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The Possible-Slash-Impossible Dream

Published by • Apr 8th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

Horse DreamsDreaming of Horses

by Athena Christy, age 11

Hi Readers!

I only got interested in horses two years ago. In our country, horses aren’t so popular. But I still LOVE horses so I planted myself on a dream: To own and love a real horse.

I don’t know if it’s possible since my parents HATE animals. Really. And to top it all, I would need a stable, a large field, saddle, bridle, and much, much more! There are not many horsey shops here in the Philippines, since horses are not so popular.

But I do believe my dream will come true. It’s pretty obvious: I keep loads of horse-related books, a horse journal, and I even spend lots of time visiting online horsey websites.

I hope you all understand how I feel and that I will inspire you to follow your dreams, too.

Note: Have you heard of Pippa Funnell, champion rider and grand slam winner?

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  1. Hi Athena Christy!! I TOTALLY know what you mean. It’s my dream to own a horse too, someday, but can’t right now because of where I live/the expenses. Thanks for the inspiration to follow my dreams, because I’m also a writer and want to be an author someday.

    No, I haven’t heard of Pippa Funnell but will go google her right now:). Btw, you know the word “impossible”? Well, the word itself spells “I’m possible”. So I believe one day you’ll own a horse:) I’ll check the blogs out too!!

  2. I know,I live in hong kong and you cant own a horse here.
    Houses are not big enough

  3. Hey! That was soo me for about five-six years! My dream came true three years ago! I totally know what you mean… until I got my first pony I was like horse this horse that horse everything! :D

  4. i know exactly how you feel. I’m hors less myself but i try to surround myself with horses as much as i can. it also helps your parents realize just how much horses mean to you. here are somethings you can try.

    read about horses ,play horse games like star stable and howrse , decorate your room with horses, daydream bout horses, write about them(after all this is the perfect place), watch movies about horses and so much more.

    hope your dreams come true.


  5. Yeah, I do hope my dreams come true. I HOPE all horsey people who don”t have a horse could have at least one. When will you show up, Fairy Grandmother?

  6. Hey sierra I surround myself with all things horsey, too! And by the way, have you all played the game “My Horse” ? It’s like owning a horse that lives inside your phone!

  7. Hey horse girls,have ya’ll ever heard of the horse website has a ton of horse stuff and there is like a new blog almost everyday!


    P.s your a very talented writer Athena.I can’t write this well and I’m 13!

  8. Yes I have my horse. So fun!

  9. Wow, thanks for the website, Sierra. GHC friends are really the best! I’ll go visit your said website now. Thanks again! Thanks for saying I’m a very talented writer, Sierra. It means a lot to me.

  10. When your dream comes true I have a feeling that you will lo ve your horse so much you are a really good writer hope to read more bye you.

  11. Yes, you got that right, Carey Ann. I will take good care of my horse. I’ll treat her like a sister and a best friend at the same time. I will love her forever and ever and ever. And when my dream horse ever dies, I will treasure the moments we shared together forever.

  12. I will to I am going to get a horse soon and I cant wait. I will love her like family (because she will be family). Even when my horse dies she will still be alive in my heart.

  13. Athena Christy, if you cant persuade your parents into letting you get a horse I would recommend getting a dog they are very much companion animals. Personally I have 5 dogs.(including one that acts like a horse) I would recommend though that you be careful picking a dog. we got a dog from a pet store and she has so many allergies that she cant have regular dog food or teats. I think mixed breeds are best because they are not over breed. I Hope this helps. and I am not trying to sound like a now it all. I just don’t want anybody to go through the same thing that my family did.

  14. Don’t worry, C. A. You helped a lot, and I mean A LOT. Nice dog you have, though.

  15. Thanks

  16. Hey have you all read the book Black Beauty? Great story, but a lot of really sad parts. Like the one when Black Beauty’s friend Ginger died. Really sad :(

  17. yeah i have read it. that book is truly beautiful

  18. Hey, almost all GHCers have read Black Beauty :)

  19. I just want to thank all the readers of this blog for the wonderful comments and for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your support and thank you for making Girls Horse Club a truly wonderful place to write about horses. Thanks again!

    With lots of love and cute ponies,
    Athena :)

  20. Wow I can’t believe there are 19 nickers in this if you dont count now. 19 is a big number, so thx everyone I ill keep writing stories for you.