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The Only Perfection There Is

Published by • Aug 27th, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Fiction

by Madelaina, age 13

Eyes alert, I waited. My brows shiver with the weight of my furrowed forehead as I invited my senses to survey the horses enveloping me and my Thoroughbred. Doubt was wearisome and inseparable from all thoughts that happened to swim in my mind, staining those once frivolous waters with tides of frowns.

With shaky fingers, anticipation pries open weakening locks, uncaging butterflies. They frisk free, their feathery touches glazing my stomach over with unsettling shivers. I see hair and pelt teased into sheens of arduous idealism, and in return they glare with arrogance upon my loose strands of amber locks and the vulgar mud stains on my horse’s legs.

I hear my boldness whimpering as joy was replaced with fear; no gentleness or assertion dragged it out of its hiding hole. Relenting to my nerves, I questioned why I was here, and what naive voice convinced me to attend this prestigious horse show in which I obviously had no purpose. My gelding was the day’s little dwarf, labeled with my clumsy handiwork in braiding. Noting the cocky, ridiculing smirks around me, I cringed like a scaredy cat, knowing my equitation looked as sluggish as a sack of bruising potatoes. Amidst these other perfect gems, I was a rough edge; an off cut from one of the flawless diamonds on the necklace.

Yet then I see a girl young and sweet, clad in ratty definitions of show clothes. Her pony small, a measly fourteen hands, cleaved air with its proud, lofty limbs and sniffed the air with its own horsey smile. With average conformation, she wasn’t on the bit – in fact, she was far from it – but this untouchable little team strutted with confidence radiating all colours except green. Of course, that’s because they had no envy. They didn’t envy Warmbloods imported from Europe nor breeches that snobbishly demanded money enough for a horse and its agistment for a month. They enjoyed being themselves even if they were the off cuts.

It all seemed a little illogical; how could one so different and unideal harness such a humbling air of confidence? More so, it was an air that glared back at the sneers it attracted, glowing in a modest manner that refused to be shattered. It was an air that, I unexpectedly discovered, was one of my best teachers in life.

Perfection is only found beneath rough edges, fragile and protected by the stronger, braver surfaces shrouding it. Without their protection, there would be no silken glossiness for a place on a drool-inspiring piece of jewelry, although with the show placings that wasn’t the case. In the end, the underdog team of girl and pony won a blue ribbon that day. I suppose the next show, all the other competitors would be better off without a shield of raggedness.

And who said everything must be perfect?

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  1. Champion story… Perfection is how the individual soul sees through the windows of life.
    Ahhh i feel soo philisophical right now… lol. Great story though Made

  2. So many big words… xD

  3. I think that sends a message of the real world. Everyone is so worried about looking the best, being the richest, and things of this world that they fail to see what is happening inside of them. The more they think of themselves as ‘perfect’ the more they loose who they are. They try to always be the best at everything and therefore they are snobbish, they are mean, thier own family decides to leave them out of family gatheirngs, thier friends avoid them, and they become something that no one enjoys. Spoiled, greedy, and completly selfish. Be happy with who you are. Focour on helping others see themsleves as something other than ‘a looser’ and you’ll feel better about yourself too.

    I once talked to a person that thought of everything they did as wrong. They must have had a family that didn’t offer support. So I tried my hardest to encourage her, help her improve, be there for her. And you know what? She is more confident. Not snobby but not completly a pity party for herslef any more.

  4. Champion story! I looooovvveee iiiittt!!!!!!!! :-)

  5. Beautiful…Amazing story and a good lesson. Great job Madelaina!

  6. Champion! I’m soooooo glad I wasn’t in the teens section of the story competition because I wouldn’t stand a chance next to you and your extensive vocabulary!☻

  7. i like it! under dogs rock! i am one…Pals kinda sorta not really one, but either way we stick together! *toasts to horses*

  8. Nickers and whinnies to everyone for your comments! DianaLUV: In the end, I didn’t actually enter the fiction competition, but I’m sure you’re an amazing writer and can write as equally well as I can, and even better. Long words don’t mean that a story is good :)