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The Equine – August 1st

Published by • Aug 1st, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Gift Horse

by Madelaina, age 13

Nickers and whinnies for August 1st (January 1st for the Northern Hemisphere)! For those unfamiliar, August 1st in the Southern Hemisphere is a standardised horse birthday originally designed for the sake of the racing world’s convenience – since the ages of racehorses are important when entering them in races, this date solves the problem caused by lost birthday records as well as supposedly saving a whole lot of trouble.

But regardless of this day’s connections with horse racing, I think the rest of the equines in the world deserve to have their presence appreciated with the existence of this special day, and that brought me to a thought. Often I’ve heard people say that horses are born to be driven or to carry a person over a jump, that they loved to work for us, and in a way “that’s why they’re here.” That’s why they exist.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one thinking about how insanely ridiculous this notion is. Horses are obviously here for countless more than for mere recreational purposes of people. In fact, their existence is beyond description of any words or actions.

Riding, I’ve been told, was for the sport, the rare art, the passion with the most enthralling perks. It was for the mere invincibility that is reserved for only those to discover on the back of one of Earth’s most wonderful animals.

But in reality, invincibility gained from riding is our cure for fear and doubt, sourced from desperation and sheer lack of self-determination to strengthen ourselves otherwise. Passion leads to recklessness and selfishness, where for our own fun and interest, we strive to attain the often wild fantasies in our hearts and minds.

Thus, to be a passionate, invincible horse-lover, you need to know how to kick and whip, to spur and be forceful while also stubbornly pummeling into your head the fact that you’re boss, then feel victorious about your triumphs over the originally rowdy spirit of your horse and your journey to your goals. When one rides as a passionate and invincible being, one rides with the ability to be bossy but without magic nor true power. In these cases people are achieving their goals by taking short cuts, relying on advantageous force rather than appreciation of their horse and the skills that come from friendship.

To be a true horse-lover you need to learn, and you need to have patience. You must learn to speak another language (this one in horse), to love, to trust, to surrender when humbled, to be passionate yet considerate, having voluntary mercy where necessary because horses are always too kind to ask for it. These people are able to embark on journeys to achievement alongside their horse, instead of sitting back and giving aids only. They work as one, distributing the load as a true team would, linking fragments of adventures and experiences together to create a bond.

And it is from this bond that we become truly invincible. With this bond, we are able to become who we are now, accomplish things we mightn’t have deemed imaginable otherwise. So does that mean horses are here to mold ambitious girls into talented and accomplished people? I’ll tell you now – it’s not only that; just like how horses and ponies aren’t only carriers of people or a girl’s best friend. Just like how they aren’t here for anyone, but with their unconditional love, they make us think they are.

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  1. Champion blog… informational and inspirational! =0)

  2. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this!!!!! Its soo true, amazing Madelaina, truely amazing! You brought everything that the earth wanted into words, what horses are here for, the bond, trust and much, much, much more. Great, fantastic, superb , undiscribable job!!!!!

  3. In the Bible it says that animal are here for us. Some people think that means control,control,control!!! I know better! God wants us to love our animals -have a conection. Doesn’t the Bible say to not muzzle the ox that treadeth the corn?!!! We’re here for each other and I can’t believe when people say our loving God wants us to treat our animals other than loving! It just doesn’t fit!!! I wish everyone understood this fact. *sad* We’re here for each other -not control. After all it shows in the ring.☺

  4. I can never stop thanking you guys for your comments, I’m over the moon to see them :D One of the best qualities about horses is that we can connect with them in a special way, and that they aren’t here to be controlled over, as SweetPea said. Once again, thank you so much!

  5. Madelaina, Do you realize how talented you are? I mean, really, do you ever just let it soak in? Because I can honestly say that I have never read a blog of yours that I wasn’t utterly blown away by. This one included. :)

  6. Beautiful blog, Madelaina! It makes me think about the horses I’ve known and the difference they’ve made in my life!

  7. i am a horse luvr but im not around horses hardly ever. :(

  8. That was really inspirational! You’re a really good writer, Madelaina.