothing I’d ever seen before. The title said Gypsy Gold. I couldn’t wait to dive in.


Peering through the windshield, I saw a large barn looming up ahead of us. The memories were crowding in now…


Sitting in front of my computer, I typed “Gypsy Vanner horse” into my favorite search engine. I had to know if the magical creature I’d just read about in Terri Farley’s book could actually exist. Holding my breath, I pressed the enter key.

Immediately my eyes widened. Fairy tale horses paraded across the screen. Flashy, splashy pintos. Tails that dragged the ground. Feet that looked like feathery pom-poms. I never imagined they could look like this.

I continued reading more and more about them. Days passed, weeks, months, and eventually, years. I grew to recognize almost every Gypsy horse by sight. I could quote pedigrees back four or five generations. In general, I drove my family crazy talking about them.

Still, I’d never seen one in person. That changed though, the day my family announced our summer vacation plans, which included a stop at an actual Gypsy Vanner breeding farm! I couldn’t sleep at night, daydreaming of all the wonderful horses I would see.


Memories evaporated in a rush of excitement as I climbed out of the car. Minutes later, we walked down to the broodmare pasture, where I caught my first glimpse of the horses I’d come to adore.

The ground trembled as they galloped toward us. To my amazement and delight, the lead mare, whose name was Bev, came straight to me, slinging her head over my shoulder and allowing me to hug her neck. I was enthralled.

Then, a curious foal nudged his way to the front, as eager to meet me as I was to meet him. His name was Storm Chaser. I stroked his soft coat and my heart melted when he lifted his delicate, whiskery muzzle that could have sipped from a teacup and gave me a sweet kiss. It was magic, of the purest and simplest kind.

And then the breeder’s wife asked me the magic words…”Would you like to come and meet Firestorm?”

Firestorm. The stallion I had been in awe of ever since I first saw his picture. A son of Tumbleweed, the great horse who was known as the Sire of Sires.

We walked up toward the round pen, and there he was. His presence was overwhelming. He stood at the gate, looking straight at me. His ears curved so far forward they nearly touched at the tips. His wavy black forelock brushed his nose, and his kinky white mane draped to his shoulder like a mantle of authority. Every muscle quivered with restrained power. His white tail dragged the ground behind him like a royal train. His rainbow neck arched as he pawed the ground. Then, as the breeder opened the gate and snapped a lead rope onto his halter, Firestorm strode out of the round pen, and the authority emanating from him said he considered himself the KING of horses.

The next moment, he was distracted by a clump of green grass and lowered his head, his strong neck curving down and his teeth making a ripping sound as he tore up mouthfuls of grass. I stepped up to him and laid my hand on his side. At first his skin twitched as if I was a pesky fly, but as I placed my hand more firmly on him, he turned one ear towards me. And as I stroked his sleek, powerful shoulder and tangled my hand in his coarse mane, I felt the dream being birthed. The dream of owning and raising these magnificent horses, and perhaps someday, making another young girl’s dream come true.

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  1. Gypsy Vanner, kudos to you for never giving up on your dreams, and thanks for sharing the story of your face-to-face meeting with Firestorm. Your descriptive language gives us a sense of what it was like to take the first steps toward making your dream a reality.

  2. If you do start owning and raising gypsy vanners (or if you already do) can I come live with you!? Lol, jk. But great story!!!

  3. I really love your description. Like, I’m easily captivated by description, and this story just swept me away. The way you described Firestorm was beautiful. Great work :)

  4. Thank you for your kind words everyone!

    And thank YOU, Leadmare, for giving us a place to share and encourage one another in our horse dreams.

    Peanut…LOL Sure! And thanks!

    Zanzibar…glad you enjoyed it!