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The Perfect Horse For Me

Published by • May 14th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Advice

by Eastern Cowgirl, age 14

Some girls here at GHC are looking for the perfect horse. Well, that horse is out there. Sometimes, they’re just a little hard to find. Some questions you need to ask yourself before buying your special horse are: What size should my horse be?, What will my horse be used for? And what breed of horse do I want?

First of all, “What size should my horse be?” A good measurement of how tall your perfect horse should be is your own height compared to the height of the horse’s back. If you are more than a few inches shorter than a horse’s back, then you should consider a horse that is not as tall. If your head is more than a few inches above a horses back, you should consider a horse that is a little bit shorter.

Next, “What will my horse be used for?” This is possibly the most important question of the three listed above. If you want a horse that will be used for endurance, you need a strong, muscular, well developed horse that can be counted on when you need them. For example, if you needed a horse to drive cattle in rough land, you don’t need a horse that has had lameness problems in the past. Horses that have had lameness problems, depending on how sever, may be used for pleasure riding on softer land.

Finally, “What breed of horse do I want?” Different breeds of horse can have different temperamental issues. If you are looking for a calm temperament horse, you might consider looking into an older Quarter Horse. This is usually the best option for younger riders.

I hope that this advice has helped all of you at GHC! Until next time, have a wonderful time enjoying the wide world of horses!

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  1. That was so helpful! I’m always looking for ways to find the right horse for me; thanks, Eastern Cowgirl! Awesome job!

  2. Wow! Thanks, this blog really helped me!!

  3. cool blog !ive always wanted a spanish,gypsy vanner,but i realized i want the rarest and special one of all,a TRue albino horse you know one with a whiter coat and one with ride eyes that would be my dream horse because not alot of people would want albino animals but ive always wanted to be albino cause i like it and its rare and cool! <3

  4. I’ve always wondered about how high a horse should be in comparison with its rider, this definitely helped me find answers. Well done on a brief but very informative and interestinb blog!

  5. Really great advice!

  6. I love Quarter Horses! If I ever get a horse (which may be in the future, keep your fingers crossed!), I would most likely get a QH!