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The Most Important Horse of All

Published by • Jun 11th, 2016 • Category: Fiction


by Dazzled, age 16

This was the most important thing she would do all week.

She must be careful.

She must be kind.

Hope stood in her stall, waiting. She knew what was coming, but stayed calm and collected. She was not one to get fussy about such things. The girl, the one who helped out a lot at the barn, was the one to retrieve her. Hope came along quietly, swishing her flaxen tail lazily at the flies.

The girl put her in the cross-ties, and started to groom Hope. This was the mare’s favorite part of being ridden. The rub of the curry comb, releasing any dirt stuck in her fur, now that was heaven. She leaned into the pressure, ears flopping to the side. Unfortunately, it was over all too soon. Next came Hope’s least favorite part. The girth.

She had learned, over the years, that fighting would do her no good. But the girth was still evil, and she would still show displeasure with a quick pin of her ears. Hope would not bite, she would not kick. She didn’t want to hurt her handlers. However, she had no qualms about pinning her ears. They should know that she hated the girth.

It was all worth it though, as the girl led Hope down to the arena, and she caught the first sight of her daunting mission. The little girl stood in the middle of the ring, tightly gripping her mother’s hand. She had a little pink helmet, and cowboy boots on. The little girl saw Hope at nearly the same time that the mare saw her, and let out a little gasp.

Hope nickered gently, as she was led up to the mounting block. The little girl was put onto her back, and Hope waited patiently as they adjusted the stirrups and explained to the child how to steer.

Now came the hardest part. Hope must make the girl feel safe, confidant, happy, and challenged all at once. She had to start the spark of horsiness in the little girl’s heart. She was the most important horse in all of the barn. Hope didn’t need to win awards or go to shows. No, she had to teach the children how to ride and how to be horse-crazy. She was the foundation of all things horse.

Author’s Note: I was so excited when my first story got published! This is such an awesome website, and I can’t wait to read more stories by everyone! Thanks to everyone at GHC for an amazing site like this!


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  1. This is amazing!! I’m glad you are writing all these stories!! They are amazing! Keep writing bc I love your work!!

  2. Hello! So are you new here? I’m Athena, and welcome to this AMAZING website! It was great to meet you and read your terrific stories. Have fun!

  3. This is beautiful! Keep up the great work :)
    PAM xx

  4. thats awesome! please keep writing more stories here! :)

    P.S sorry i haven’t been on in a while.i was at a horse riding camp!!!!!!


  5. @ everyone

    Thanks for all the sweet comments! It means a lot to me that you’re willing to read my stories!


    Yes, I’m new. :) I love this website, thanks for the welcome!

  6. oh dazzled welcome to GHC! best horse site ever!

  7. Welcome! I really liked your story! Please keep writing more stories!! You’re so talented!! :)