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The Possibility

Published by • Feb 20th, 2016 • Category: Fiction

by Lopin’Livi, age 13

The place I call home is a large pasture with a pond of clear water. Shady trees lean over it droopily, and surrounding the perimeter of the small pool are bunches of bright wildflowers. Beneath the towering limbs of the oak is my favorite spot to stand. I graze lazily and bask in the warm sun.

I have lived in many places and been called many names in my life, but here, I am Lady.

I’m not the only horse in the pasture. Old Tucker is a retired grey and only used as a schooling pony. Sparkle is an energetic gal with a chestnut-colored coat that shines. She is edgy and excited; always wanting to play.

Though Tucker is gentle and Sparkle is lively, I am the owner’s favorite. I just know it. I am always the one he takes out on his early morning rides and the one he grooms because he simply feels like it. He’s a good man, I think, though the opinion of a horse is counted for virtually nothing in the human world. His voice is soft and his touch is trustworthy. I enjoy our rides together when the sun is just peeking over the horizon. Wispy pink clouds spread across the sky and the big, orange ball rises slowly. We always stop a moment to respect its beauty.

Life for me is a continual pattern. My days are spent mostly in the pasture nibbling on the lush, green grass. My regular routine is interrupted one day when a white horse trailer rolls into the driveway. Doors slammed as I perk my ears at the sounds of men’s voices:

“Here’s your stallion, sir. He’s pretty dang wound from the ride, so you might wanna turn him out in the pasture right away.” The man is a stranger to me with a large hat and boots. The smoke from his cigarette tickles my nostrils, but I put my head over the fence anyway. My master strokes my muzzle tenderly and the man rubs my ears. He asks, “Is this the one you’re pairing him with?”

Master nods. “You’re darn right it is. She’s got the quiet spirit, the stallion’s got the wild one, and they’ve both got the beauty. I reckon they’ll be the perfect match.”

The stranger nods in agreement. “That they will. She’s awful pretty, just like you said.” He stops rubbing.

“Think you should take him out now? That wild boy in the trailer should have several minutes to himself.”

My owner walks toward the gate and lets himself in, clipping a lead rope to my halter. He does the same to Sparkle and asks a stable boy to grab Old Tuck. We stand motionless as a large stallion is led out.
He hops around and whinnies nervously. His nostrils are flared and a wild look is in his eye. When he sees me, Tuck, and Sparkle, the anxious horse whinnies again, louder this time. When the gate is finally flung open, he flies through it and gallops to the back of the pasture. Kicking up his heels he neighs angrily and shakes his long mane. He gallops for quite some time until he finally stops and quiets down.
After an impatiently long wait, Master leads me to the gate. I feel uneasy and scared but I obediently follow him.

As the metal gate slams shut, the two men hold their breath. The gorgeous stallion raises his head and sees me. We stand motionless for a moment before the horse stamps a hoof and races across the meadow.

I stand still as he thunders closer and closer. Just as we’re about to collide, the stallion slides to a stop. His breaths comes in heaves as he trots friskily over to me. I stiffen as he sniffs my head and withers. His glossy black coat shines as his eyes lock with mine.

Peace. That’s what I see. Something as simple as my presence has calmed him.

He puts his long, arched neck over mine and nuzzles me. I nicker softly and let him keep it there.

We are perfect partners. Like two peas in a pod, we prance around the pasture and play through the days together.

*  *  *  *  *

Soon, I am pregnant. The gorgeous stallion is proud of his accomplishment and holds his head high.
Time passes and my stomach grows very large. I can no longer play and romp with the stallion and quietly wait for the birth.

One day, Master calls me to the fence. I trot over to him and let him stroke my muzzle. He looks at my huge, swollen stomach and says, “That foal’s gonna come soon. Real soon. We’re halfway through the eleventh month already. I’m gonna keep you in the barn tonight.” He leads me slowly to a large stall and unclips the lead rope. With a grunt I lay down. My owner is gone a moment but comes back with a stool and a blanket.

