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The Feeling Of Flying!

Published by • Mar 17th, 2009 • Category: Horse Dreams

by Violet Inkpen, age 12

I have never flown in an airplane, I have never flown on a horse, but I have dreamed about it. Not just daydream; I once had a dream I was on a Pegasus. What does it feel like to fly?

It is hard to explain! Flying feels like… anything is possible! You look down and see the countryside; you look up and see clouds. You clutch your Pegasus’ mane and shout a walloping ‘YAHOO’ for pure joy! You feel a tingle of excitement and your belly does a few flips before you settle into flying. Once you feel comfortable, your horse dives down then pulls up again. She try to scream but you can’t; even if it seems scary you aren’t too afraid. Just amazed.

You quickly leave everything you know and see sights that dazzle and complete you.

I know this was only a dream but when you ride a horse you ARE flying. You may not be in the sky but your heart SOARS.

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  1. Vi you did it again, another blog that brings a smile to me face because you captured how us riders really do feel on top horse, I really liked the part about riding a Pegasus

  2. I just got back from my mission trip to the domnician Republic and NOW I have flown in an air plane….wow….

  3. VI-

    Awesome blog! I soo want to “fly”on a horse


  4. I always love your blogs Violet Inkpen. I can always relate to them!