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The Lesson of Doom (Flying, Angels, and the Dirt)

Published by • Jun 4th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

Flying Horse Cloud

by Dazzled, age 16

The lesson wasn’t going great for me.

First off, I’d already fallen off once. I think only one other person noticed. There was a dog, and my horse stopped, startled. I continued moving forward. Luckily, I was able to land mostly on my feet and get back on. However, the fall had rattled both me and my horse, and we were a little on edge.

Also, there were a ton of people in our lessons, probably at least ten. The horse I was riding, Kayla, is a sweet sweet mare. She has nothing mean in her whatsoever. Basically, she’s an angel. An excitable angel, who thinks lots of people is an excuse to speed around the arena.

So, as we approached the jump, I had a bit of a bad feeling. Kayla was already jazzed up. I was nervous.

There are several important pieces of information I should share at this point:

1) Kayla is a very sensitive horse. She’ll respond to the slightest touch.
2) She loves to jump. LOVES to jump.
3) I have a bad habit of relying more on my left rein.

All of these things added up to my beautiful white angel jumping the standard of the jump, instead of the middle. We soared above it. I’m pretty sure I made a squeaky noise. Kayla’s hoof caught the edge and… it all came tumbling down.

Yes, we managed to knock the ENTIRE jump over. I held on, though. I thought I was safe, and then Kayla dearest swerved right. I went left. Suddenly, she seemed a lot less heavenly.

Falling off is a very annoying thing to do. Usually, I’m in pain. There’s dust everywhere. I worry about my horse (Is she okay? Where is she? Please please please don’t step on me!). Also, everyone is looking at me.

I was able to get back on, luckily uninjured. However, after that day, I try to keep my angel grounded. Perhaps flying is overrated.

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  1. Hi, are u new? Kayla sounds really sweet. I used to ride a horse named Angel and she was similar because she would never had tried to hurt me on purpose.

  2. @Carey Anne

    Yes, I am new! I’m actually very surprised that my story got published. :) Kayla is the sweetest, yes. Angel sounds lovely too!

  3. Surprise XD
    Yay, your first story! Kayla sounds like a lovely pony, you’re very lucky! I have the same problem with reins, except I rely on the right rein more (probably because I’m right-handed, so it feels more natural). Can’t wait to read more of your work!

    PAM xx

  4. @ PreciousAndMe

    Aww thank you! And yes, what a surprise lol.

  5. Loved this!! And welcome to GHC!! I loved how you talked about Angel while keeping the story flowing! It was fun to read!!!

  6. Hello there! I’m Athena, and welcome to Girls Horse Club. Your stories are simply amazing! Keep up the good work!