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The Lipizzaner Horse

Published by • May 15th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, International Horse

by Rochlia, age 13

Spanish Riding SchoolHere is the story of the enchanting Lipizzaner horse in my words.

The Lipizzaner is a beautiful horse with a silky mane and a gentle disposition. The breed of the Lipizzaner horse began at a farm in Kladrub, Austria, when the emperor of Austria started breeding them. He bred them mainly for battle, but ten years later he also started a riding school called the Spanish Riding School. Here the horses learned fancy dressage movements to help them in battles and in shows as well. These movements are called: passage, piaffe, ballotode and capriole.

Spanish Riding SchoolThe Lipizzaners and the people who trained them had close relationships. They took special training courses together.

The horses were safe here until World War 2. Then the horses were wanted on both sides for meat, and the bombing was also a problem. The Lipizzaners got help from a German general and a U.S. officer named Reed. Even though they were enemies, they worked together and saved the horses. Today’s horses have never seen a war.

More recently, Lipizzaners have come to the U.S. Countess Maria Jeritza brought the first horses here in 1937. Now many people breed them and own them, right here in the U.S.!

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  1. Lipizzaners are more than magnificent horses, and they stun me ceaselessly. Their beauty is unspeakable, and it’s amazing how they can make non-horse-lovers realise the soul and power of horses. Though that video is now one of my favourites, I am in love with this blog. An enchanting job, Rochlia! I’m very looking forward to your future blogs.

  2. I went to the Lipizzan horse show when they came to my home town; and it was amazing! :) Great article, Rochila!

  3. Oh wow! Thank you soooo much Lead Mare for adding the video and pics!!!!! You made my would-be-kinda-dull blog shine!

  4. i love what you did. i love the details. and good job.

  5. I ADORE Lipizzaners!!!!!!!! And i’m soooo happy you girls do too! I always adored Lipizzaners. I never told anyone because I did not think you girls would…. I rather not comment on the video because I might offend someone…. All I can say is that i’m not a fan of Dressage… I won’t say more, sorry. Great job Rochlia! I hope you like Lipizzaners as much as I do!! We need more Lipizzaner lovers!

  6. WesternMare: Here we adore ALL horses!:) Though we might favor a particular breed(s).:)

  7. Very good blog! I love Lipizzaners! They are amazing. I see them whenever I can. Maybe someday I’ll be one of the riders…

  8. Great job Rocklia.You gave me some facts I didn’t even know:) LD

  9. Champion blog! one of my fav breeds

  10. I love Lipizzaners. When I saw them to perform I talked about htem for weeks and I was to excited to go to bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure the tickets were really pricey but it was ssssoooo worth it. :)

  11. I saw the Lippizanners once. They are so amazingly awesome!

  12. Great blog! have you done otherson this site or is this your first? if so welcome (: