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The Magic of a Mini

Published by • Mar 15th, 2008 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by Allison, age 12

Miniature HorseMiniature horses are a lot like ‘regular’ horses – except for their size! Minis, as they are affectionately called, are about the size of a large dog, and just like dogs, they come in many colors and types. The current popular type of mini is the Arabian.

What can you do with a miniature horse? You can drive them, for one! Minis can pull a cart with an adult in them, making them perfect for driving competitions! In a driving competition, an emphasis is put on manners and how well the horse and cart match. Miniature horses can also do halter classes. In a halter class, horses are judged on their conformation and suitability for breeding. Horses in this class are not ridden: they are shown ‘in hand’. Miniature horses can also compete in obstacle courses and jumping classes.

Guide HorseDo you know someone who has a guide dog or seeing-eye dog? Did you know people are starting to have guide horses? Miniature horses are perfect for this role! Not only are they extremely sweet and wonderful (what horse isn’t?), they are very smart! They are a great option for people who are allergic to or scared of dogs.

I think one of the best things about minis is they can give the joy of horse ownership to those who have small backyards or who live in the city. Cities are starting to adapt their laws to allow minis to be considered as pets, not livestock. While you cannot ride minis, their love and affection is just as amazing as a ‘regular’ horse.

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  1. Great blog! One question though. Where did you get that the Arabian is a miniature horse?

  2. Stargazer, I think she just means the Arabian miniature ‘type’. A lot of mini breeders try to enforce Arabian traits in their stock.

    Anyways, Great blog! It is really well written, and I’m pleased to hear you like miniatures. There’s a black mini at my stable named Gracie. She’s a fuzz ball, but shedding….Eeek!

  3. Awww! The ending is so sweet! Lovely job!

  4. Definitely a magical blog about magical minis. It would be really cool to have city horse girls have minis as normal pets! That’s a really good idea. Very well written with very interesting information. Wonderful job Allision!

  5. This is an amazing blog. I have always been interested in miniature horses and this has got my couriosity going even more…good thing I’m not a cat right? lol