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The Gress Mountain Ranch

Published by • Aug 23rd, 2008 • Category: by Julia, Guest Bloggers, Lend a Hand

Gress Mountain Ranch
by Julia, age 14

Three unique horses grazing under the trees in a open pasture set against the backdrop of lush hills and a clear blue sky, with two miniature donkeys and a goat meandering along near them? Gress Mountain RanchSounds like a scene from the end of a movie, right? Actually, those three horses would be Ellie, Dede, and Sundance along with their donkey companions Jojo and Cecely. The goat is a big Nubian (Samson) and they all graze together in one of the large open pastures. These animals are just a few of the twenty-eight horses, goats, pigs, ducks, turkeys, donkeys, alpacas, dogs, cats, and rabbits that live a happy permanent life at The Gress Mountain Ranch in Orefield, Pennsylvania.

The Gress Mountain Ranch is a ranch nestled in the country that is owned by Kathryn and Ben Gress. Gress Mountain Ranch has a special mission; to have people help animals and animals help people. To carry out their mission, the Gress family takes in unwanted animals. Gress Mountain RanchUnlike so many other rescues, however, they never sell or adopt out their animals, but give them a permanent forever home where they receive all the care and love they could ever need. With the help of the many dedicated volunteers they train their animals to help with therapy, both mental and physical.

There is never a dull moment at TGMR. You’re either rubbing lotion on a pig, taking the goats for a walk, feeding the turkey, or working the horses–just to name a few. It is a lot of hard work, but to me every effort is worth it because you receive ten times more than what you give!

TGMR is a non profit organization and relies on funding from the owners and donations from the public. If you realize you live close by to Orefield, PA, maybe consider volunteering some time to help with the animals. I know that without a doubt any money sent to TGMR will be put to good, much needed, use. So Samson, Ellie, Dede, Sundance, Randy & Rascal, Teagan, Forest, Andrew, Jojo & Cecely, Cutie, Clarence, Rocky & Kayla, and all the other special animals appreciate any small amount that you can give.

Click here to make a secure donation through the GMR PayPal account.

Or if you don’t use PayPal, you can donate through good old snail mail. Send any donations through the mail to this address:

The Gress Mountain Ranch
3264 Highland Road
Orefield, PA 18069

For tons more information and pictures go to TGMR’s website Thanks in advance for any support you can give to help this wonderful cause. It will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

Gress Mountain Ranch

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  1. Wow!! Julia, this was incredible. It really made me want to get out there and start helping..then I read the part about sad, thats like on the other side of the country. I still might talk to my mom about donating though. Again, great job!! It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs and stories. P.S. You have great photography skills!!!

  2. I am definitely thinking of donating through snail-mail, Julia. I’m pretty sure my mom is willing to give some $$$. It’s for a great cause!!

    Thank you for writing this blog, Julia. I really think you have some talent in writing.


  3. Looks like I should plan a trip to America some time. The Gress Mountain Ranch sounds so exciting to be part of, and I think they’re doing something wonderful. My guess is they’d be really happy you’re telling their story to other people. You once again amaze me with your photography, and as always your writing :)

  4. Wow, I always love to hear of places like that. It is really nice to hear of some animal-lover like them! Thanks for blog!

  5. I wish I could help, but my mum’s won’t let me help out at the riding stables, because it’s quite far away. I don’t think she would take me to America! You are so lucky to be able to help, no animal sanctuaries in England let anyone under 15 help out. That’s 3 whole years to wait, and by then I will be too wrapped up in my GCSEs. Oh well :(.

  6. I wish I could help! Unfortunately the biggest amount of money I’ve had all year is about three pennies – I’m dead serious. Too bad I don’t live closer, although I’m a lot closer than everyone else; I’m in the US. Good luck to the sanctuary, though!

  7. Julia, are you a guest blogger or a junior blogger?

  8. I am currently in the U.S, and in September I will be going to the East Coast. Maybe I might be able to visit Pennysylvania.

    But.. if I can’t do that, I’ll send a bunch of money. Definitely.


  9. horsewhispers, I was a JB, but I “retired” because of all my school work. I still try to write some stuff every now and then though.

  10. That sounds really cool! It makes me want to go help, but it’s almost 16 hours to drive up there from where I live. Great blog!