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The Diary of a Horse Crazy Girl

Published by • Oct 10th, 2016 • Category: Fiction

Diary of a Horse Girl

by AHorseLovingGirl, age 13

What would you find in a horse crazy girl’s diary? I’m Emily, and this is my horse crazy diary…

~June 1st~

Dear diary, (I feel awkward writing that, but whatever.)

I just got this diary a week ago, for my birthday. So I decided to give it a try! I feel a bit weird writing “dear diary” in the beginning, because it’s kinda weird to be talking to a piece of paper, but mom said that I’ll get used to it (who knows when that is!). But here is a little bit about myself. I am 14 (since last week) and I live in Kentucky. I ride at a stable here that is called “The Pine’s Stable.” I love horses. I mean, I LOVE HORSES! Sorry, I’m writing with a pen so I can’t erase my mistakes (which that was a HUGE mistake!). I have a little sister (better than a brother) and she is only 3. I really hope that she grows to be horse crazy, as that would be amazing. Horses are my life. I don’t have many horse crazy friends, so I’m a bit lonely in the horse world. Horses are my best friend! I ride a horse named Dreamer. She is a chestnut Arabian. I love her soooo much!! We are best friends! We just had a riding lesson together yesterday, and my riding instructor says we make a great team! That’s all for today.

See ya,


* * *

~June 3rd~

Dear diary, (I still feel awkward saying that.)

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday so here I am today. But I can always talk about horses. Nothing much going on, that’s why I’m pretty bored right now. The only reason why I am writing right now is because I’m bored. But anyway, tomorrow I’m going to a sleepover at my friend Amber’s house. She rides at my stable, so that’s what I know her from. We are good friends, I would say. Well, better get packing.



* * *

~June 6th~

Dear diary, (Eh…still awkward.)

I just got back last night from the sleepover and it was so fun! We stayed up until 1 o’clock in the morning! We watched a movie and had popcorn! It was a horse movie, and we played (I know… I’m 14, but I can still “play”) with her model horses!! She has A. LOT. I wish I had so many! I do have a lot, but she has A LOT compared to me. We played games, talked about horses, did some girl talk, and so much more! I am going to my next lesson today, and I’ll tell you about it once I get back. Got to go.

See ya,


* * *

~June 7th~

Dear diary, (Whatever.)

The lesson went great yesterday!! I learned to canter, and did some balancing tricks. Amber did great too! It was really fun!! I guess writing in a diary isn’t too bad… as long as I write about horses that is! My room has horse posters all over it, and I like (I mean love) to draw horses, so my walls have a lot of drawings of horses on them. I’m glad that this diary has a picture of a horse on the cover! I really like it. My aunt got it for me. I am glad she did too! She could have gotten me something for drawing, or another book, but she got me a diary! I’m actually kinda liking this! Got to go eat breakfast.



* * *

~June 8th~

Dear diary, (I’m used to it.)

I don’t feel awkward anymore writing “dear diary!” I guess it’s more normal now. But anyway, I want to start show jumping on Dreamer! I asked mom and she said that it would be okay. I don’t think that is actually what she thinks though! It looks fun to me! Mom probably thinks it’s to dangerous… and I don’t even want to know what dad would say about it! Amber already has decided that she is going to do show jumping on her horse, and I think that I could do it too! I will keep writing in this diary for sure! But for now, that’s all!



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  1. This is awesome, AHorseLovingGirl, I mean, Emily! ;) I draw horses all the time too, so this makes me wonder how alike our bedrooms look… (Plus I have a horse-loving sister named Emily that shares a room with me…and an almost-2-year-old sister! :O) XD This was a great post, though!! I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

  2. Writing diaries are great!
    I’ve had four other diaries (not including my current one, though I haven’t written in a while) and it is so great!
    Only one of them is sort of focused on horses though because I don’t ride to often. (I ride like once ever couple months/whenever I can).
    But I hope I can focus my next diary on horses as I do love them, I also hope I can ride more often!

  3. I loved this blog! O.M.G. I draw horses all the time so I kinda have drawings covering my walk in closet walls!lol.I have a diary about horses too! I have (sadly lol)two brothers who do not respect horses and riding in any way.they will never learn! Lol great post.hope to see more from you!

    With lots of knickers

  4. Hello, and welcome!
    This was very enjoyable to read. I totally understand. I still have a huge box of model horses and I draw all the time (though my drawings look more like demented giraffe hybrids). I have at least a thousand notebooks with horse stories, but I don’t tend to write about my own experiences, as I find it difficult for some reason? I’m not sure.

    Anyway, this was nice to read, and it’ll be nice to see what else you have to offer :)
    PreciousAndMe xx

  5. Thanks everyone!! You can all read more at!

  6. By the way guys (sorry, GIRLS…), my real name isn’t Emily… just decided to use it here instead of my real name, which really is Megan :)

  7. So what I’m saying about that not being my real name is that I none of the names in here are real…but what happened in here is. So that’s not really the stable name that I used to ride at (I don’t anymore and didn’t get to jump) and my friend’s name isn’t really Amber. Just decided to let ya’ll know these things. But please remember that the events are real! :)
    ~AHorseLovingGirl ^_^

  8. Great diary! I have one too, and I love horses! I have a sister who is 4, and she’s getting horsecrazy, thank goodness. Nice reading your diary. I think it’s awesome!
    I love to write about horses in my diary and I draw in there too!!!

  9. @Sisco’s Gal
    Me too! I do that all the time! Glad you enjoyed reading my secrets…lol they aren’t very secret anymore!