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The Picture

Published by • May 12th, 2011 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways, Fiction

Story by Leopard Appaloosa, age 11 | Illustration by HorsesForever, age 11

Mystery in his EyesIt had always been there. The picture of the horses had been in our living room for as long as I could remember, and even longer yet. The ornate gold frame was tarnished after many years hanging on the wall.

I didn’t know anything about the picture; the photographer, horses, or even whose land the horses are on. None of my friends and family knew either. Well, not until my grandma came down from England to visit. She caught me staring at the picture.

“You like the horses?” she had asked quietly. “Would you like me to tell you the story behind the photograph?”

“Yes please.” I had nodded my head, my brown curls going everywhere.

Grandma smiled. I had never met her before. England is too far away from Australia, and aeroplane tickets are expensive. “Well, then I will tell you,” Grandma had said.

Grandma took a deep breath, and then started talking.

“Have you ever heard about my husband, Harold?” she started.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Ah, well I will have to tell you about him,” Grandma replied. “He was quite a famous photographer, traveling around the world, taking photos of anything he could see. He had quite an eye for taking photos too you know.” Grandma smiled proudly. “This photo was, in fact, taken by him a short time before his death.” Grandma’s smile fell.

“This was one of the last photos he ever took. The horses in his photos were owned by one of his clients. He was paid to take this photo, but, as it turned out, he fell in love with horses. Quit his job. He was such a successful photographer; he had enough money to buy a ranch.”

Grandma looked to see how I was taking in the story so far. “The horses he bought first were the ones in the photograph — all three of them. He loved those horses. He would spend countless hours out in the paddock, watching them. They brought such a joy into his life. He dreamt of riding the bay one, Titania, at the Olympics. Everything was going wonderfully until one day…”

Grandma stopped, lost in her thoughts. I tapped her on the shoulder. “That day, Harold fell down the steps leading to the house. He broke his leg, and collarbone. The doctor said there would be permanent damage. He would never be able to ride again. Harold died about a year later.” Grandma stopped talking.

I could tell she was finished with her story. “Oh,” was all I could manage to say “Thank you for… telling me.”

Grandma smiled at me, and walked to her bed.

I was still thinking about what she had told me long after she had left.

THE PICTURE is an entry in the Every Picture Tells a Story contest, where authors create a short story inspired by image submissions, then readers vote for the winning collaboration. Click here to learn more »

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  1. This is a neat little intro.. sort of like a prologue to a bigger story! =) He must have been a good photographer to buy a ranch! Dang musta had millionairs for clients! =) Fell down the stairs… ouch musta been a long way down to break your colar bone and leg!

    Nice story LA!

  2. HorseFeathers – Thanks! Actually, I was going to write a longer story for this, but the submission form was about to close so I entered this =] Maybe another time I will submit a story to do with this one …


  3. great story LA! I can never finish mine….. So I like to read the stories that other people write!