The day drags on into the night and Master drifts off to sleep. I am wide awake however, because now, I know.

I know it is time.

Painfully, I stand to my feet and paw the ground anxiously. I walk in a tight circle. Master is awake now and he watches wide-eyed and ready.

I have several contractions and after each one I push my foal a little closer to the world. Finally, the amniotic sack appears and a small hoof pokes its way out. Another one follows and then the top of a muzzle. I moan in pain and my breath becomes heavy. As its head and shoulders wiggle their way out, I give a final push.

The foal is out.

I roll on my side in complete exhaustion and gaze at the newborn. She is a beautiful filly with markings similar to the stallion’s. The foal lies limp, half in and half out of this world, still nothing more than a ghost of a possibility.

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  1. Wow! I loved the last sentence! It was very magical! I love the tiny descriptions here and there! A very good piece!

  2. Thanks Rey! That means a ton to me. I’m pretty new here so…..yeah. Hi:)

  3. Your welcome! And welcome to GHC! I came onto here sometime around November of 2014 and since then I have gotten many things published on here and have fallen in love with GHC! I hope you do too!

  4. And I hope you keep writing on here! I’d love to read more!

  5. Thanks! Already loving GHC:) I’ve read several of your posts already and think you’re a great writer. Loved the one about writers block! That was really helpful.

  6. Do you have your own horse?

  7. Oh thank you so much! I do love to write! And besides writing horsey stuff I am actually working on a sci fi novel! But anyway, I love coming back here and writing horsey stuff! And ya I have my own horse, named Meg. I posted some stuff on her, you might need to search to find it. But anyway, we are breeding her soon so she will have a foal next year! I’m so excited!!!

  8. Do you have your own horse?

  9. Oh no way! The novel I’m writing was going to be a sci fi, but I changed it to dystopian-themed story:) I’ll search Meg for sure! I don’t have my own horse :( but will hopefully half lease one soon. I’m riding a really sweet lesson horse named Chief right now who’s a Paint. I’m also riding an off-the-track racehorse named Tuffy. I ride hunter/jumper. OHMYGOSH I love to jump!! What type of riding do you do?

  10. Now that is an AWESOME story!!! I loved the second half of the story. Absolutely wonderful! :))

  11. Thanks SugarPony!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Awww he sounds sweet! I ride western but have always wanted to learn how to jump!!!

  13. YES!! It’s a blast;)

  14. i was very sucked into your story is was just amazing :):):):):):):):):):):)<3

  15. I love you’re story ! I’m new .

  16. Hi! I’m new here, so I could really use a helping hand in everything. I hope you’ll ALL be my friends., even though I,m only ten years old. But hey I know lots about horses ‘coz I keep books. :) I really like your story it was so touching and comment-worthy and also love-worthy!

  17. Thanks kailee edwards!!

  18. The mystery rider: Welcome, then! I’m new too, and this is my first piece on the blog. Glad you liked my story!

  19. Idk how close internet friends can be lol, but I’ll be one:) Thanks and glad you enjoyed it!!

  20. Hey everyone my name is Kayla I am 11 years old and I barrel race on my 8 year old gelding Devil, so far we have done 10 shows this year and still going strong.

  21. I don’t like your story. I LOVE it!!!!! <3 <3 :)

  22. Hi Kayla/ barrelgirl1 I’m 11 too. You’re so lucky you have a horse. *sigh* :(

  23. Hey Athena Christy , thanks for the post and don’t worry it took me until i was like 7 till I got a horse . Every Christmas list I ever wrote had horse on the top of the list . But keep begging your parents 24\7 that’s what I did to get mine ! Good luck

  24. Oh my word, this is amazing. I read it two times strait through. you are a great writer. I am a total horse lover I can tell through the way you wrote this that you are to.

  25. Are some friendships already forming here in GHC? ‘Çause everyone is just so kind and as horsey as me that I feel like I really belong here. I already LOVE GHC and a lot of really good comments are posted below my stories.